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Sai Ing-wen won election again in Taiwan, shock to China

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Taiwan’s President Ing-wen has won a second term with a landslide victory in the general election.

Sai Ing Win has received more than 57 percent of the votes in the general election, receiving 82 million votes at a record level. With so many votes, he left Khan Guo Yi of the Kuomintang Party far behind.

Sai Ing-wen’s victory is also very important from the world point of view as she has been opposing close relations with China.

After his victory, he has once again asked China to cancel the idea of ​​occupying Taiwan.

“Taiwan has shown the world how much we celebrate our country because of our freedom and democratic values,” he told the press conference.

America has expressed happiness over Sai’s victory and said that it is in favor of democratic system by victory. The US State Department said, “In Sai’s second term, the relationship between Taiwan and America will be stronger.” We will work together for democracy, economy and the well being of the people. ”

Sai bluntly on China
Sai Ing-wen said this month that she would not accept China’s ‘one country, two system’ proposal.

China presented this political formula to Taiwan, which Taiwan has rejected. Taiwan says that this formula has completely failed in Hong Kong, so there is no question of accepting it. Fear of China was the biggest issue in Taiwan’s election campaign. The ‘fear of China’ emerged as a big issue in Taiwan’s election due to months of anti-government protests in Hong Kong-ruled China.

Sai said in the election campaign, “The people of Hong Kong have told us that ‘one country, two systems’ is definitely a failed formula.”

Hong Kong was a British colony, which Britain handed over to China in 1997 in exchange for certain provisions of independence.

Sai said, “Things are getting worse day by day under the ‘one country, two systems’ in Hong Kong. China has made the credibility of ‘one country, two systems’ questionable by abusing power.” In such a situation there is no question of accepting it.

Anti-Chinese government protests have been going on in Hong Kong for months. China is trying to control it. Anti-Chinese protesters in Hong Kong say that China is violating it despite the provision of autonomy. Taiwan’s parliament passed the Anti-Infiltration Law on January 1 in view of China’s threat. Tensions in Taiwan and China have been at a peak since this law was passed.

Sai says that this law will protect Taiwan’s democracy. He also said that this would not affect business relations with China. China suspects that Sai’s Democratic Progressive Party is working to make Taiwan a formally independent country and has threatened to use force against the Taiwanese government if needed.


However, Sai has denied independence and reiterated that she does not want to unilaterally change the status quo with China.

China has been claiming Taiwan since the end of the civil war in 1949.

While Taiwan considers itself as an independent and sovereign nation, China believes that Taiwan should join China and then it has to use force.

Sai said in Taipei after the election victory, “China should stop threatening its army.”

According to Sai Ing-wen’s website, she wants to maintain the current system and methods. She does not want to compromise Taiwan’s independence.

During the Hong-Kong protests in June last year, he said, “Whoever tries to weaken Taiwan’s sovereignty and democracy or use it for political bargaining will fail.”

She rejects the political system of “one country, two systems” like Hong Kong. They say that it is useless now.

Speaking to the BBC this week, he said that Taiwan should take a lesson from Hong Kong. If we do not insist (on maintaining Taiwan’s independence) then we will lose whatever we have.

63-year-old Sai Ing Win was a professor before joining politics. He has studied at the Cornell University, London School of Economics in the US and Taiwan.

He has been accused of being hostile, but gay marriage, linguistic rights and other issues have given him support among young voters.

Taiwan states
The official name of what we call China is ‘People’s Republic of China’ and what we know as Taiwan is its official name ‘Republic of China’. China is connected in both names.

The ‘People’s Republic of China’ and ‘Republic of China’ do not recognize each other’s sovereignty. Both have claimed to be the official representatives of Mainland China and Taiwan Island, considering themselves as official China.

Image copyright GETTY IMAGES
China does not have diplomatic relations with any country that recognizes Taiwan as an independent country.

There are very few countries that give Taiwan the status of an independent country. However, many countries have trade relations with Taiwan.

What does Sai’s victory mean?

It is an extraordinary success for Taiwan’s President Sai Ing Win to receive more than 8 million votes. They have got a huge majority in one way and on the other hand it is a big setback for China.

In this election we have seen that Taiwan’s relationship with China emerged as an important issue and Sai Ing Win got its full benefit.

However his victory also includes a certain political irony.

China and Taiwan: the world’s most unique relationship
How does China keep its currency yuan under control?
In fact, the Taiwanese people have completely rejected Beijing’s totalitarian approach and the concept of a comprehensive China.

The Communist Party of China would not have pressured Taiwan, it would have been far more sensible to diagnose Hong Kong’s problem if Sai’s victory would not have been so strenuous.

However, after the results came out, the BBC asked Sai if she would attribute her victory to Chinese President Xi Jinping?

In response, she started smiling.

Updated: January 12, 2020 — 4:30 am

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