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What is Digital Marketing?

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What is Digital Marketing ? (Full Tutorial )…..

Every day’s work is being digitized. That is why internet has joined our need. On which we have depended a lot of work of humans.

According to a report, around 5 billion (ie 5 billion) people were using the internet till 2019. From India alone, more than 60 crore Internet users were involved in them.

Today, the use of Google is not just limited to finding information, Facebook is not just a means of sharing photos or chatting, YouTube is not just a platform to watch and upload videos. Rather, people are using the Internet a lot to market their business and sell products.

Now you must be thinking that how can we market our business online? How to sell your goods online?

So this particular article is going to answer these questions today. Because today you will know what is digital marketing? How to do online marketing? And how can you do business marketing at a very low cost, which will give you more benefit from offline marketing.

What is Digital Marketing –
Digital marketing is the marketing of your business, products and services through digital channels. This website, social media, mobile app, search engine, TV, radio, telephone etc. can be done through electronic channels.

If you put it in simple words.

When we market any of our products or services online or through the Internet, this process is called digital marketing.

But, by this definition, the scope of digital marketing is limited to the Internet only. Digital marketing is a big field in which internet marketing is only a way to do it.

Therefore, we will study some popular definitions below. So that the concept of digital marketing becomes clear.

According to Wikipedia

“Digital marketing is the marketing of its products and services on the Internet using digital technology through mobile phone apps, display advertising and other digital mediums. Digital marketing channels are Internet-based systems that can create, enhance and transmit the value of products through digital networks from manufacturer to consumer terminal. ”

Honorable Neil Patel (NeilPatel.com), a world-renowned digital marketer, has defined digital marketing as something like this,

“Marketing your products and services in any form that involves electronic devices is digital marketing.”

We can understand digital marketing more clearly through this real life example (reference). And can you know what is the importance of digital marketing?

We have a business, ie we have a product like; Sell ​​clothes, utensils, shoes etc. Or we give some service like; Transport. To make profit from this business, we need more and more people to know about our business so that they buy our products and take our service.


Now in today’s time marketing can be done in two ways. There is a method of offline marketing which is called traditional marketing. It means making big banners of your products and putting them in public places, street plays, distributing pamphlets, advertising through newspapers and other print media etc.

But, the other way is called digital marketing. Which is more affordable, more profitable and gives simple and accurate results.

That’s why there is a brand of digital marketing. And every small business (M.S.M.E) to big corporate have understood its utility and tried it hand-in-hand. This is the reason why every business name is giving a presence on the internet in the form of dot com.

Well, we continue our talk. Submits this website or online profile on every platform. People come on The famous proverb of democracy, with which the public gets its work, fits right into the online world.

That’s why Google search, Bing, YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn have emerged as new areas of selling products. And the manufacturers and service sellers advertise vigorously on these platforms.

Because these tools help in reaching the customer even for free. Talking about Google alone, crores of people use this search engine king every day to find information of their choice from the Internet. If your product or service helps the user in solving any problem, then you can reach the prospective customer through a blog.

You can do this by publishing posts related to your product or service on Facebook and Instagram. You can reach users by tweeting your words in less words on Twitter. Our every effort is to increase our reach to more and more people through these platforms. For which we make every effort available. These efforts become digital marketing.

So this whole concept is about digital marketing. Now people are using more and more internet. Rather, spending most of their time online. That’s why the demand for digital marketing more than offline marketing is increasing day by day and will increase even more in the coming time.

Digital Marketing and Online Marketing Misconceptions

A misunderstanding is very famous in the world of digital marketing. Which you will also be familiar with. However, it would never have been noticed.

Because a theory of marketing says that if a lie is promoted repeatedly, it becomes true. And you too are a victim of this truth. But, you are innocent.

Therefore, it is necessary to cover the curtain with this lie and it is our duty to make known it truthfully.

We are talking about online marketing which has been synonymous with digital marketing. And the two words are being used indiscriminately as a complement to each other.

