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What is Computer ?

What is Computer ?, computer, What is a Computer and its Definition?, Full Form of Computer?, What is the Hindi name of computer?, How does a computer work?, Parts of a Computer , Who invented computer - Father of Computer, Types of Computers, Types of computers by size, History of Computer, Micro or personal computer, Characteristics and advantages of computers,
What is Computer ?

What is a Computer and its Definition?

Are you a school going student who wants to know whether it is Computer kya ha (What is Computer in Hindi) or one of the college going students who have heard about computer that it is an electronic machine but There is not much information about how to run it.

But let me tell you that before running it, it is very important to get information about it, what is a basic computer, in Hindi and when was it first composed? Apart from this, it is also important to know what are the importance and features of computer?

After all, what is computer?

A computer is a machine in which we pass data to the computer through an input device and then it processes it and shows us the results through the output device.

Today, through this article, we have tried to tell the basic information about it in detail, what is a computer and what is its full form. So without delay let’s know what a computer is

What is Computer ?

Computer is also known as computer. It is a machine that accepts data through an input device, then processes it and then shows us the results through the output device. You can also store data in it, so that it can be used in future. Computer is made up of the Latin word “Computer” which means to calculate.
We use it to do many things easily. It also solves complex math problems in less than a second.

It does not understand the instructions given by us in our language but only as 0 and 1 which we speak machine language.

This device is not just a use, it is used almost everywhere.

You will often go to many such places everyday where there will be government or private offices. Until a few years ago, people and files were used for their work in these places, i.e. paperwork was done.

But this machine caught such detail that now in every office, office you will see only this machine.

This is because it has reduced the hours of writing and calculating an account and the mistakes made in it. It is important to know what is its definition, in addition to this it will also know what are the parts of the computer.
Until now a few years ago, it was such that everyone did not know about it. It was used only in office, school and college.

I first saw this instrument when I was in 6th class.

We use this to do almost all our types of work, yes, almost all kinds of work.

It has become as important as the importance of education. Because right now, even a graduated person has a lot of difficulty in getting a job.

But the knowledge of this is such that if you know what the basic computer course DCA is and how to work in Photoshop then it is not difficult for you to get work.

Full Form of Computer?

Let us now know what is the full form of computer.

What is a computer?

A computer is an electronic device that processes data inputted from the user programmatically and then shows the results as output. Which can also be used in future. ” The way it works is something like this. “

From the process flow diagram shown above, you can easily understand what is the way of working of computer. It mainly works in 3 steps.

The user takes the data of the computer from the input device as input data, after which the data the user enters, it processes through its program.

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After this, the data is shown to the user as output. It accepts and processes two types of data, one is Arithmetical and the other Logical.

This is such an electronic device that specializes in doing many things very quickly and easily.

But there are still many people in the world who do not know many important things about PCs. That is why in today’s post I have tried to make you understand every little detail related to it easily.

What is the Hindi name of computer?

By the way, many people who do not really know what the Hindi name of a computer is. It is called computer in Hindi. Which means an instrument that performs calculations.

How does a computer work?

Friends, everyone works on desktop and laptop. But not everyone knows how it works. So if you want to know then keep going. You will get the answer to your every question.

Input: – First of all, the user puts the data from the input device into it, it is called input.

This is set of data or information. Which are many types like letters, numbers, words, audio, video etc.

Processing: – This is an internal process. Processes the inputted data based on the instruction given in the program.

Output: – Processed data is viewed as a result on the monitor and it is called output. When the data is processed, we get it through the monitor screen, printer, audio device.

Parts of a Computer 

It is an electronic device which has many parts.

You must have often seen that there are different parts to work in it. Some parts are necessary without which the system cannot function.

Some computer parts are parts that we use to complete our extra work.

It is also necessary to use the device for everything. So let us know which parts are there in it, without which it cannot work.

There are many parts of this which are necessary. Detailed information about these parts is given below.

Input Device:

The device we use to enter data inside our PC is called an input device. We enter these data and instruction in different form using the input device.

The input device is a medium for direct communication between the human and the system.

Input devices are devices that directly access the CPU after inputting instruction and data. The instructions from these devices tell the brain of the system what to use?

