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Lohri 2020 – Why And How To Celebrate Today Lohri Life

 Lohri 2020 – Why And How To Celebrate Lohri

 Lohri 2020 will be celebrated on 14 January. It is a very big and famous festival of Punjab life province of India. The entire Punjabi community believes in singing it with great joy, enthusiasm and dancing. This festival is celebrated at the end of autumn. It is considered a symbol of joy and happiness. Everyone, from children to old people, become a part of the happiness of this festival. It is also celebrated loudly in some states of North India, such as Uttar Pradesh, Haryana, Himachal Pradesh, Jammu and Kashmir life. In other parts of the country, it is celebrated with different customs. The people of Punjabi community as well as other communities take part in celebrating Lohri.

Happy Lohri 2020

 Lohri is celebrated a day before Makar Sankranti, so it is related to the Sun’s entry into Capricorn. Lohri life preparations also begin with the start of the new year. It brings with it the freshness and joy of the new year. After this festival, the nights begin to become shorter and the days become larger. Seasonal change starts from this day itself. Due to the popularity of this festival, it is celebrated not only in India but all over the world, people everywhere greet each other with Lohri, distribute prasad among themselves and wish for the happiness of everyone, including home and family. . After Lohri worship, on this day, there is recognition of dancing Gidda, Bhangra with drums around the fire. Fire is also helpful to avoid the harsh winter of Pus month. The gathering of all four and all around the fire at night gives them the chance to spend time together, to socialize. People laugh with each other, which is a good way to share happiness and sharing happiness is at the core of this festival life.

Beliefs related to lohriLike all other festivals, many reasons have been described in the history behind celebrating Lohri. Lohri 2020 has been linked to the Vikram Samvat and Makar Sankranti as per the Hindu calendar as usual. It is popular to celebrate this festival at the end of autumn and this festival is seen as the new year of farmers. There is also a story behind celebrating Lohri.
Mythological story related to Lohri
It is believed today that Lord Vishnu incarnated as Shri Krishna in Dwapara Yuga when Kansa kept making new efforts to kill Bal Krishna. Once everyone was busy celebrating the festival of Makar Sankranti, Kamsa sent a demon named Lohit to Gokul to kill Shri Krishna, the demon was killed by Bal Krishna in a game. The Lohri festival was named after the demon named Lohit. The sacred festival of Lohri life is celebrated in his memory.

In Sindhi society also this festival is celebrated as Lal Lohri. Agni is the main deity of this festival, so on this day Chivda, Sesame, Groundnut, Puffed rice are offered in the sacrifice of fire. Annoyed by the wrong behavior done by her father to her husband on this day, Sati, daughter of Daksha Prajapati, burnt herself in the fire, in the same day the fire is lit on the day of Lohri. Sun is the biggest factor of energy, so Sun and Agni are worshiped on this day. The farmers celebrate it by pleasing the gods when the Rabi crop arrives.

Astrological belief about LohriAccording to astrology, this festival is celebrated so that the future generations can learn to follow their customs and traditions. The purpose of celebrating this festival is also related to health. The month of Pus is very cold, in such a way, the body gets heat by burning a fire, while eating jaggery, sesame, gajak, peanut provides many essential nutritional elements to the body. The word Lohri is made up of three things, ‘L’ to wood, O to Upale, and D to Rabri are the focal points of this festival. It is also considered a harvest festival. On this day, people bless newly born children, daughters-in-law. The women sing Punjabi songs, all wear clean clothes and worship God.

Lohri-related traditions Lohri 2020: festival of sharing happiness and love Lohri is celebrated with full fervor and pomp. The people of Punjabi community mainly consider the fire as a witness and then eat and distribute the offerings of Rabri Gajak. Women look very beautiful, dressed in a Punjabi veneer. It seems very fascinating to dance and sing folk songs together. Beautiful faces blossom in the cold night, giving energy. On this day, people call their married daughters home with respect and celebrate the festival with them, they are given many kinds of gifts and sweets. The house where the boy is born or the boy is going to get married, he calls all his relatives and loudly celebrates the festival of Lohri.

Children on this festival collect wood and money from door to door and sing Lohri songs. Later, people distribute rabri, gajak, groundnut and puffed rice to invite Lohri. As a prasad, five things are distributed in the form of prasad, donations of sesame, gajak, groundnut, jaggery and maize. With the change of time, many personal reasons for celebrating this festival have also been added, such as in the busy running life, all of them get together on the pretext of this festival and share their happiness and sorrow with each other and this is the festival Is also the main objective. The farmers pray to the fire god on this festival for good quality and prosperity of their crops. Every year, their crops continue to grow and no person is hungry, they pray that they have the capacity to feed everyone.

• People of Punjab and Haryana consider kite flying auspicious on this day.

• Children can put Prasad in the fire if they want.

• It is considered inauspicious to return home empty-handed to children that day, so people give them sugar, sweets, peanuts etc.

• On the day of Lohri, mustard greens are made of maize bread and kheer is very much liked as a sweet. On this day, food is called Prasad, which everyone shares together and eat.

The story of Dulla Bhatti is also importantDulla Bhatti is considered to be the main reason behind celebrating Lohri festival. Its name is mentioned in many songs sung on the day of Lohri. During the reign of Akbar, many Rajputs took the path of rebellion instead of kneeling, one of these Bhatti Rajputs was the famous warrior Dulla Bhatti. His ancestors were the rulers of Pindi Bhattis. He was like Robin Hood life, who looted wealth from rich people and distributed it among the poor. Another campaign was to help in the marriage of poor Hindus, Sikh girls who had a bad eye on the royal zamindars and rulers who were kidnapped by the people. They used to make slaves and sell them in the slaves market. Dulla Bhatti used to find brides for such girls and bestowed them.

In such difficult circumstances, Dulla Bhatti came to know about two poor and handsome sisters named Sundari and Mundri who were brought abducted by the zamidar when their uncle was unable to protect them. Dulla found a bridesmaid for him in spite of today many difficulties and on the day of Lohri gathered wood in the forest and went round the fire and got him married and bestowed him. He could not arrange for dowry and gifts for both of them, so gave them only one sugar each and said goodbye to this incident is remembered on the day of Lohri. Dulla Bhatti was known not only for honoring women, serving the poor but also as a warrior who always fought to protect his nation and community. She is worshiped as a symbol of fearlessness, struggle, truth, faith. Lohri night includes her name in songs and she is always shown as part of her community, nation religion, culture so that the generations to come Dulla Bhatti Learn with valor, strength and live a life of respect and fearlessness like that. Due to this work of Dulla Bhatti, this day is considered good for married daughters and newly married couples. The songs sung on the day of Lohri speak of Dulla Bhatti’s bravery and show gratitude to him for doing so.
Importance of Lohri songs
All the customs associated with Lohri have their own special significance. There is a deep history hidden behind every tradition associated with Lohri and that is why this festival remains relevant till date. From burning fires to food and from pooja lessons to dancing songs, there are human interests behind them through which he can do good to himself and the whole humanity. The songs sung together on Lohri also have their special significance. These songs fill the atmosphere with positive rays and energy, and create a wave of joy and joy in people’s minds. Dancing on folk songs is considered very important.

Hope you like the information given by us on Lohri 2020. We wish you a very happy Lohri.

Updated: January 1, 2020 — 5:33 pm

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