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The Youngest Prime Minister of The World

The Youngest Prime Minister of The World
On Sunday, the Social Democratic Party of Finland selected former Transport Minister Sanna Marin for the post of Prime Minister. Please tell that his age is only 34 years. Along with this, she has also become the youngest Prime Minister of the world currently in Finland as well as in the history of the world. Let’s read everything about them …

Image result for सना मारिनWhat do Finland’s largest newspapers say?

The largest newspapers in Finland are Helsingin Sanomat and Ilta-Sanomat. According to him, Sana Marine has become the youngest Prime Minister of the world. Zeeland Prime Minister Jacinda Arden is 39 years old, while Ukraine’s Prime Minister Oleksi Honcharuk is 35 years old and North Korean leader Kim Jong-un is also 35 years old.

Anti-Rinne has taken place
Prior to this, Sana Marine was the Minister of Transport and Communications. Let the Marines win the election and replace outgoing leader Antti Rinne. Let me tell you that since Anti Rinne resigned as Prime Minister, it was expected that Sanaa Marine could handle the reins of the country.

What did the Marines say after becoming Prime Minister?

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After being elected to the post of Prime Minister, Marine said that we have to do a lot of work to restore trust again. I have never thought about my age or gender. I think about the reasons for my coming into politics and the things for which we have won the trust of voters.

    Sana Marine was born on 16 November 1985 in Finland.
    He graduated from Tampere University in 2012 in administrative sciences.
    In 2012 he was elected to the city council of Tampere.
    She was also the Chairperson of the City Council from 2013 to 2017.
    She became a Member of Parliament for the first time in 2015.
    She joined the government in June 2019 and was given the responsibility of the Ministry of Transport and Communications.

Updated: January 11, 2020 — 4:48 pm

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