There are different types of input devices that can input data and instruction. Here I am telling you about different input devices. Keyboard, Light pen, Digital Camera, Mouse, Scanner.


The motherboard is the main circuit board of the system. All the parts are connected in it.

The CPU, Mouse, keyboard, printer, monitor and also devices are connected by cables directly to the motherboard. There is a hardware inside the motherboard system. We also call it the backbone of the system.

Apart from PCs and laptops, there are many devices in which the motherboard is used. Devices like mobile and tablet also have motherboard.

The shape and size of the motherboard of different systems vary according to the device. Some parts are connected directly to the motherboard itself.

CPU: (Central Processing Unit)

If it is called the brain of the system, then it is not a wrong thing at all. The way a person thinks with his mind and takes a decision, the CPU in the system works like a human mind.

It is also known by many names, such as e-brain processor, central processor, and micro processor.

This system is in the motherboard inside the cabinet. The world’s first processor was built by Intel company in 1970.

The CPU follows and controls instruction coming from any software or hardware. The CPU mainly consists of 2 parts.

  • Arithmetic and Logical Unit
  • Control unit

Arithmetic and logical unit calculates both data (numerical or logical data) and makes a decision.

It processes addition, subtraction, multiplication, division as well as logical data (<=> and, or). Control unit controls all the functions of the system.

Controls the work of all its parts like input, output, processor.

Output Device:

After the data is processed in the system, the devices that the system uses to output the results are called as output devices.

Output device sound, video, shape, photo etc. As the user outputs the data.

In the output device, we all know the monitor, printer, earphone, speaker. It is visible by outputting all the device information to us.

Here I am telling you some important output devices. Monitor, Speaker, Printer, Projector, etc.

Hard Disk Drive:

Hard disk acts as storage of a system. That is, all the data, such as videos, MP3, documents, save all kinds of files, it is called hard drive. This is a permanent storage device. In which you can store and keep data for as long as you want.


RAM is also called main memory or primary memory or volatile memory. It is called volatile memory because it stores data temporarily.

Its full form is Random Access memory. RAM increases the speed of the system. Therefore, the higher the capacity RAM, the higher the system will work.

Whenever a user works in the system, then at the time of working, store all the user works by storing it. But if for some reason the data is not saved and the power is lost, then all the data will also be lost. RAM i.e. temporary memory only saves the data while working. To store it permanently, it is necessary to store it on the hard drive itself.

Power Supply:

SMPS (Switched Mode Power Supply) is an electrical device that supplies power to all parts of the system.

Who invented computer – Father of Computer

The invention of this is one of the largest inventions in the world. Because it changed the whole world. All work is now done from this. This has made human work very easy.

Do you know who invented it and who is the father of it. If you do not know, then know that the person who invented it is named Charles Babbage.

Charles Babbage is said to be the father of this, who built a mechanical computer called “Differential engine” in 1822.

By the way, many people have contributed with time to develop or develop it. In 1837, he introduced the first modern system to the world as Analytical engine.

The Analytical engine used ALU (Arithmetic and Logic unit), basic flow control and integrated memory. Today’s systems are also built on the basis of this model. This is the reason why he is called the father of the modern age system.

Types of Computers

Broadly is divided into 3 categories based on its working. Each of which has its different types.

Analog – A system that uses an analog signal to display information is called an analog computer. The information contained in this is in continuous form which is shown as curves.

It is used in measuring continuous physical quantity such as temperature, electric current, blood pressure and heart rate.

Digital – Systems that use binary digits to show different information are called digital computers. Information in this is in discrete form. It handles information in the form of text, picture and graphics.

Hybrid – Such systems which are capable of understanding analog signals as well as binary digits to show the information, we know on the basis of Hybrid computer.

It shows information according to the operating mode. In this, the information is in continuous form as well as in discrete form as it does digital processing as well as analog processing.

Types of computers by size

Supercomputers – Such systems are the fastest and powerful. They are very expensive and they are used only for special purposes. Like weather forecasting, very complicated calculations are done for this, that is the reason why it is used.

Apart from this, it is used in animation, graphic designing, nuclear energy research, and calculating fluid dynamics.

Mainframe Computer – This is a very expensive and large size system that is capable of handling thousands of users simultaneously. If we talk about hierarchy in this, there is a microprocessor at the bottom which reaches the supercomputer which is at the top. Mainframes are level below the super one.

