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Google Play Store

What is Google Play Store and information about downloading apps games from it

Google Play Store you will find in every Android device. Because, the Play Store app comes pre-installed in these devices. Which is used to download apps and games.

But, most smartphone users do not know what is the Play Store? How to download apps and games from play store? What is a Play Store account and how do you create it?

If you too fall in this category then today is a good day for you. Because, in this article, I am going to answer all the questions asked above about the Google Play Store.

Together I will share some fun and interesting facts about the Play Store with you. For your convenience, I have divided this play store guide into the following parts.

What is Google Play Store?

The Google Play Store is an official digital media marketplace for the Android operating system, launched in 2012 by Google. It was earlier known as Android Market. Today, in addition to Android apps and games, it is distributing Play Movies and TV Shaw, Play Books, Play Music and Google devices worldwide.

An online shop has been made available to Android users as a Play Store app. From where users can download the necessary apps and games for their smartphones, tablets, smart TVs and other Android supporting devices.

Due to this facility, the apps and games of their need are available securely at one place. They do not have to waste the stupidity and time of searching for pearls from the internet.

In addition, books are also available in addition to favorite music ie music albums, TV shows and movies. In this way the play store sells all the digital goods a user needs. And takes care of his entertainment from knowledge to growth.

What you will find on Play Store – All Products Offered by Google Play Store
You can call the play store a digital mall. Where one gets almost everything needed for a smartphone.

Apart from Android games, you can download books, songs, movies, etc. More information about them is being given below category wise.

Android Apps

This is the main product of the Play Store. For which this digital store has been developed. Many lakh free and premium Android apps have been made available for you here.

Now you might be wondering how many apps are there in the play store?

Your thinking is correct. And the question is also valid. Everyone comes to mind that how many apps the Google Play Store offers.

According to Statista, a total of 2.9 million apps were available to download in the Play Store by the end of December, 2019. That is, about 30 lakh Android apps were available till the end of 2019. Whose numbers have increased now.

These apps are divided into several categories. So that the users do not have difficulty in finding the app they like. At the moment, you can find apps in the following categories.

Google Play Store All App Categories Name:

Auto & Vehicles
Art & Design
Books & Reference
Food & Drink
Google Cast
Health & Home
Libraries & Demo
Maps & Navigation
Music & Audio
News & Magazines
Travel & Local
Video Players & Editors
Wear OS by Google

A part from these categories, Google Play Store also shows users by dividing these apps according to different labels. So that it can be found on finding the necessary apps.

For You – Here your search history, apps are shown according to the already existing apps.

Top Charts – Here you get the most downloaded Android apps. That is, there is a lot of trending apps here. If you do not have a new app and cannot remember its name, then come here and find that app.

Categories – Can search apps by category.

Editor’s Choice – This tab includes apps from Play Store Editors’ Picks.

Family – Some apps have been developed keeping in mind family safety and children. If you need an app to monitor children, then that app will be found here.

Early Access – This label has been added to help developers. Here the access to the beta version of the apps is given. If you want to test an app before public launch. So you can do this work by joining Play Store’s Early Access program.

Android Games

The name of the game comes after Android Apps. Which is the first choice of smartphone users.

You must have heard the names of popular games like PUBG, Candy Crush, Pokemon Go etc. Must have been playing more.

All these games have been developed for Android users only. And has been made available in the free play store.

You can resort to Games Categories to find the game you like. In the Google Play Store, you can find games in the following categories.

Role Playing

According to the app label, the games store is also divided into labels. Which are discussed below.

For You – Here, games are suggested by the play store based on your search history, installed games. This label is selected by By Default. Therefore, first of all you see games of this label.

Top Charts – Popular and trending games exist under this label.

Premium – If you are bored of playing free games. So go here to play premium games. Here you will find premium games of all categories.

Categories – Here you can sort by category.

Family – Educational games for children, recreational games are listed under this label.

