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 How Tik-Tok works and such earned money
Comedy in Kapil Sharma’s voice in the background and the face of the common man in front, which is speaking like Kapil or a dialogue of Shahrukh Khan’s film in the background and a common man acting on screen in front of Shahrukh Khan. If seen, shooting it full and then editing the video is a difficult and lengthy task that not everyone can do, but an Android application made this task very easy and made a place in the people and that application is Tik-Tok .

What is TIK-TOK and how does it work?

In this application, a common person makes their own small video clips and shares them with the logo. In this video, the photo is of a common person but the voice is of a celebrity like they can have a dialogue, a song. Or it can be a film scene. It is good that we cannot give our voice in this.

Popularity of TIK-TOK

Tik-Tok was launched by Chinese company “Byte Dance” in September 2016. In 2018, it spread very quickly among the people and in 2018 it became the most downloaded application in America. Its popularity can also be gauged from the fact that it has been downloaded more than 100 million times in India and according to a report in Economic Times, about 20 million Indians use this application every month.

Apart from this, in India itself, 8 million people have written its review on the Play Store and the surprising thing is that it is being used more in the villages and rural areas and even eight-ten-year-old children Tik- Using Tok very fun.

Name as well as Money
This free app on Google-Play store was created by Byte Dance Company of China and became famous worldwide. To use it, you have to install this app in your phone, choose your favorite scene or voice or comedy and lip-licking with the acting on that voice and share it with the logo as soon as the video is done.

Tik-Tok has entered the life of the people. Many people dream of acting or doing something so that it becomes popular in the people and their dream is fulfilling. He makes videos of different celebrities and people watch them, follow them and like them, along with those whose followers have become in million, he has started earning some money too.

How to get money from TIK-TOK

In such a situation, the company hires people from different places whose work is to make videos continuously. These are the people who know how to do a lot of comedy and also do acting. Overall, some people who have this kind of skill are kept and those people are also looking good.

Other junior artists who are struggling in their career right now or they have good followers on any other platform of social media, then the company takes advantage of this in their app and also pays for it.

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Apart from this, if someone has a million followers, then he can also promote a brand in his video, which can be a means of promotion of other company and from which money can be made.

If we talk about the earning of the user, then it depends on how many likes he gets, how many followers he has and how long he keeps the people busy.

What is the disadvantages of TIK-TOK – IS TIK TOK SAFE?

It is not at all good in Tik-Tok that there are some things which should not have been like; –

Tik-Tok is not for children over 13 years of age, but it does not appear to be. According to a data, children under 13 years of age are using it more.

There are only two options in the name of privacy on Tick Talk, either you can only watch the video or else everyone, whether they know you or not, does not matter. Anyone on the watch can see your video

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You cannot delete Tik-Tok account by yourself. You have to send a request to Tik Talk for that.

Adult content has increased significantly on Tick Talk, which is beginning to have a bad effect on children.

Reports have shown that Tik-Tok was banned by Indonesia in July 2018 as people started sharing pornographic content on it although it was later brought back with some new rules.

So friends, this is all the information related to tick talk, which you should know before using this app or while using it. How did you like this article, tell us through comments and do not forget to subscribe to us to read such interesting articles.

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Updated: January 26, 2020 — 5:58 am


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