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What is DOS?

DOS is an operating system. It is an important software for performing simple tasks of a computer system. Its full name is Disk Operating System. This operating system acts as a medium between the consumer and the computer system.

Before operating the computer through this operating system it is necessary to load the operating system into memory. DOS acts as a medium between hardware and software. It converts commands that are inserted with the help of keyboards into languages ​​that the computer can easily understand. It is stored on disk and it is loaded into memory from your hard disk.

You can do the following tasks using special commands:

  • Creating or deleting files and changing file names.
  • You can see the list of files stored.
  • You can divide the hardware into two parts.
  • Can format a new floppy disk.
  • You can backup from hard disk to floppy and from floppy disk to hard disk.

The tasks that DOS does automatically:

  • This is hardware such as CPU. And controls memory.
  • It detects the virus.
  • It allocates memory in various programs.
  • It controls other devices connected to the computer.
  • It takes the information from the keyboard and displays it on the monitor.


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