However, there is a deep and subtle difference hidden in these two terms. Which every digital marketing students should understand as soon as possible. Otherwise, this habit will be formed later. It will be difficult to get rid of it once it becomes a habit.

To understand online marketing, let’s first study its definition.

Definition of Online Marketing

“Marketing your products and services through digital channels on the Internet is called online marketing. Which includes blogs, search engine marketing, content marketing, app marketing etc. “

It is clear from studying this definition that online marketing is limited to the Internet only.

At the same time, digital marketing is a large term in which online marketing is only a main marketing channel in electronic channels.

Different Types of Digital Marketing

When it comes to market business online, the first consideration comes from digital marketing. Because now it takes more time and money to advertise business in the traditional way. Therefore, priority has been given to digital marketing.

Here is one thing to keep in mind that on which medium and platform do we want to do online marketing of business? What will be our digital marketing strategy?

To understand this, first we have to know the different types of digital marketing channels. These different channels are different types of digital marketing.

1. Create a Website
First of all, we need a website to market online business. That is why you sell or offer a product. So definitely make a website related to it. Only then money can be earned online.

Set up a blog on the website and try to solve the most asked questions of users related to your product or service through a blog post. When a user google this problem, then your content will come in search results. Through which the user will be familiar with your product, then it can be made a customer by re-targeting.

Blogging is the cheapest and popular method of digital marketing. Which is used by Google itself as well as professional marketers.

If you do not know how to create your own website, you can see our guide on how to make your own free website. In which we have taught how to make website in step by step manner.

Now the question comes, do we bring the top ranking in the search engine? So the answer to this question is hidden in our next digital channel.

2 Search Engine Optimization
If you want to come to the first page of Google, then you will have to learn SEO i.e. search engine optimization. Let me know for your information. Search engines optimization is the technique used to come to the top page in search engine results.

It is also a free digital marketing channel. Through which you can reach millions of potential customers for free. You should just do SEO.

SEO is a game of patience and you do not get instant results. Therefore, not everyone falls into this mess. And the elder brothers of search engine optimization promote their business by resorting to search engine marketing.

3 Search Engine Marketing
Whenever we search anything on Google, we get the first result of an ad. If our day is right then only this number can reach 3.

Googles always want to deliver the best, relative content for their users. But, when Ed’s first result comes, everyone’s suspicion turns into a belief that everyone is a game of money.

Have you ever thought that it comes from Ed? Why does Google place them on the first page?

The answer is money. Yes. Google’s Edward Tool performs this game, which is a Google search support tool. Which gives the first result of the advertisement in search results after taking money.

The same work can also be done by other search engines like Bing, Yahoo. In this game we mean to do and get the work done, part of search engine marketing.

Google is the Google AdWords platform for search engine marketing. Through which a digital ad campaign of product and service can be run on Google search, YouTube, Gmail and other Google products.

Reach can be made on Bing search engine and Yahoo search engine using Bing Ads tool for Bing and Yahoo. These platforms work on PPC – Pay Per Click Advertising Model.

4 Social Media Marketing
Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn have become the new means of communicating. The days of reconciliation on the streets and squares have been completed. Now the meetings are online only.

All the names written above are collectively called social media. Which businesses are using to generate their brand awareness and leads.

Because the number of Facebook users alone is third in terms of population after China and India. Therefore, it is difficult for any business to ignore such a large number.

Facebook profile, Facebook group and Facebook page are the tools through which any business can do business to reach its potential customers.

You can present your product to your targeted audience through Facebook Aids at a very low price. Because Facebook as well as Facebook Messenger, your ad campaign runs on Instagram.

You can do the same thing on Twitter and also on LinkedIn. Both these platforms are used by the people. Therefore, for service-based businesses, the best tool to reach the audience available on these social media platforms will not be found anywhere other than these two.

But, one question still remains incomplete, what is this social media marketing?

Social media marketing is the marketing of business on these platforms using the add tools of social media platforms.

