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Planets Move For You Life 2020

Planets Move For You Life 2020
As the new year draws to a close, new hopes begin to awaken in everyone’s mind. How will the coming year be? Will the year go well compared to last year? What will happen in employment? What will happen in education and examination? How about family happiness? What will be the career point in the new year? How will the situation be in terms of finance? The desire to know the answer to all these questions becomes the fastest. The annual horoscope 2020 is calculated by calculating planetary positions in the year 2020. In this way, let us know the annual horoscope of all 12 zodiac signs 2020

Planets Move For You 2020


The year 2020 will be very favorable for Aries people compared to the previous year. According to the calculation of the year horoscope 2020, due to the presence of Sun, Mercury, Guru, Saturn and Ketu in the lucky place of the people of this zodiac, the fortunes are showing signs of luck. Transit of Guru in ninth and tenth house in the year 2020 will be auspicious for you. Rahu is showing signs of increasing your fame, honor, honor and valor by staying in a powerful sense of your zodiac for 9 months in the year 2020. Saturn entering Capricorn on 24 January 2020 will be auspicious for you if you get out of your destiny and transit in the tenth house.

Positive Side 2020

In the year 2020, the obstacles coming in the works will be removed.
Throughout the year, your mind will feel positive.
Luck will support you, due to which your stalled work will be completed.
Your tendency towards religion will increase.
Chances of increasing wealth are being made.

Nagative Side 2020 

The year 2020 will be mixed in terms of career.
There may be stress in the last few months of the year in the family.
 May be troubled by minor injuries.
 Being careless about health can cost you dearly.


The new year 2020 will be very good and enjoyable for the Taurus zodiac. You will get new successes this year. On 24 January, Saturn’s transit from Sagittarius to Capricorn will give you freedom from the bed of Saturn. Whose positive impact will be seen in your luck, career. The lord of your zodiac is Venus, who will occupy the future of 2020 by occupying the fortune of fortune in the beginning of the year 2020. On March 30, the combination of Guru and Shani in the Bhagya Sthan is indicating very good for you.

Positive side 2020

Good results will be seen in the matter of real estate.
 Honor and fame will be achieved in politics.
Compared to the previous year, you will get favorable fruit.
There will be an increase in income.
This year there will be an increase in amenities.

Nagative side 2020

This year the fighting-quarrel may increase.
There may be difficulties in making important decisions.
There may be some financial problems in the year due to loss of money.
Before taking any new task, consider all aspects. 


For Gemini people, the year 2020 will be the best according to planetary movements. Mercury is the lord of your zodiac sign. With Mercury starting in the year 2020, Raja will play the role. Due to which the year 2020 will be advanced. Rahu may interrupt your work due to sitting in your zodiac at the beginning of the year. On January 24, Saturn will transit in the eighth house with your zodiac sign. After this, the Guru will change the zodiac and enter Capricorn where Saturn is already seated there. This combination will create a low-level Raja Yoga, which can benefit in the field.

Positive side 2020

The year 2020 will be mixed.
This year will bring many opportunities for jobbers and business people.
There will be a change in your actions suddenly.
 Health will be good and life partner will be good in the family.

Nagative side 2020

You have to be safe from stress and superstition.
Maintenance of the vehicle may cost you money.
 Opponents or enemies can raise your concerns.


For Cancerians, the year 2020 will be mixed. Rahu will be in Gemini in the 12th house of Cancer in the beginning of the year 2020. Rahu’s transit will complete your long-pending plans. Shani Dev will enter Capricorn in your seventh house on January 24. Because of the same Guru coming in Capricorn, he will suddenly make the sum of any manglicious work.

Positive side 2020

You will get good success in the field of career.
There may be many trips abroad for business.
The year 2020 will be mixed for your family life.
There will be happiness in your love life.

Nagative side 2020

Economic problems may increase.
Small accidents are a sign of decreasing.
Work cannot be done.
 You should avoid taking any major financial risk this year. 


This year will be auspicious for the people of Leo as compared to the year 2019. The transit of the Guru in the fifth house from the birth anniversary will be auspicious for the year 2020, while from January 24, the transit of Saturn in the 6th house from your birth sign will be favorable. The lord of fortune is making the sum of buying a new house, new vehicle or house due to being enthroned in the fourth house through Mars. On 24 January 2020, Saturn’s changes will come from your zodiac in the sixth position. On September 23, Rahu is being converted into Taurus, which will be in karmabhav with your zodiac sign.

Positive side 2020

 The year 2020 can be an increase in your respect and position.
 Marriage totals can also be made.
You can get happiness from children.
 This year can be of special benefit in terms of career.

