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How to protect android mobile from viruses

How to protect Android mobile from viruses, How to save Android mobile from viruses
how to protect Android mobile from viruses

                   Ways To Protect Android Mobile From Viruses

Nowadays everyone has android mobile all mobile. We are using Smartphone and we enjoy all our mobiles whether it is watching movies, listening to songs or talking to our friends with relatives, but we are so busy in all these things that we do not care Keeps saying that viruses can also come in the phone

Yes, there can be virus in your Android Mobile mobile, this virus can also come in mobile, the virus gets lost in the speed of mobile and the smartphone stops working properly and the mobile is heated when using the mobile It is also done for your convenience that you download the app or it may happen that someone can hack your mobile to know your information, the virus in the mobile can come from any reason. Is but you have to protect your mobile itself that we are going to give some tips to protect yourself from viruses to your Android mobile and follow these tips you can save the virus to your Android mobile.

Best ways to protect Android mobile from viruses

So let’s know the best ways to protect Android mobiles from viruses, which are as follows –

(1) Whatever app you download, download it from Google Play Store because the apps of Google Play Store are Android approved, downloading them will not cause any virus in your phone, sometimes we use the net.

And in between the add of games comes and we install that game from the same but there is a virus that such apps which are show like ads on any website or between them in a way Viruses can also occur, so do not download these apps because this can pose a great risk to your phone, information can also be stolen from your phone or a virus can get into your phone, but the Google Play can be bad. No virus comes from App was downloaded from lions

(2) Keep a good antivirus in your mobile, just like we use antivirus in our computers and laptops to protect you from viruses, similarly you can use a good antivirus to protect your mobile from viruses.

If your phone will have antivirus and whenever you start downloading an application or an app that is a virus, then your antivirus will give you a notification not to download it, sometimes it happens that we download songs on any website They start visiting and sit down to download the virus, antivirus is very useful in mobile, which is as follows.



(3) Do not connect your mobile to any such computer or such a pan drive that causes virus in your phone, if any mobile is connected to the computer, then it is not a different thing to get a virus through the computer. We give it to anyone to fill a memory song and a film, brother, fill it with songs and films, but to whom we have given our memory, also check once There is no virus in computer or laptop, in this way too many chances of getting virus are very frequent, so to save your phone from virus, avoid these minor mistakes.

(4) Whenever your mobile is switched off, it must be scanned once and rebooting the mobile in a few days means a reboot means that the mobile will be automatically restarted by doing so. Chances of coming to the virus are over

If the antivirus is in your mobile then keep scanning your mobile and in a few days and if you are downloading an application or an app, then after the downloading is complete, when the app is installed, then scan with the antivirus so that whatever If the virus has come, it should be immediately deleted from the mobile.

(6) You must read the book that comes with the mobile because if a virus enters the mobile, then if you take it to a shop, it can be without talk that you have to take a lot of money on the pretext of fixing the phone in such a way You can also do it yourself, it is written in the small book that comes with the mobile, if a virus appears in your phone, then you can remove it by reading it step by step if there is another set in your phone. Ng can deteriorate and you just so she does not understand you read the little book

(7) There are some dangerous viruses in whose name I tell you

Humming Bad, Comm-warrior, Trojan-SMS.Android OS.Fake-player.a, Cabir

You are always escaping from these viruses, these viruses are not known till today, how many phones and how many computers have been damaged, there is a whole chance of destroying data from them, when you download an application or a song, then these viruses It is possible to come by mistake and do not download these viruses, they can prove to be dangerous for the system.

So today I told you that how can you protect your Android mobile from viruses? Android mobiles are expensive and if they go bad then it takes a lot of thinking to buy again, but the main reason for most mobile malfunction is virus. If you run away from it, then your mobile will work perfectly for a long time. If your phone is full of viruses, then first of all you download antivirus and your mobile To Kan.

Due to the presence of QQ antivirus, there is very less chance of getting virus in the mobile. This keeps your mobile safe. If you liked this post, then you will definitely comment by commenting and share it to others.

Updated: January 19, 2020 — 3:08 pm

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