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Men Are More Expert In Lying Than Women, Revealed in Research

Men Expert in Lying, men are layer
Men Expert in Lying

Many kinds of things are said about the lie. There are also many proverbs, such as lying that it is a sin, lied crow bites etc. It is also said that lying is not a good habit, but sometimes a lie spoken for one’s good is right. Do you know that men lie better than women. This has been revealed in a research.

When it comes to lying, men lie better than women. According to Portsmouth University in the UK, a person who is a liar is a good speaker and lies more to his family, friends, partners and colleagues than to others.

Researchers say that a person who specializes in lying is more likely to lie face-to-face than a message, and social media is a place where they lie very little.

The study, published in the journal PLOS One, states that about half the number of liars are small and that they lie to get rid of their close ones or to be forgiven by them.

According to another study in this regard, a man usually lies three times a day and about 1,092 times a year. On the other hand, a woman lies only 728 times in a year.

This study also states that women are more likely to lie under certain circumstances. For example, when she buys clothes, she lies more.
The study said that people lie even with the aim of making life comfortable. It is often said that the tongue of men leads to more lies than women and now this fact has also been proved through these studies. READ ALSO – why-does-weight-gain-after-marriage  

Updated: December 25, 2019 — 3:09 pm

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