Actually, all social media platforms have different tools. Through which users interact with each other and share their views. In order to reach these ideas and posts quickly and to more people, these platforms have an ad tool which can be used to create and capture leads.

5 Email Marketing
There is a saying on the Internet that “Money in the list” means money is in the list.

Now you must be wondering which list?

So read carefully and tie one thing that e-mail marketing is the oldest and popular way to earn online profit.

The traffic you are sending through SEO from Google and other search engines. All that traffic is useless if you are not holding it.

That means you have to generate leads from visitors from search engines. For which you can offer lead magnets (e-book, mini course, checklist etc.). In return, visitors give you their email address.

The lead you captured. You can do this by sending an email and then selling it by offering your product or service.

This method has been tried and proved to be true. So never ignore e-mail marketing in digital marketing.

6 Affiliate marketing
If you do not have your own product. So you can offer products from other brands to your email subscribers.

In this way, you get a fix commission of the cell that is there. The remaining Profit Producer keeps it with him.

That is, you work as a broker. Which is also called as middleman.

You can do this work by website and email. If you have more fan following then you can earn a profit by marketing influencers.

Affiliate marketing is the main source of income of most bloggers. Therefore, you too must use this effective method.

7 Content Marketing
Content marketing is the salesman selling your product in your absence.

You read it right

The whole game in digital marketing is content only. One word of yours can turn a potential customer into a customer.

Copy-writing, product review, product sales copy, sales page, landing page etc. work is an important part of content marketing.

You do not exist on the product page yourself. Rather your content is talking to the potential customer. Everyone is answering his questions. Successful attempts are made to convert his suspicions into confidence.

And finally convinces him that this product is made only for him. And you get an order.

You do the work of making blog posts, videos and making them aware through content. After this, it is taken to the sales page and left. The remaining work copies the product.

8 Television Marketing
While watching your favorite Shaw on television, you must have been angry as soon as the break came. Because nobody likes to watch Ed.

But, this is the main source of revenue for the ad television channel. That’s why they show it even without wanting it.

Television is also a channel of digital marketing. Which is still being used a lot. Here, video content is the main means of marketing.

9 Radio Marketing
Digital marketing started with the first message sent on radio. Therefore, its importance still remains.

But now its form is changing. And has taken a new form of podcast.

Podcast marketing is becoming a new emerging field. The growth is going to increase in the coming time.

10 Telephone Marketing
Before taking calls, telephone marketing through SMS and MMS has been tried for years.

Apart from this, sales call is also a form of this. In this way, the telephone is also not untouched by digital marketing.

Difference between Digital Marketing and Offline Marketing

  • Digital marketing costs less than offline marketing.
  • Its results can be measured directly. Which is not possible in offline marketing.
  • Possible to track Ed campaign. Which cannot be done in offline marketing.
  • If you are not getting the desired results from the campaign, then it can be stopped immediately. However, it is difficult to do this in offline marketing.
  • More reach is possible in less time with digital marketing. Whereas, it takes a lot of time and money to get such a reach in offline marketing. Therefore similar results cannot be obtained.
  • Less investment brings more profit. Which is difficult in offline marketing.
  • Possible to compare A / B Test by running more than one campaign. But, this cannot be done offline.
  • Any single person can run his digital campaign. but. For offline marketing, he has to depend on other people.
  • The ease and ease of digital marketing makes it different from offline marketing. That’s why today it has become a necessity of every business.

Why Digital Marketing is Better –

Things change over time. And the seasons also change three times in a year.

So change is the law of nature.

The one that lasts over time will last…

The sooner business will understand this rule, the easier it will be for them to stay in the market. Otherwise they will disappear like a horn from the donkey’s head in a digital storm.

Today the number of smartphone users is increasing day by day. The time spent by an average user on screen is also increasing.

This is why Facebook and Google earn more profit than other marketing firms. Because they have more people.

If you also want to try digital marketing, then first know what it can do for you. And will it be right for you to adopt it or not?

