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What is internet? Definition and benefits

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What is internet? Definition and Benefits!

The Internet has become the fundamental need of us humans. Without which, life cannot be imagined.

You are reading this article on a mobile phone or computer connected to the Internet. And I have been able to access this article to you only after getting internet facility.

Well, let’s get to the point. Given the usefulness of the Internet. Today, everyone is eager to know about it. And

What is Internet? Definition of internet. Who made the internet? Who owns the Internet? Who runs it? Google and other questions keep on searching.

Through this article, I am trying to answer all the questions asked above. If anything remains, do not understand or want to tell, do not forget to let me know through comments. 

What is Internet?

Internet is a web. Which is the world’s largest and busiest computer network. It is a modern system of information technology, which communicates through standard protocols of communication. Internet is called ‘Antarjal’ in Hindi.

If you put it simply, the Internet is the only connecting of computers in the world. When this network (Internet) is established, we become part of a huge network called Global Network and we can get any information available on any computer connected to this network.

Every computer connected to the Internet has a different identity. This special identity is called IP Address. IP Address is a unique set of mathematical numbers (eg that indicate the location of that computer.

The IP address is given a name by the Domain Name Server i.e. DNS which represents that IP Address. Like https://www.tutorialpandit.com is a Domain Name which is the name of a computer location. The domain name server is connected to an IP address.

How does internet work?

Now the question is, how do we connect with this huge web? What are the ways of working the Internet? How do computers connect to the internet?

The truth is that computers in the Internet are interconnected, and it is the same as our telephones are interconnected. We have to get an internet connection from ‘Internet Service Provider’ (Internet Service Provider) to connect our computer to the Internet.

Because ISPs are connected to the Internet. This gives us a way to connect to the Internet. When we get this connection, then we can connect our computer to the Internet.

This connection is accessed via cable or wireless to your computer. When we are connected to the Internet, this process is called ‘online’.

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Internet Uses

In its early days, the use of the Internet was limited only by scientists sharing research papers and other information to each other. But gradually the Internet continued to develop and new technology was added to it. Whose present form we see today. Modern Internet has become a part of our lifestyle. Almost all our daily tasks are being done sitting at home through internet.

At its inception the Internet was limited to sharing information only. However, the current Internet has spread its foot in almost every field. From medical to the purchase of daily use goods. Let us know some major areas of internet where internet is used.

1.To Communicate for Communication
We use the Internet the most to communicate with each other. We can send and receive messages to our loved ones at anytime and anywhere through the Internet. One way to send messages over the Internet is e-mail.

Apart from e-mail, through social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, Telegram, Instagram, etc., we can stay connected with our fans in real time and can see every activity of them with our eyes.

2. To Search – To Search Information
The internet was developed only because of it. Never before today was it easy to get information like this. But today we can get information from any corner of the world through internet and that too in few seconds.

We can take news of every corner of the world from home on our computers. Search Engines are used to search for information / information on the Internet.

3. For Entertainment – To Entertainment
Internet is used as a means of entertainment. The choice in entertainment is unlimited. Through this we can see and hear movies, songs, videos etc. Those who are fond of reading can read their favorite author. Apart from this, the world of entertainment video games is open to us all the time.

There are millions of entertainment channels on YouTube. On which daily comedy, poetry, romantic videos, film dialogues, videos, songs produced by native artists are being uploaded. You can get full entertainment at no charge.

If you are fond of making videos yourself, then for this you start your own YouTube channel and make videos and upload them. Likewise, videos can also be made on micro video platforms like Likee, TikTok.

4. For Shopping – To Shopping
This is called e-commerce. Through the Internet, the market can be viewed from home and your goods can be purchased. Through this, you can buy your goods from the choice of sitting at home, by looking at which items are there and which are not and there are many options of that goods together. Apart from this, information on popular fashion can also be collected.

Amazon, Flipkart, Snapdeal, Paytm Mall, Myntra, Walmort, Alibaba, eBay are some of the popular online shopping marketplaces.

5. In the field of education – In Education
This is called e-learning. This area is growing rapidly. Today, through the internet, we can choose the college, school we like for ourselves by sitting at home. Apart from this, in which college our course of choice is available and all information about that course, such as course fees, course duration etc., we can get this information on our computer.