Editor’s Choice – Under this label, you will find games selected by the Editorial Board of the Play Store.


If you are fond of listening to songs, then play music can add to your passion. Because, you can search all kinds of music here. And by creating your own music library, you can add songs of your choice to it.

Music from Indian music to the world is made available in the Play Store. Which you can sort and use according to Genres, New Releases, Top Albums, Top Songs.

If you like the songs of Neha Kakkar, you can search and listen to the songs of Neha Kakkar.

Keep in mind that music purchased from the Play Store can only be heard through Google Play Music. Therefore, this app must also be installed in your Android device.

Movies & TV Shows

Play Store service is not over yet. Because entertainment is not limited to just music. There is a lot of detail beyond this.

Realizing this need, Google also provides its users with Hollywood movies, Bollywood films, TV serials.

You can browse these digital movies according to Top Selling, New Releases, Genres and Film Studios.

The special thing about movies in the play store is that it is also available on rent. That is, for a limited time, you can watch your favorite movie by renting it for a limited price.

All the movies and TV shows purchased from here can be accessed through Google Play Movies & TV app.

eBooks & Audio books

The play store has also made complete arrangements for the reading enthusiasts. And has made a complete collection of digital books available for them.

Yes. If you are also accustomed to reading books, then play books can prove very useful for you. You can also study while doing gym, walking or going to college.

Now you must be thinking how to read while walking.

So you do not have to read yourself. Just listen with ears. Because, most books have been narrated and converted into audio books.

You can purchase Play Books from the Play Store. Those who have to download Google Play Books app to read and listen (it is necessary to write). Only then you can read and listen to books.

You can sort these books by eBooks, Audio books, Comics, Top Selling and New Releases labels. And you can enjoy finding and reading books by going to Top Free.

Apart from this, these e-books can also be searched by category. Books in the following categories are currently available on the Play Store.

Business & Investing
Biographies & Memoirs
Children’s Books
Cooking, Food & Wine
Health, Mind & Body
Fiction & Literature

How to use play store – how to use play store?

The Play Store is not just a simple Android app. Which you leave as normal.

This is the official app store for Android operating system. Where the app developers around the world try their luck. And develop and publish great and fun apps for you.

Subscription service is also offered in Google Play Store and apps and games are also sold. There is also a money transaction for this. Therefore, it is wise to use it carefully.

Therefore, below I am telling you how to use Google Play Store correctly and safely.

You can access the world’s largest app store in two ways.

google play store, google play store aps
google play store apps
  • Play Store Website
  • Play Store App

Play Store Website

Google Play Store is also available as a web version. Therefore, you can use it through computer, laptop also.

Since, products of Google Chrome OS and Wear OS are also sold on Play Store. Therefore, the convenience of accessing it through the website has also been given to the users.

The Play Store uses cloud-storage. Apps installed by you, play books purchased and movies rented are also available on mobile phones. Because, Play Store web version and Play Store app are auto sync.

To access the web version of the Play Store, click on the web-address given below.


By clicking on this link, the homepage of Google Play Store will open in front of you. Whatever it looks like.

Play Store App

The easiest, safest and right way to access the Play Store is to use it through the app.

As it is, almost all applications installed in your device are controlled by the Play Store. And they are also auto-updated from time to time. Therefore, half of your work is done by this app store.

Now the question comes that how to download Google Play Store app?

By the way, Google Play Store application is pre-installed on every Android device. These devices include smartphones, tablets, Android Smart TV etc.

Many times, new users do not recognize this app in their Android device or they have little knowledge of technology. Therefore, they face difficulty in downloading apps and games.

If, however, the Play Store is not running on your device for any reason, or the app itself is not present. Then you can download and install the APK file of the Play Store by following the steps below.

How to Download Play Store APK File in Hindi

  • Step 1 – First of all go here and download the APK file.
  • Step 2 – After this, download the apps from Unknown Source in your smartphone to start the settings.
  • Step 3 – Now tap on the file you downloaded and follow the instructions on the screen.
  • Step 4 – Play Store app will be installed in your mobile phone in a short time.
  • Step 5 – Then log in with Google account and configure it as per your choice.
  • Step 6 – This way the Play Store app will be installed in your Android device.

