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Today Sexual Life Ability Ruined By Placing A Smart Phone Nearby

Today Sexual Life

Today sexual life ability ruined by placing a smart phone nearby,The use of today smartphones and mobiles is becoming an addiction in your life, which is not only affecting the mental health life of the people, but the excessive use of smartphones is having a fast effect on the today sex life of the people. In the just study of the Department of Sexual Health of the Sheikh Khalifa Ben Zayed International University Hospital in Casablanca, Morocco, nearly 60 percent of people admitted to having sex problems due to smartphones

According to a report by Morocco World News, citing scientific studies said that all 600 participants had smartphones and 92 percent of them admitted to using it at night. Only 18 per cent of these people said to keep their phones in flight mode in the bedroom. The study found that smartphones negatively affected adults between the ages of 20 and 45, with 60 percent saying that the phone life affected their sexual ability, ie sexual power.

Incoming call interrupts sex

It is also mentioned in the report that about 50 percent of the people said that the today sex life was not better, because they just used the smartphone for a long time. At the same time, one-third of the participants in the study admitted that compulsion to answer incoming calls also hinders sex. A survey by the American company Pure Call reported that nearly three-quarters of people believed they slept at night by placing a smartphone on their bed or next to it.

Sperm count decreased due to smartphone

According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, men who keep their mobiles or smartphones in their pants pockets regularly are prone to decrease in sperm count. In women too, there is a decrease in sex drive due to smartphone. The dangerous radiation emanating from the phone reduces libido in women by 25 percent.

Erectile dysfunction due to smartphone

Another study has revealed that men who carry and use smartphones for more than 4 hours every day are more likely to have erectile dysfunction during sex life

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