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1 Crore Package of IIT Life But Today The Ground Reality is Something else

 IIT Package
 IIT Package

 Conversations today with students life, students’ public blogs, concerns expressed on social media and questions just asked indicate that IIT students  are well aware of the ground reality.

 The focus of just undergraduate courses at the Indian Institutes of Technology (IITs) on traditional branches of science and engineering is focused on teaching the traditional way, while the world is becoming multidimensional with automation, artificial intelligence (AI) and integrated digital technologies. Traditional production is also changing rapidly, routine items are being produced through robotic assembly lines (now also with 3D printing), which has reduced the need to monitor. Chemical plants also need less personnel life, because sensors and Internet-related technologies have been put to work. Similar effects can be seen in the just construction sector life.

Overall, there is a decrease in jobs associated with traditional engineering life. In an era dominated by technology driven by cloud and applications, computer scientists and operators are needed, and in addition very few things remain traditional. Occasional innovations, such as a new design or a just new product, are rarely needed to think and develop. This environment clearly shows the crisis in science and engineering classes – except computer science or engineering or to some extent electrical or electronics engineering.

Where does an IIT engineer fit in this scenario …? During the first year, when students are struggling with inactivity, they also start learning about the ‘irrelevance’ of the branch achieved on the basis of JEE – about reduced placement opportunities in the core (engineering branches), coding. And about a lower salary than analytics, and some of the peers who are going to get big salaries in tech companies. Students are also familiar with the lucrative possibilities where they can make ‘a lot of money’ through startups, as IIT graduates are getting to hear great stories of becoming employers instead of finding jobs. Of course, not much is said about the technical quality of these startups, their tendency to imitate (you sell tomatoes, we’ll sell onions) or the dominance of routine app-based service providers, online vendors, etc., most of which Kam is born under a new idea today. How many times does this happen when a successful, world-class product is related to technical information from IIT education …?

The message today that students can usually understand is that the knowledge acquired in traditional branches is not very relevant – and the inactivity or inefficiency present at the time of admission remains intact. Students become somewhat uninterested, and sometimes resistant, to academic work, and in some cases they are permanently in the lap of laziness, and more energetic students develop alternative interests – eg, personality Development (leadership, positions of responsibility), extra-curricular activities (sports, music, theater), business, financial management activities (clubs, online These courses, etc.). Some students even conclude that science and engineering are not capable of working so hard.

Conversations today with students, students’ public blogs, concerns expressed on social media and questions asked indicate that IIT students are well aware of the ground reality. Question asked by a student on Quora – How is life after cracking IIT …? Do I have to study life for 10-12 hours even after reaching IIT? – Wrote in response to, “No, you don’t need this … As a student of IIT Roorkee, I can give you a glimpse of the life inside IITs … Most of the students study only one week before the exam. .. there are exceptions, but I am talking about most of the students … “Another says that these types of signals are given by the coaching class only. This student wrote, “This is the wrong mindset, which is told by the coaching classes that you don’t have to study after entering IIT, life is very comfortable, there are no worries … which is totally wrong .. When I took admission in IIT Bombay, I used to think the same, used to study only one day before the exam, bunk class, etc. … in the first and second year Sector was reduced (Five Point Someone) … “within the IIT, students said:” We wrote the article as to why studies IITB ‘. Empirical anger is very worrying. As teachers, we get this attitude in our classrooms and courses. 

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Updated: December 31, 2019 — 4:58 am

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