Today the field of e-learning has developed a lot. We can read from the best teachers of the world sitting at home. And you can also take advantage of the convenience of studying by taking admission in the top universities of the world.

6. To Provide Governance – For e-Governance
The Digital India program is an effort in this direction. Under which there is an effort to make government facilities in digital form accessible to the general public.

As a result of this, we see today that most government services will start being available online. You can avail benefits from ration card, Aadhaar card to pension and social security schemes.

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Advantages of Internet

You must understand its importance by reading the use of internet. Because Internet has become a necessity today. And this need is felt due to the benefits we get from it. Which I am talking about below.

Through the internet, we are able to access various types of online services.
Important documents like Aadhar card, PAN card, ration card, voter ID card can be obtained online.
Through social media sites, you can stay connected and interact with your family, relatives, friends, Kaligas. Also, you can share photos, videos of weddings, birthday parties and any other events.
Small bills like electricity bill, electricity bill, train ticket, hotel booking, taxi booking etc. can be dealt only through your phone.

Work like taking admission in college, applying for competitive examinations, submitting scholarship forms can be dealt without going to the government office.

If you want to get information about a new topic, then the Internet is beating the library in this matter. On the go, you can find detailed information about any topic within minutes.

The Internet is a mash in terms of finding a new job. You can search and apply for millions of jobs in the blink of an eye.

This is just hallmark. Internet is an ocean of information. The farther and deeper you go. You will get unlimited stores of knowledge. So continue your search…

Disadvantages of Internet – Disadvantages of Internet

Everything has two sides. Similarly, human being has benefited from the development of Internet, so some of its disadvantages are also being revealed. Which are mentioned below.

Waste of Time – If you go astray on the internet, you will know for hours. And your precious time will be spent while surfing the internet. And today instead of spending time with friends, it is being spent looking at the waste on the Internet.

Not free – Internet has become a basic need. But to fulfill this need, you have to loose your pocket. Only then you will get internet connection. I think the internet should be free. What do you think about this? Please let me know by commenting.

Cyber ​​Threat – Internet is synonymous with freedom. Therefore, access to the resources above it is easy. The danger of cyber threats is always hovering over the Internet user in this accessibility cycle.

Loss of privacy – Today privacy is emerging as the biggest problem. People’s personal data is being stolen and sold. Which is very important to avoid. Because your personal data is your property while online.

Virus attack – A virus is used to take control of your computer, mobile phone and other Internet-enabled devices. Which is not possible for a common user to avoid.

Burglary in credit / Debit card – If you do online shopping then you must use credit card or debit card for making payment. But, hackers can steal their information and empty our bank account in seconds.

Lack of credibility – Anyone can share their information on the Internet. And it is easy to become a star overnight by creating videos and uploading them to YouTube. However, this is where freedom and accessibility is making the Internet a garbage dump. Hence the lack of credibility hits the internet and not every internet source can be trusted.

Diversity but not access – Internet is providing a common platform to people all over the world. Therefore, a repository of information has become available in every region and language. But the tools (search engines) that access this information are controlling people’s thinking and are trying to make their own information and personal information available to them. This is true to an extent, but there is a quiet threat to the creativity of us humans.

Some Common Internet Questions and Answers

Question # 1 – Define the Internet – Internet Definition in Hindi
The Internet, also called simply ‘net’, is a global wide area network of interconnected computers around the world. Which provides the facility of communication between computers connected to this network.

If the above definition is said in simple terms, then the computer connected to each other is the foundation of the Internet. Those who are able to communicate with each other.

During this time, data sharing and resource sharing are also done among themselves. Such as file downloading, file uploading etc.

Question # 2 – Who owns the Internet?

The owner of the Internet is not a single person, institution, company. Nor is this large network controlled by the government of any country or state.

If you are thinking that the owner of the Internet is Bill Gates. Or even if Mark Zuckerberg is wrong. Google’s owner Larry Page and Sergey Brin also have not made internet.

Then who has created the Internet?
The answer is: Internet is not the property of any one and cannot be. Whereas it is a combination of many techniques. Which are controlled by different companies, institutions, individuals.

Updated: February 2, 2020 — 12:18 pm

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