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Navratri Time

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Important things for diabetics in Navratri Time

Navaratri fast has religious significance as well, it also has scientific significance which is very beneficial in terms of health. The methodical havan done at home during Navratras is also very beneficial for health. Havan brings spiritual peace, purifies the atmosphere and at the same time positive forces are destroyed by the destruction of negative forces. But diabetic patients fast many times but later they have to face difficulties, then let us know for diabetic patients, things to keep in mind during Navratri Time-

How about food and food during the fast?
Diet in fasting should be such that it gives energy immediately and also keeps calories under control. Those who keep a full nine-day fast in Navratri Time, take small amounts and regular diet, so that the energy level in the body will be balanced and the body will not suffer from weakness till evening.

If a person is diabetic, he should avoid eating more sweet fruits, potatoes, sweets etc. Actually, all these things are high in sugar. And at the same time, they should not stay hungry as the amount of glucose in the body also causes problems. They should take small amounts of light diet several times a day. During fasting, instead of water chestnut flour or sago, take gourd, pumpkin, fruits etc. so that their sugar level does not increase.

Generally people have a belief that during fasting days a lot of energy is needed, so they eat very fried dishes and sweet. While fasting fried things in ghee-oil, like potato tikis, kuttu or sago pakoras, etc., increase fat and glucose in the body. Therefore, look for other healthy options before breaking down on fried food. During fasting, the intake of tea, coffee increases considerably. Control it

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What should diabetes patients eat?

  • Take diabetic high fiber and high protein diet.
  • The food should be low-fat and low-carbohydrate.
  • Avoid sweet and rock salt.
  • Do not eat potato, banana, pomegranate and chiku at all.
  • Use toned milk without sugar.
  • Take Kattu flour chapatti for meals.
  • Use sago instead of potato.

To eliminate the possibility of dehydration, especially people with diabetes, in which blood sugar levels are increased, the risk of water loss in the body is much higher, during the fast, water or other beverages like lemon water, Coconut water, milk and buttermilk should be used more. If a person’s diabetes is very high, then that person must consult a doctor before and in between, and at least diabetes checkup should be done at least once.

Know some things to do and not to do in Navratri Time –

Navratri Time
Navratri Time

Navratri Time starts on Pratipada date of Shukla Paksha. Be it Chaitra Navaratri or Shardiya Navaratri, the worship of Maa Bhagwati continues for nine days. People keep a fast with the expectation of fulfilling their wishes from the mother. Awaken Mother during the night. The festival of Navratri festival is seen in different ways in every part of the country. While Mother Bhagwati is worshiped with full adornment in temples in North India, while garba is organized in Gujarat and Maharashtra, the Durgotsav celebrated in Bengal spreads a bit differently. In the temples of the mother, especially Mata Vaishno Devi in ‚Äč‚ÄčKatra, Jammu, there is a flow of devotees in Navratri. But knowingly, there are some such mistakes which should be avoided. Let us tell you what precautions you should take during Navratri Time.

What to do in Navratri Time

1. Visit the temple daily

Every day in Navratri, a person should go to the temple of Mother Ji, meditate on Mother and pray for the happiness of her and her family.

2. Offering Water to the Goddess

The scriptures tell us that if clean water is offered daily to the mother in the Navratras, then the mother becomes happy with this work.

3. Stay barefoot and use clean clothes

If you are at home and do not want to go out, then you should stay barefoot in terms of cleanliness. Also, clean and pure clothes should be used by a person.

4. Fasting for nine days

Today, science has also started to believe that if a person fasts, the body gets cleansed by this work. On the other hand, fasting is also said to be very important from the point of view of devotion. In Kalyug, fasting is a kind of austerity.

5. Special makeup of Goddess for nine days

In Navaratri, a person should do special adornment of Goddess Mother for nine days. In Shringar, Mata ji is adorned with cholas, garlands of flowers, necklaces and new clothes.

6. Special poojas and girl meals on Ashtami

On the eighth day of Mata ji, special puja of Mata ji is organized and it is said to be auspicious. If the help of a Brahmin is sought for this puja, it is good and if there is no Brahmin, then one should recite the Mother Source and the meditation.

7. Burning Mother’s Unbroken Light
In Navaratre, if the unbroken light of the mother is lit with the ghee of the native cow, then it is very pleasing to the mother. But if there is no cow’s ghee, then it must be lit from the other ghee at the place of unbroken light worship of mother.

8. Follow Brahmacharya Fast

In Navratri, one thing should be kept in mind that if you are fasting or not, then every person should observe Brahmacharya fast during these nine days.

What precautions should be taken during Navratri. To get its detailed information, take guidance from the best astrologers of India on astrogyes.

What not to do during Navratri Time

1. Do not blow or shower

Even if a person is not fasting at home, the food prepared for him should be satvik. Do not use blower at home for nine days.

2. Do not use garlic-onion

Garlic and onion should not be used indoors during nine nights.

3. Keep the beard, nails and hair cut off for nine days

In Navratri Time, one should not get a beard, nails and haircut. The scriptures have clearly denied this work in the Navratri Time.

4. Do not use meat and alcohol

During the nine days of devotion to the mother, man should not use meat and alcohol.

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