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How to Increase Traffic On Blog

20 Best Ways to Increase Traffic Pageview of Blog Website

how-to-increase-traffic-on-blog, how-to-get-traffic-on-blog

 You all know that having more and more traffic is very important for blogging, the more Traffics and Pageview will be on your blog or website, the more your blog will be popular as long as there is no traffic on your blog, then that blog will not be of any use. But for this you keep working hard and your blog will soon become a popular blog.

Suppose you have 50 posts on your blog but if there is a lot of traffic on your blog then that is a big deal but if your blog has 500 posts and not good traffic then it is a disappointing thing

Today, how can we bring traffic to the blog for all of you, for which you have brought some such tips, if you follow these tips then soon traffic will start coming on your blog, then when there will be more traffic on the blog then only we earn more income Will be able to.

Online blog is the only way for people who do blogging, so it is very important for you to get traffic to your blog, so today, we will tell you some easy tips that will bring traffic and pageview from your blog, so let’s increase blog’s pageview Know.

how-to-increase-traffic-on-blog, how-to-increase-traffic-blog,
(1) First of all, how to write a blog, you should write the blog in the language that the visitor can understand quickly. This means to use easy words so that Visitor understands your written language quickly and visits your blog frequently.

(2) Keep the keywords of your blog which are searched the most, when your blog is searched again and again, your blog will start coming to the top on Google and this is a plus point for you in Blogging Career, so you those keywords Use the ones that are most searched.

(3) Whenever you write a post, you can write more than 450 words, but if you write a post of less words, then it will not come in Search Engine and The more words there are, the sooner your post will come forward in the search engine, so keep this in mind while writing the post.

(4) Try to write more and more new ones, which is less on the Internet, the more you write new, the more your traffic will increase and write the posts that people need but they are less on the Internet.

(5) Tell the success story of your blog also through the post, often new bloggers get inspired by reading the success story of other blogger, so also tell success story and this will also bring traffic to your blog and easily connect with other bloggers. Can

(6) Today’s generation uses social media very much, so write related posts on these social media. This is also a better way to increase the traffic of your blog.

(7) Take an interview of another blog and publish that interview on your blog, this will also increase the traffic of your blog through that blog in your blog.

(8) When you write a post, then use the best image in your post so that Visitor will get attached to your blog and become a fan of your blog.

(9) Also make Google+ for your blog and share all your posts there as well, so that there is help in ranking your posts through Direct Google as well, which definitely increases the traffic of your blog.

(10) Nowadays, everyone uses Whatsapp, so whoever is your favorite readers, add them all through Whatsapp and create a Whatsapp group and also share your blog post in that Whatsapp Group so that your blog traffic will be very fast. Will start growing

(11) As we told about Whatsapp Group, you can create a group of your blog on Facebook, and on Facebook there is a store of people, there is a post that goes on like air, so that is why Creating a Facebook Group and sharing posts on Facebook is a Best Idea to bring traffic to the blog.

(12) Whenever someone comments on your blog, please reply to it so that your visitor gets the right answer to his questions, then he visits your blog again and again and also shares your blog among people.

(13) Whenever a blog takes your interview, you must share it with your readers, write a post on it and tell your readers.

(14) If you are not able to write by yourself and any of your readers are fond of writing, then you can also write and publish articles from it and nowadays you will get lots of Online Content Writer so that Daily Post will update your blog. Can increase traffic continuously

(15) Whenever you write an article, tag the previous article in it, it will bring more of your blog search and traffic of your blog will also increase and tagging the previous posts is a good and right way to bring traffic.

(16) Create a separate Facebook page on Facebook in the name of your blog and share your post there and if possible, add as many followers as possible on Facebook page so that those people visit your blog and your blog Popularity Increased.

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(17) Share your post by making an account on Reddit and other social media, which will get you a lot of readers here and from here can bring a lot of traffic to your blog, which will be very beneficial for you.

(18) Keep a good design of your blog or website and keep it simple to look beautiful and not that it looks like a bright color like simple color and simple design that will be liked in one turn after viewing the Visitor so that it Readers visit your blog again

(19) Make a YouTube channel of your blog or website and link that channel to your website, give both the links in a different place so that the readers visit both places and the popularity and popularity of your blog keeps growing.

(20) Advertise your blog or website, talk to a popular blogger, for this you will have to pay some payment to them, by paying money, you can advertise your blog, by this you can see the increase in traffic of your blog and you Will soon be popular on the internet due to its blog

So today we have told you all the ways to increase the traffic of the blog, otherwise you will get many ideas on the internet to increase such traffic, but we are not able to use them all, so we have told you some ways from some simple

If you follow these methods, then you will see how the traffic of your blog will start increasing soon, follow them and become a successful blogger if you like this article, share it and comments.

Updated: January 18, 2020 — 4:26 pm

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