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How To Make Milk Coffee Properly


How To Make Milk Coffee Properly

How To Make Milk Coffee?

Coffee is such a scream, your tiredness, head ache, work pressure or something…. Keeps everyone away and makes you feel good. If we go to the hotel only to drink coffee, then we like coffee, but how much we give for a cup of coffee, then why don’t we like it at home Learn to make coffee… .Yes,

It takes a little time and hard work to make it, but no one can match what was made by their hands…. So let us see today how to make coffee: –

Material :-

Milk: 250 Grams
Coffee: 2 Teaspoons
Sugar – 3 Tablespoons 

Recipe :-

1. First put sugar and coffee in a mug.

2. Then add a spoon of milk or water and mix it.

3. First of all keep the milk for heating.

4. When coffee and sugar are mixed properly, add a spoon and milk and mix it.

5. Then add a spoon and milk and mix. (We have to keep looking until the coffee is brown)

6. Now offer milk to the gas. And wait until it boils.

7. Now take another cup and put coffee in it and then add milk and mix it with a spoon.

8. After that you add some coffee from the top if you like foam coffee…

9. Now our coffee is made but it looks simple, so let’s decorate it a little, for this I have not done much, for this, I have taken the size of the paper of the cup and designed it and cut it from the catchy. |
10. Now put the paper on top of the cup and put some coffee powder on top.

11. Then gently remove the paper.

And here your coffee is ready.

NOTE: – If you want, you can make it and keep it in freeze and can be cooked for 2-3 days.

I believe that you would have liked this recipe for making coffee, if yes, then do it in writing and if you want to know about any other recipe which I have not written yet, you can ask in the comment box.

Updated: January 11, 2020 — 3:56 pm

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