1 targeted people to show your product
What you add through TV, banner, newspaper. Is it necessary for the user all the time? This is not possible. Or your ad has gone to the right user. It is not possible to know this either.

But, the ads run by Facebook ad, Google ad etc. It is 100 percent targeted. That is, only those people who will be interested in your product.

The advantage of this is that you are spending money only and only on the target group. As a result, returns on investment are higher.

2 – You can show your product anytime, anywhere
By putting a banner of one of your products, you got it installed at the crossroads. And have been satisfied that every person going to and from the intersection will see it at all times.

You are wrong

Because it is not necessary that every human eye will fall on your banner. And even if he sees it, he will stop and read it.

But, if you do this work through digital marketing, then your Ed Shaw rate will always be higher. And the watcher also reads it.

Apart from this, you can advertise your product all over the world. You do not need to be limited in your area.

You can show your product in any corner of the world by taking advantage of globalization through internet and smartphones.

3 – Low investment and 10 times more profit
Compared to digital marketing, offline marketing costs a lot. And there is very little return on investment.

However, in digital marketing, your expenses are very less compared to print and other traditional marketing. And the gain is more.

4- Can be re-marketed
Through digital marketing, you can target visitors till they become customers.

Suppose a visitor came to your website and saw the product too, but it went without purchase. Or he could not find the product he was looking for.

You can target this visitor even after leaving your site. And even when visiting other sites, he can show his ads.

If he is on YouTube, then YouTube is on Ed, Facebook and Instagram, then it is possible to target him through Facebook AIDS.

5- Expand and use the Internet
There is no need to tell how fast the internet is growing today. And how easily it is reaching people.

People are spending more time on the Internet. That’s why businessmen are compelled to sell their products there too.

For example, the healer implements the crowded areas. Similarly, businesses are also getting attracted towards the digital crowd.

For this reason, people are moving towards smart phones, except TV and radio. Hotstar, Netflix has come in place of TV. And changing podcasts to podcasts.

Therefore, traditional businesses also need to upgrade themselves. So that they too can take advantage of the Internet.

How to learn Digital Marketing

Now the question is how do we do digital marketing?

So the answer is we need to learn digital marketing. Only then we will be able to take advantage of this for our business.

Now you will ask again how to learn digital marketing? Where can we learn digital marketing? Without anything…

The answers to all these questions are being given below. You will be told here. How can you learn digital marketing? In how many ways can we learn? Will the PAD Digital course be correct or will the free digital marketing courses work?

Take 1 online digital marketing course
Online courses are the best way to learn digital marketing. Because it is delivered to you digitally. So you get first hand experience. And you can understand how work is done in the digital world.

Online courses cost you a lot compared to offline digital marketing training. And they can be accessed anytime, anywhere. Because you attend their class only on the mobile phone.

Where to do course – You can do online digital marketing course from online education portal. Udemy, Coursera These two big names are popular in the region. With this, you can also take training of digital marketing on DigitalVidya.com and DigitalDeepak.com.

Benefits – Online course cheap, 24 hours available, life-time access free, and coaching is provided by professional digital marketers.

Disadvantages – Not valid in every institution, no direct contact with the trainer, certification problem.

Our opinion – We will say that you should enroll in online digital marketing course. But, first identify your need and only then take a decision. If you are a working professional, then there is no better way than online digital marketing training. Even if you are a student, you do not hold back in trying these courses with offline training.

Buy 2 digital marketing books
There is a popular belief about books that they contain theoretical things. They do not get practical knowledge. Therefore, reading books is useless.

But, we will say that you should get theoretical knowledge first. After this, attention should be given to practical knowledge.

Where to buy – You can go to the market and find books. If you feel lethargic, then you can buy the best digital marketing books from Amazon and Flipkart. Here you will find the books of the best digital marketers around the world.

Work tip – Before buying a book, read the Book Customer Review and Ratings.

