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What is Social Media?

what is social media

 What is Social Media and What are the Advantages and Disadvantages

You often get to hear something about social media and especially on news channels because every day some video or photo goes viral on social media about which many people are shown on news channels. Can’t understand what social media is after all.

Today, social media has become very attached to our lives, whether it is children or old, whether it is a common citizen or the famous celebrities, all are present on social media today.

Rather, Social Media has become a platform that has made a lot of common people a super star overnight and the latest examples of this are seen every day because a video or photo of someone is viral. Becomes famous.

There are many people who have given both name and money to Social Media, if we start to list your name, then believe it there will be thousands of people and every day more people are getting fame and name from social media.

The only reason for using social media so much is that it must have experienced itself too, because a few years ago no one knew much about social media, but ever since we have got a smartphone phone and 4G internet, we social media But have started being very active.

As a result, today an average person spends 2-3 hours of his time running the Internet and using social media, you can guess from how the Internet and Social Media have changed our lives

Type of Social Media – Types of Social Media

On the Internet, you get to see thousands of different types of social media plateforms and they work in different ways, so they are challenging to define them separately, so according to Wikipedia they are mainly divided into 13 categories which are as follows.

1. Blog

Blog is like a website on which article and post are published regularly and articles are written on different topics or on one topic as if you are reading this article on a blog.

Through the blog information, people work to connect with themselves, whose articles help people by reading and they express their views through comments and read this for more information.

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2. Business Network

This is a website that connects people and customers with the objective of running an online business so that they can promote their business and connect with customers to earn profits.

This is a new way of doing business in modern times because today everyone lives online and due to the increasing popularity of online shopping, in today’s time, business has to be made available online to increase its value and liabilities.

3. Collaborative Project

On this type of social media, you can work with many people by doing a project or you can then join your team to work with them and work together.

With the help of these websites, you can connect people from one country to another with your project and then you can work on it by botting that project in many parts and at the same time all the data given in it is safe.

4. Enterprise Social Network

An enterprise social network is a company’s own personal network that is used to improve communication and networking with its employees rapidly and easily.

Enterprise social networks are mainly used by software as it is a company’s personal network, so it is considered to be highly secure, in much the same way that many companies provide their employees with applications to work.

5. Forums

On the Internet, you get to see different types of forums, which is a part of social media, in which people post and discuss about a single topic or on different topics.

Quora is also a similar website, which is very popular website which is used a lot in your country and other countries, here you can ask your questions and answer the questions of others.

6. Microblogs

It is a part of blogging, it is made up of two words, one is Micro, and the other is the meaning of blog which is used to write short articles and posts as it is known by its name.

The main reason for its popularity is that it tries to give as much information as possible in as few words as there are limits to the words in it to make a tweet on Twitter.

7. Photo Sharing

Social Media also includes some websites on which you can share photos or images, such websites can be both public and private.

Instagram is a popular photo sharing website and perhaps you will also use it where you can share your photo with the whole world and you can be popular as well, read it for more information.

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8. Product and Service Review

Today there are similar websites online with similar batches, where people like how much the product has been liked by the people before buying a product, that is, it is rated.

Such a website provides information about the product as well as how it is a product, how many people have liked it and how many ratings have been given to them so that people are given a similar Make the right selection to buy.

9. Social Bookmarking

Social bookmarking means when you like a website or you like an article, the process of saving it on your browser is called Social Bookmarking.

Through social bookmarking, you can both save and share a URL, by doing this you can easily access your favorite websites and at the same time you can also share your articles and posts here.

10. Social Gaming

Games played online are also called social media, where you can create your account and play games with other people.

MPL App and PUBG Game both come within the social game itself, here you can request and get to play the game with others and play the game by teaming with each other’s consent.

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11. Social Network

Social networks are those websites where people share their likes and activities like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube, TikTok are similar social websites.

Social Network Website is used through the Internet, here people can connect with each other and chat, and you can huddle with people you like and befriend them.

12. Video Sharing

YouTube is a video sharing social media website where you can enjoy watching videos of every category and apart from YouTube, there is also a video sharing platform.

But YouTube is the most popular video sharing platform because anyone can create a YouTube channel on YouTube as well as you can earn money by creating YouTube videos. Read this for more information.

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13. Virtual Worlds

The world of internet is called virtual world which is programmed and designed by humans. With the help of this virtual world, you can connect with people. The purpose of creating this virtual world is designed for entertainment, social and various other purposes. .

Thus, Social Media is divided into different categories, because the Internet is used by different sources and in different ways, so Social Media is divided into 13 categories.

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Advantage of Social Media – Benefits of Social Media

1. You can become new friends through social media in your country and abroad.

2. Social media is used for advertisements that can promote your product by looking at a target audition.

3. Advertising on social media is more beneficial than other places.

4. You are always connected with your friends through social media.

5. You are always in touch with your distant relatives through social media.

6. It is mainly used for interaction with people from one country to another, from one state to another.

7. Through this, we can share our thoughts with others.

8. Through this, we can send our document to others like text, photos, videos etc.

9. Due to this, we can do live chatting like real life.

10. It can spread and increase its busines.

11. It can promote any similar or institution.

12. Through this we can get education and share our knowledge with others.

13. Through this we can do group dialogue and chatting.

14. Through this you can become famous in the world of Internet.

15. You can earn money sitting at home through social media.

16. Through this, you can share your life with others.

17. You can help other people through social media.

18. You can receive and share notifications through social media.

19. You can spread awareness through social media.

Disadvantage of Social Media – Social Media Disadvantages

1. Frauds are caused by social media

2. Hacking is done by social media

3. Due to excessive use of social media, you may get addicted.

4. People waste a lot of time due to social media

5. Many times social media causes death.

6. Your private data can be leaked through social media.

7. Since social media is used on mobiles and computers that have an impact on your health.

8. Social media keeps you away from your friends and family.

9. Lots of crazy people are present on social media.

10. The world of social media sets you apart from the real world.

So friends, social media has both advantages and disadvantages, but it depends on you that you use social media in some way because it can change and ruin your life.

Updated: January 14, 2020 — 4:27 am

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