Note: Apply this method only when there is no Play Store app. If the app is installed. Then do not risk installing the APK file.

Features of Google Play Store

  1. Digital media market
  2. Official app store of Android OS
  3. Play Protect Protection
  4. Payment facility
  5. Redeem Gift Card
  6. Earn money by selling app
  7. Chance to become an app tester
  8. Freedom from handling apps

1 Digital Media Market

Do not forget to consider Google Play Store as App Store only. It is a complete digital marketplace. From where you can buy games, movies, TV shows, music albums and books in addition to apps.

I have discussed all these products above. So it is not necessary to tell about them here. You read the product section of the play store.

2 Android OS’s official app store

Your smartphone is equally smart. As many smart apps as you have installed.

If your phone does not have a camera app then you will not be able to take a selfie. Therefore, the share of apps in your phone is more important.

To make these smart apps available in a safe place, Android Market was created by Google. Which is known today as Play Store. It is the official app store for the Android operating system.

You will find every new and old Android application in this app store. Which you can easily install with just one tap.

To protect your phone from cyber threats, install a new application from this app store. Do not make the mistake of installing the application from any external source.

3 Play Protect Protection

To protect users from cyber threats (hacking, phishing, viruses), the apps in the store are tested with the security of Google Play Protect. Also, the installed apps in the device are also scanned daily.

This step has been taken to keep you digitally safe. And with your consent data is a way to protect against money breach.

4 Payment Facility

To buy premium games and subscriptions from play store, payment has to be made. For which we have no need to go out somewhere.

Because, the Play Store app has an in-built payment gateway. With the help of which we can make purchases through online payment instruments like debit card, credit card, net banking.

Now Google Pay (previously Google Tej) launched by Google has also been made a payment method. That is, now you can also buy apps through UPI and rent movies.

5 Redeem Gift Card

If you do not want to deal in money, then the facility of paying through gift cards is also provided by the Play Store.

You can redeem Google Play Gift Cards and Promo Codes directly within the app. I am explaining below how to redeem these cards. You follow these steps.

  • Step: 1 – Open Play Store app
  • Step: 2 – Tap on the three horizontal lines in the left corner.
  • Step: 3 – Now go down a little and tap on “Redeem”.
  • Step: 4 – After that type “Gift Cards Number or Promo Code” in the blank space.
  • Step: 5 – Now tap on the Redeem button below.
  • Step: 6 – Your card will be redeemed as soon as you do this.

6 Earn Money By Selling App

If you are an Android app developer, you can also earn money by creating your own app.

Yes. You read it right You can also sell apps like premium games.

7 Chance to become an app Tester

I mentioned Early Access above. Through which you can run an app before it is launched.

This opportunity is only offered by the Play Store. Otherwise you are unlikely to get a chance to test the app.

If you want to take advantage of this opportunity. So you open Play Store and install any app in Early Access. Play it and share your feedback with the developer. So that the deficiencies can be rectified and launched in public.

8 Freedom From Handling Apps

The Play Store also takes the responsibility of handling all the apps installed in your smartphone. You do not have to bother updating them, scanning them.

You can see these apps by going to My apps & games. And you can also remove and remove unnecessary apps.

When you switch the device, it changes. Then all these apps also go to your new device. Simply, you need to turn on backup.

How to download apps and games from play store – how to download and install apps from google play store in english

All users want to know how to download their favorite app or game from play store.

Therefore, I have decided to give information about installing the app from the play store in this guide. And below, I am telling you in a step-by-step manner that what is the right way to install apps from Play Store?

Step:  1 – Open Play Store

First tap on the Play Store app on your Android device so that it opens. This app comes pre-installed on your device. Whatever it looks like.