If you talk about a few occasions, then they are many times more powerful than the super system because they can run many programs simultaneously, in which thousands of users can work together. But in supercomputers, one program at a time, which runs, works much faster than mainframe.

Mini computers – They come in medium level according to size and power. Mini computers come in between the mainframe and the work station. If we talk about simple things, then these are such systems in which 4-200 users can work together.

Micro or personal computer

Desktop computer – a personal or micro-mini system fit easily into a desk.

Laptops – These are systems that are portable and have an integrated screen and keyboard. They are usually smaller in size than the desktop and are larger than the notebook.

Palmtop / Digital Diary / PDA – The systems that come into our hands are so small. It does not have a keyboard. In this, the screen itself acts as an input and output device.

Work station – A terminal or desktop works as a network. Here we take it as a general term which means user’s machine (client machine) which is called server or mainframe.

History of Computer

It was invented 2000 years ago. “Abacus” is the first computer in the world. Abacus is a rack made of wood. From which math calculations are done.

Its development has been divided into generations which tell one by one how this modern form has come to us and you. Generally its history is classified into 5 genera.

Generation of Computer

Let us know the history of this one by one according to its generation.

First Generation Vaccum Tubes (1940–1956)
The first generation used vaccum tubes as circuitry and magnetic drum for memory.

They used to come so big that they used to capture the whole room. It was very expensive to use them because they used to cost a lot of electricity to run.

Apart from this, they also used to generate a lot of heat due to which the problem of malfunction was also there. In this, punch cards and paper tape were used for input devices and print outs for output.

They used machine language. Some examples of first generation are UNIVAC and ENIAC.

Second Generation Transistor (1956–1963)
In second generation computers, the transistor replaced vaccum tubes. Trans labors were invented by Bell labs in 1947.

These transistors were many times better than the vaccum tube because they were very fast and used to work electricity as well, which made it much cheaper to run.

Second-generation computer used assembly language instead of machine language. In this, COBOL and FORTRAN were used as high-level language.

Third Generation Integrated circuits (1964–1971)
Integrated circuits replaced transistors in this generation. Now the transistor has become very small which is inserted inside the silicon chips and is called a semiconductor.

This greatly increased the speed and efficiency. Instead of Punch card and printout, the keyboard and monitor started to be used, for which the operating system was used.

Fourth generation Microprocessor (1971-Present)
Microprocessor was used as the fourth generation. In this, thousands of integrated circuits were built within a silicon chip.

Now this system had developed so much that used to capture the entire room, now it has become the size of a palm.

The Intel 4004 chip was developed in 1971, within which all components were fixed. In 1981 IBM also designed the first system to be used at home.

Fifth Generation Artificial Intelligence (Present and beyond)
Fifth generation system is based on artificial intelligence, which is still being developed. One form we are using is voice recognition. Quantum calculation parallel processing is an example of artificial intelligence. By having artificial intelligence, they are capable of taking decisions on their own.

What is the importance of computer

  • Use in education
  • Scientific research
  • Weather and natural calamity information and forecast
  • Use in entertainment
  • Special contribution to home and office functions
  • Automatic Machine Operation

Characteristics and advantages of computers
This device has brought many changes in human life. It has left no stone unturned to make human life. Just as every coin has 2 aspects, there are two aspects to its use.

Everything has its specialty but it also has some flaws. We will discuss here further what are the advantages and disadvantages of this. So first of all, know about its benefits.

Cheap Machine

There used to be a time when buying a system was not enough for everyone because its price was very high.

At the same time, people did not even know its use, but the time has come when today’s powerful systems do not have to spend much money.

Good and fast working desktops / laptops are now available at a great price. This is the reason that today desktop / laptops are available at home.

Online shopping, Internet banking, largest source of entertainment

The biggest advantage of the benefits of this is that by connecting the internet, we can use internet banking through this. While sitting at home, we can complete the work connected with the bank with the help of desktop or laptop only.

Apart from this, by using it, we can do online shopping of any goods and we can get that stuff at our house right from home.

One of the biggest uses of desktop / laptop is entertainment. In this we can watch movies, listen to songs, play games.

