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Holi 2020: Here Are 5 Dangers Amidst The Fun of Colors, Be Careful

Celebrate Holi but be safe. Know what the festival of colors can bring for you Health Challenge – 

Holi 2020, hapy holi
Holi 2020


New Delhi: Preparations for Holi, the beautiful festival of colors, have started with full swing. In this eco-friendly (eco-friendly) celebration, are you preparing for a safe and healthy Holi? If yes, great! The joy of Holi is doubled when you do not suffer from any harmful chemical or health concerns. Yes, there may be some health risks associated with celebrating Holi.

But you can enjoy this festival whole heartedly with caution and rescue methods. Senior Lifestyle Management Consultant, Dr. Snehal Singh has outlined some health risks associated with celebrating Holi and protective ways to avoid them.

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Allergies: Holi dyes are often chemically formed and may cause allergic reactions to some people. Allergies can cause skin, eyes, nose and throat irritation. They can also cause cold, cough, and shortness of breath in sensitive people. These can lead to severe forms of asthma and other complex problems. 

Skin problems: Health problems are very big due to skin problems due to potentially harmful chemicals in holi colors. They may cause itching, redness, dryness, scaling, burning sensation and pimples. Holi colors can also have an effect on hair. Many people have to deal with problems like hair loss, itching on the scalp, baldness, lifeless and dry hair after Holi.

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– Eye problems: Common problems found in people after the celebration of Holi are related to eyes, which include burning, itching, excess watery eyes, more sensitivity to light, eye pain or redness symptoms. Huh.

– Digestive problems: Digestive problems can occur due to eating the dish with colored hands in the celebration of Holi. Colors can irritate the mucous membrane (mucous membranes), causing nausea, vomiting, or abdominal discomfort, as well as the possibility of infection.

– Chemical Use: Some chemicals used in Holi colors may increase the risk of health problems depending on your health. Problems like paralysis, kidney failure and skin cancer are associated with this, so be careful.

Updated: January 3, 2020 — 5:28 pm

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