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Why Does Weight Gain After Marriage? Know 5 Main Reasons

Why Does Weight Gain After Marriage?
Why Does Weight Gain After Marriage
Why Does Weight Gain After Marriage? Know 5 Main Reasons

According to a study published in The Obesity Journal, within five years of marriage, about 82 percent of the couples’ weight increases by 5 to 10 kg. Women are in the forefront in this matter. The weight of women increases more rapidly than men. After a new marriage, when the weight suddenly starts increasing, people get upset and many questions start to arise in the mind. Let’s know about the main cause of weight gain …

Catering change

The girl’s house changes after marriage. Along with changing the house, many things change. Catering is one of these. The spices and methods of making are different in the diet of the maiden and in-laws, due to which your digestive system is also affected. Apart from this, strolling around after dinner in the maiden was included in your routine which is not happening in the in-laws.

Eat out often

The process of eating at friends and relatives starts after marriage, it continues for several weeks. Meanwhile, on honeymoon, you enjoy every type of food uninterrupted, due to which you eat excess calories.

Priorities can be responsible

After marriage, the girls cook not by their choice but by the choice of husband and in-laws. In order to please the people of the in-laws, they use ghee, oil, spices. The food made so hard does not spoil, it can also cause overwriting in this round. These priorities change over time, are responsible for increasing your weight.


Before marriage, people do regular exercise, keeping a focus on catering to look stunned. But these things change completely after marriage. People are prone to stress even when they are not wanting and due to many tasks, exercise time is not available. The time of eating changes and somewhere thinking that it is now married, what difference does it make.


After marriage it is a bit difficult to get into the new environment, in such a situation, if the bride is working, then her responsibilities increase even more. In an effort to give her best at the office as well as at home, she is always in stress and becomes a victim of stress eating.

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