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What is life?

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We all have a question at some time, what is life. If we are seen, when we are struggling with problems, then such questions start to arise in our own minds. After which we are forced to think what is life? What is the real purpose of our life? Why are we living life? If seen in the true sense, life is a long journey. On which one experiences fluctuations on walking. Life is a battle, to fight with all your heart to win it, and life is a duty, so every person should perform all duties towards others and society.

what is life ? Sometimes she seeks happiness, sometimes she runs away from sorrow, sometimes she finds peace, what is life? Philosophy, art, science, or ignorance, past, future, present or all exist. There is a race to get something or a competition for competition. There is a fear of being left behind or there is a temptation to stay ahead. Sometimes there is a nexus of troubles.

If we see, when a man is born, he has a breath but there is no name and when a man dies, he has a name but there is no breath. The journey between this breath and name is called life. Do not live in the absence of anyone, nor live your life under your influence.

Right way to live life

Be optimistic

If you want to live life in the right way, then keep your attitude full of hope. Also, keep in mind that if there is happiness after grief, then you can live a happy life.

Value the time

If you want to achieve something good in life, then learn to value time. If you appreciate time, all the work will be completed in time and you will have success. Which will give mental peace and peace.

Be confident

Have complete faith in yourself for a successful life, no work is impossible. You can do any work easily. There cannot be a better person for yourself in the world.


Don’t worry about tomorrow

Don’t worry about tomorrow for a successful and happy life. Do not spoil your present by worrying about tomorrow. But you can make plans to improve your tomorrow.


Understand your shortcomings

If the person recognizes his shortcomings and learns to overcome them. From that day onwards the person starts living a successful life. When a person realizes his shortcomings and starts to improve, his life’s purpose becomes successful.


What is life is a caravan of sometime,
Who walks to get to an unknown destination

One right partner is needed all the way
Otherwise there is nothing left on the floor to repent

Childhood youth old age are some way in the way of life
One has to go through these stages to live

Just know that nothing happens by just walking
A right direction is necessary to get to the right destination

Floors also change over time
The paths have to change to reach these floors

Many companions keep getting, some even get separated
But it is forbidden to bring back the birds

                                                                                               WRITER –  MANISH

Updated: January 22, 2020 — 4:55 am

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