3 join internship programs
If you want to learn practical knowledge along with theoretical knowledge simultaneously. So join an internship program in a college or digital marketing agency.

Here you will be taught digital marketing training along with some steppands. You will negotiate yourself with clients. And for them, according to their business, they will plan digital marketing strategy for them and run the campaign.

The work done here will play an important role in getting you digital marketing jobs. Therefore, if you get a chance to do internship somewhere, then do not back down from hitting the four.

Where to Join – Internship programs you will find in Digital Marketing Agency. So go to the agencies around your area and find out for yourself or check the career section of their website.

Apart from this, you can get information about internship programs across India by going to internshala.com. The first-of-its-kind digital internship program is also run by Pixel Track Digital Marketing Agency. Which is being coached by Honorable Digital Marketer Digital Deepak (Deepak Kanakraju).

4 Do Certificate or Diploma Course
If you like the way of doing traditional studies and still believe. So you can take admission in digital marketing course offered by any college or university.

Right now, such courses are not very popular. Therefore, university courses are more expensive. Therefore, it would be better if you take admission in any digital marketing certificate course or diploma course thoughtfully.

Before taking admission, keep the following things in mind; –

Before taking admission, go to the University Grant Commission website and read the list of fake universities once. If you get the name of university in it, then do not take admission.
After this, check the placement record too.
Download the syllabus and check if it is updated as per the need of the day. Because the digital world turns into a click.
If the college staff has a chance to check the knowledge, try it first.

Watch 5 youtube videos
Today, learning from YouTube, self learning students are getting ready. Indian bloggers are one such example.

However, how many bloggers have become professional bloggers from here. We do not have the answer.

Therefore, if you are giving importance to YouTube learning, then get a good idea about its source first. If the source seems authentic then only use the information being told. Otherwise you can cheat a lot.

Career in Digital Marketing –

Digital marketing is an emerging sector. Therefore, there is a golden opportunity for students to make a career in this field.

Today everyone wants to register their presence online. However, not everyone will do this work. Therefore, they will need professional digital marketers.

Right now there is a shortage of professional marketers according to the need. It will take time to fill this gap. Till then you can prepare yourself for this job by learning digital marketing skills.

Required Skill – For a digital marketing job, you have to bring your marketing skills into practice. Only then you can become a successful digital marketer. You are ready to do this job by learning different digital marketing skills and becoming a master of one skill.

like; If you like to write, then you can become a specialist by taking training of content marketing and keep basic knowledge of other digital marketing skills like SEO, Email marketing.

Always keep in mind one thing. All channels of digital marketing are inter-related. So do not underestimate anyone. All have equal importance in their place.

Along with this the demand for low marketing skills remains in this career.

Knowledge of analytics
Ability to read data
If English is better then mother tongue should be held
Decision making ability
Understanding of public speaking and office manners
What Package Will A Digital Marketer Get? This question comes in everyone’s mind. And to know the answer, they also do Google.

If we talk about India, the answer cannot be given clearly. Even then in the beginning you can get 10,000 rupees. That is, the initial packages start from 1 lakh. And maximum of this salary starts getting every month at the place of year. Therefore, you can make a good career as a digital marketer. Your digital marketing skills will determine your salary. The more powerful and accurate you are able to market yourself, the more opportunities to get salary.

What work will be done – it depends. On your digital marketing skills and employer needs. The job of a digital marketer is not just to run ads. He also has to do many other tasks. So keep yourself ready for the office lifestyle too.

Apart from being a digital marketer, you can do many other things by learning digital marketing. Instance,

  • Digital Marketing Manager
  • Social media manager
  • Search engine expert
  • Content writer
  • Blog writer
  • Blog manager
  • Do digital coaching
  • Start a digital marketing agency
  • Publish book
  • Provide consultancy service
  • Do freelancing

Apart from the above mentioned works, by starting blogging, you can also earn money from Google Adsense and affiliate marketing. Also you can earn money by making YouTube channel.

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