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How Is The World After Death? According To The Report !

How Is The World After Death, Life, Death, life after death, soul
How Is The World After Death?

                 How Is The World After Death? According To The Report !

Near Death Experience (NDE) Means close experience of death. There has been a long debate between medical science veterans and religious pundits on this subject. Medical science has done many experiments to understand the mysterious world after death. An attempt has been made to reach that world by blocking the oxygen reaching the brain.

A person named Peter recently made such a disclosure about the ‘Near Death Experience’ which everyone is shocked after knowing. Peter claims that he has seen the world after death very closely.

Peter’s Experiences have been shared on the website of the Near Death Experience Research Foundation. It has been reported in this report that Peter saw the world after death on 16 March 2010.

According To The Report, this has happened while taking a bath in the bathtub with Peter. What Peter saw after sinking in the bathtub for some time has not been able to get out of his mind till date.

Peter said that after being submerged in water, a thick darkness had started pouring in front of his eyes. After this, he also saw a girl in black veneer.

Peter experienced all this when his body was almost free from the soul. Peter has stated with great confidence that he only saw the shadow of the girl. The girl had no face.

It was exactly the same experience as if someone had wrapped you in a sheet. The girl’s hair color was light brown. This color was exactly like peanut butter.

Let me tell you that a few months ago, a woman named Eva also shared her experience with the people about the ‘Near Death Experience’. Eva had clearly stated that after death there is no limit to the human body.

Updated: January 10, 2020 — 5:07 pm

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