Nagative side 2020

 Illnesses can be annoying.
 The number of enemies may increase.
 For business people, this year can be the same as last year.
 It is better to have complete consideration before the transaction. Possibility of money loss. 


Image result for Virgo 2020 

For the Virgo zodiac, this year is going to be very good compared to the previous year. Saturn’s bed is about to end from this sign. Actually since last two and a half years, Satya’s operation on Virgo will also end. Guru will transit in the fifth house on March 30. The same Rahu will remain in your tenth house and will enter the ninth house at the end of the year.

Positive side 2020

 It is possible to increase respect and respect.
 You will get auspicious results in every sphere of life.
 The year 2020 is going to be auspicious for education and children.
 Those who have been thinking of buying a house for a long time, this year your dream of home can be fulfilled.

Nagative side 2020

 Homeclash will increase.
 Do not let any dispute with anyone escalate or else you can get caught in legal issues.
 This year, invest wisely. 


Image result for Libra 2020 

For Libra people, the movement of planets in the year 2020 will not be favorable. On 24 January 2020, Saturn will enter its zodiac sign in the fourth house. Guru will enter the zodiac sign of Saturn which is a place of happiness with your zodiac sign. Changes in Sagittarius sign of Guru is going to be good for your luck.

Positive side 2020

 May the year be good for you.
 You can also expect to benefit from ancestral property this year.
 This year is making the sum of memorable visits.
 There is a good chance of getting a new job.

Nagative side 2020

Health problems may increase.
There may be a fight in the office.
There may be a possibility of money loss.
Home – There may be tension in the family, so be patient. 


Image result for Scorpio 2020

This year is indicating to be auspicious for the people of the planet Scorpio. The year 2020 is making the sum of increase in happiness and prosperity for you. Saturn’s transitions are transiting from your zodiac to happiness in might. On March, the zodiac sign of Guru will be in Capricorn with Saturn. On May 14, Guru is retrograde in Capricorn. This will give you mixed results.

Positive side 2020

Sum of progress in the field
The pleasure of the vehicle is attained.
Happiness will also be found in love affairs.
 Chances of job change also.

Nagative side 2020

There will be a decrease in confidence.
Any serious illness can surround.
Distance from family can be caused by someone.
 You will also see huge fluctuations in some months of the year. 


Image result for Sagittarius 2020

For Sagittarius people, the year 2020 will be mixed. Transit of the guru will bring some special changes in your zodiac sign. From January 24, the last phase of the half century will be for you. Comparatively better times will begin from 2020. When the zodiac sign of Rahu-Ketu changes in September 2020, time will start for you.

Positive side 2020

In the year 2020, there will be new energy in you.
New schemes will be developed in the field, which will benefit you.
In terms of investment in property, this year can benefit.
2020 good signs for the field
Love is good for life

Nagative side 2020

 Avoid doing any work by drowning in emotions.
 You may also have trouble getting back the borrowed money.
 Avoid new friendships.
 There may be a family misunderstanding.


Image result for Capricorns 2020 

For Capricorns, the year 2020 can be full of challenges. On January 24, 2020, Saturn will change its zodiac sign and enter your zodiac, due to which, it will start on you.

Positive side 2020

Mixed career results
 Good marks in competitive exams will win you over.
 Family life is likely to remain normal.
 There may be ups and downs in married life.

Nagative side 2020

There will be many occasions when you will have to make some difficult decisions.
Will not be more suitable for economic outlook
 The year 2020 will not be good in terms of health.


Image result for Aquarius 2020 

This year will be mixed for Aquarius people. Transit in your eleventh house of Guru is auspicious this year. At the same time, Saturn starts transiting in the zodiac sign from January 24. There will be a half-century debut on Aquarius. On March 30, Guru will come in 12th position from your zodiac sign. Being a Guru Vakri on May 14 will increase your position of profit.

Positive side 2020

 Your income will increase this year.
Your honor will also increase.
Good profits can be made.

Nagative side 2020

 This year, you may feel frustrated at your workplace.
 There will be difficulties in love life this year
 Health problems may be faced.



This year will be auspicious for Pisces people. On January 24, Saturn’s transformation is taking place in your zodiac sign, ie in the place of income due to karmabhav. This year Rahu’s transformation is happening on 23 September.

Positive side 2020

 Good gifts will come
 Problems in family life will be solved
 Will travel beneficially in connection with business or work
 If your money is held somewhere, then this year it can come to you.
 You will get child happiness.

Nagative side 2020

Health will not be good
 Estrangement will increase
 There may be some financial troubles in the middle of the year.

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