Step:  2 – Search for Apps & Games

Now the Play Store is open in front of you. In which all apps and games are present. Out of these millions of apps, you have to find your favorite app. For which you type the full name of that app or the name of the category related to that app.

Let’s assume for example. We want to install Paytm App in your phone. So to find this app, we will search by typing “paytm” or “wallets” in the search box. After doing this, the Play Store will find and bring out the Paytm app.

Step:  3 – Tap on App

After finding your favorite choice app, tap on its name. So that you reach the app page. On this page, other important information about the app is present along with the install button.

For example, app creator, total download number, manufacturer address, ratings, reviews, details about the app, etc. With this information you can know whether the app is useful for you or not.

Step:  4 – Tap on Install

You are ready after reading the app description. So, now tap on the Install button on the app page. After doing this, the app will start downloading. And it will install in few minutes.

How long does the app take to install? It depends on your data connection, and internet speed. Therefore, wait till the app is installed.

Step:  5 – Tap to Open

congratulation! You have successfully installed the app. Tap on the Open button to run this app. After doing this, the app will open in front of you. After this, you follow the instructions on the screen and use the app.

So in this way you can easily download any app in your smartphone from the play store.

Common FAQs related to Play Store –

Question  1 – Why should I download apps from the Play Store?

Answer – I mentioned above that Google Play Store is the official app store of Android operating system. This means that the apps being developed for the Android platform will be available on this digital store. Only after passing from here, they will get real recognition.

All new and old developers get their apps listed in this store. Google allows these apps to be published only after checking on quality-standards. Therefore, no other name should be better than Play Store in terms of safety and quality.

Question  2 – Can I download apps from anywhere other than the Play Store?

Answer – You can. However, keeping in mind the safety and privacy, I would not recommend it. You can do this at your own risk.

Question  3 – Name the alternate App Store of Play Store?

Answer – I repeat. You should not download apps from any third party app store other than Play Store. Nevertheless, for your information I am counting the names of some app stores.

Best Google Play Alternative App Store for Android

Samsung Galaxy Apps
Mobile9 App Store
Amazon App Store
App brain

Question  4 – I purchased an audiobook from the Google Play Store, but it is not running in the Play Store.

Answer – Play store definitely sells digital media. However, all media cannot be played. Therefore, it has developed separate apps for media other than apps and games. Whose name is as follows.

Use the Play Books app for e-books and audiobooks.
Install the Play Movies & TV app to watch TV shows and movies.
You have to download the Play Music app to listen to the songs.

Question  5 – What is the difference between Play Store and Play Service?

Answer – Before knowing the answer to this question, we should know about the Google Play service.

So our question will be what is Google Play service?

Google Play Service is a background service that runs on Android devices and works to coordinate other apps with Google’s complex functionality. Along with this, Play Service also handles the task of updating installed apps.

Google Play service is very important for our Android device. Other apps without this can stop working. And perhaps you will not be able to take advantage of the latest features of Google in older Android versions.

Therefore, Play Service is a background app that provides a platform for other apps. So that other apps keep doing their work smoothly.

Question  6 – How secure is the Google Play Store?

Answer – Every app uploaded to the Google Play Store has to pass Google’s quality and security standards. Only after passing from here, they are listed in the app store.

After this, every app is scanned separately for viruses and cyber threats by Google Play Protect, Google’s scan service. And installed apps in users’ devices are also scanned from time to time.

Question  7 – Is Google Play Store Free?

Answer – Yes! Google Play Store is absolutely free. There is no charge for downloading it. However, not all apps and games in the Play Store are free. You may also have to pay for something.

What have you learned?

In this article I have given you information about Google Play Store. You know what is Play Store, how to download Play Store?

Also, what are the products in the play store, how do they use them and the benefits of the play store are also known.

I hope this guide will be useful for you. And will be able to answer all questions related to the play store.

There is a request from you, definitely share this play store guide with your friends. So that they too can get information about this popular Android Market.

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