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What is Hacking? Full information

What is Hacking?, What is Hacking? Full information, What are the Advantages & Disadvantages of Hacking? ,     Malicious Hacking, Ethical Hacking, White Hat Hacker, Black Hat Hacker, Gray hat hacker

What are the Advantages & Disadvantages of Hacking?

The use of computers and technology is increasing rapidly in the modern era. Due to which almost everything has gone digital. You can also buy cow dung online.

The faster we are getting used to technology. Cyber crime (a crime committed through online activities) is also increasing at the same speed.

These cyber crime takes place – Hacking.

Today, our computer is not safe even from Hacking. Therefore, it is important to have knowledge about hacking.

What is Hacking?

To say directly, they are a technology threat.
When someone finds a weakness in your System Function (computer, network, server etc.) for some purpose or modifies the system according to itself, steals, destroys or changes the data, this process is called hacking is.

The person who does this technical manipulation is called a hacker.

Hackers try to break into your computer or network in various ways. In these hacking techniques

  • Password detection
  • Knowing a technical flaw in the server or network
  • Collecting data through different types of websites
  • Stealing computer information and destroying data by creating bad and useful software
  • Monitoring the words you type is called Key Logging.

Hacking is a negative word. And it makes sense of some wrong thing. This is also true. Because most hacking is done for the wrong purpose. But there is another aspect to it.

Which we are talking about below.

Different Types of Hacking —

  • Malicious Hacking
  • Ethical Hacking

Ethical Hacking is a hacking that is done intentionally for some right purpose. This hacking is also known as White Hat and Network Penetration Tester etc.

In this type of hacking, people look for potential and existing deficiencies in networks, servers and public information systems, data centers etc. When a deficiency is found by hackers, that deficiency is called a bug.

In the ethical hacking, no data is stolen. Neither destroyed nor changed.

Ethical Hacking is completely legal and is done to protect people from potential threats. And if there is a bug present, it can be removed.

Malicious Hacking

The hacking, which is done for any wrong purpose and its method is illegal, is called Malicious Hacking.

In this type of hacking, your data can be stolen, it can be destroyed. Or it can also be used incorrectly.

Hacking your email account, hacking Facebook account, stealing bank account information, withdrawing money, capturing and misusing your account, etc. are all involved in Malicious Hacking.

But its biggest loss is to the government and companies. Because they have many types of information of millions of people saved. There are big fish in this pond. Hackers hack their data centers, servers, networks more.


And target the websites and data of security agencies, police, stock market, stock exchange, nuclear center, space research center, etc.

Till now we were talking about Sif Hankig. Come, now let’s also talk about those who do this work. And know who are these people who do such wrong things.

What is Hacker Called ?

In simple words, people who do hacking are called hackers.

And as defined in technical language, people who authorize or unauthorized access to our computers or other computers, websites, servers, networks, or cause any kind of harm to it, are called hackers.

They have complete information about their area. And there are professionals related to computers, hardware, networking, programming.

Every hacker does his work for some specific purpose. Therefore, their work can be both legal and illegal. And the group of hackers is divided into three sections based on the work purpose.

Types of Hacker ?

  • White Hat Hacker
  • Black Hat Hacker
  • Gray hat hacker

White Hat Hacker

Certified Hackers are called White Hat Hackers. They carry out their work within the legal framework with permission. Their purpose is not to do any kind of harm.

These hackers detect and remove bugs in the system. And strengthen the database to protect against potential threats.

Their main objective is to find and overcome Loopholes.

Black Hat Hacker

Those hackers who find faults in your system or other persons’ systems without permission and misuse them. These hackers may or may not be certified.

They do all these tasks only for their own benefit. And by stealing the data of others, they also blackmail them. They take wrong advantage of their knowledge.

Their main purpose is to find a loophole in the system so that they can somehow access the data present in this system and use it for their own benefit.

Gray Hat Hacker

These hackers have the qualities of both types of hackers. Hence they have been called Gray Hat Hacker.

These hackers detect the loopholes present in the system and also remove them, hence they are also called White Hat Hacker. And when they use the data in that system for their personal selfishness through these shortcomings, then they are counted in the category of Black Hat Hacker.

They deliberately create such loopholes in that system so that they can use them for their own benefit. And blackmails their bosses and asks them to face them and make money.

Both types of features are found in this type of hackers. Hence they are called Gray Hat Hacker.

Ethical Hacking Advantages and Disadvantages –

Ethical hacking has its advantages and disadvantages. And this depends on the intention of the hacker for what purpose he is doing hacking. Here we are telling about some of the advantages and disadvantages of hacking.

Advantages –

  • With the help of Ethical Hacking, the potential threats to CBI, Police, Stock Exchange, Nuclear Center, Space Research Center, and minor shortcomings in their network, data center, system can be detected. And in time, the danger from them can be avoided.
  • Prevention of cybercrime is possible.
  • Bugs can be fixed by looking for deficiencies in a system.
  • And your system can be protected from Black Hat Hackers.

Disadvantages – Disadvantages

  • Black Hat Hackers are created with the help of Ethical Hacking. Who hack the database in an unauthorized way.
  • These banks can cause huge financial loss by accessing the database.
  • They can steal the data for their personal interests and take advantage of it in many ways.

Top 10 Ethical Hackers Name

  • Pinkie Pie
  • Jordan Wiens
  • Neel mehta
  • SanwayVed
  • James forshaw
  • Joanna rutkowska
  • Joe stewart
  • Mark maiffret
  • Sherri sparks
  • Charlie miller

Top 10 Black Hat Hackers Name

  • Robert Tappan Morris
  • Michael calce
  • Albert gonzalez
  • Kevin poulsen
  • George hotz
  • Kevin mitnick
  • Michael Cacle (Mafia Boy)
  • Adrian lamo
  • Vladimir levin
  • Mathew Bevan and Richrad Pryce

What have you learned?

In this article, we have given you complete information about Hacking. Did you know what Hacking is? What is hacking? You have also known about the advantages and disadvantages of Hacking.

We hope that this article will prove useful for you. And by sharing this article with your friends, they should also convey the information of Hacking.

Updated: February 9, 2020 — 8:38 am


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