Time saving

Ever since desktops / laptops started being used for work, it has saved 80% of human time, whether it is a government office, a manufacturing company, a bank or a small shop. Its use everywhere saves a lot of time.

If we talk, there was a long queue for depositing the money of a bank because the clerk of the bank used to do his work by himself, he used to book all the accounts in its file and register, it used to take a lot of time.

But with the arrival of this machine, it started handling hours of work in minutes and greatly reduced the crowd from the bank.

Medium of communication

Internet connection and system together make up a very modern communication system. Today in the internet, there is Facebook, Google Plus, Instagram, Twitter, which gives us the means to connect with relatives living by chatting and calls.

Apart from this, we can also talk while watching them with the help of video chat.

Excess storage capacity

The working files and documents are of a large size, but when we do the same work in desktop / laptop, then we have no tension to keep the files and documents that we do not have as many documents in a room in real life. You can store many times more files and documents on your computer.

The reason for this is that storage is very high. And the good thing is that we can extract a document in just seconds in between millions of documents. Whereas in real life we ​​may take hours or even several days in this work.

Means of earning money sitting at home

Today, it is not only a means of communication, entertainment, but today it has also become a source of earning money sitting online.

Its area is so big that there are many ways to earn money in it. Such as photo editing, YouTube channel, blogging, designing, freelance can also earn money.

Disadvantages of Computer –

wastage of time

This invention has made human work very easy. Also, it also saves our time by completing our work in a short time, but there can be some evil in every good thing if it is not used properly.

Nowadays, youngsters use desktops or laptops since childhood and they have a habit of sitting in front of the system throughout the day.

Also, some youngsters are DSLRs for Photoshoot, and are so happy to play games that they are not interested in studying. Apart from this, some people stay on social media and give their time throughout the day and waste time.

Loss of eyes

Every day, sitting in front of the system, one has to constantly work with eyes fixed on his monitor. The monitor has to sit in front of it to work.

Because of which there is a very bad effect in the eyes. Most people who work every day in front of the monitor, they find the glasses too early, some people have a very bad effect in their eyes.

Unemployment – Less Manpower Required

Computer alone works for many people. Nowadays, every manufacturing company, government office, school, college and bank have desktops.

The work that 4 people used to do is completed by a single system and only one person is required to run it.

In this way, 3 out of 4 people have to face unemployment everywhere. Job opportunities were reduced because less people were needed.

More use of social networking site
Nowadays all people, whether mobile or laptop, are connected with social media everywhere. Sitting on it throughout the day, time continues. There is nothing to gain from this, but people cannot practice social media without it.

Security threat

All work is now done in computers. In it, all the documents are stored and kept. It is always made that if there is an infection of a virus in the hard drive, then it can ruin all the data.

Bad people just keep on hurting others and resort to wrong methods to ruin the data of big big companies.

Computers dominate humans

Today, work on the artificial intelligence has started very fast. Systems are being created that can talk to people, understand and interact.

If every day this machine becomes so powerful that it takes decisions on its own and sometimes goes in a wrong or negative condition, then it can also prove to be a threat to a human race.

By the way, this device has not become so smart that if you can take decisions on your own, then there is no danger at the moment.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) related to Computer

1. What is a computer?

Ans. A computer is a machine that receives the data and instructions given by the user through the input device, then starts the processing work through its processing unit and provides the output according to the data inputted to the user.

2. What can we do with a computer?

Ans.We can do a lot of work with the computer like scientists use it for week experiments in scientific research.

It is used in many ways in the education institute and especially nowadays for digital learning, it is used to properly explain a topic to children.
Computer plays a very important role in the field of defense and computers are used in aircraft control systems, communication systems, missile tracking systems and radar systems.
The utility of computers in the field of telecommunications is quite high and today in the Internet, this communication has spread throughout the world, for which computers are also considered important.
Nowadays, people use personal computers to make their work easy in every small business.
Now go to any government or private office, you will see people doing their work on us in the computer itself.
In banks, you must have seen all the staff working in computers.
Nowadays, complex to complex operation is successfully done with the help of computer itself and the patient is made healthy and even the biggest disease is eradicated.

3. What is the definition of computer?

Ans. A computer is an electronic device that accepts the input data through the input device and then processes it and shows the result to the user through the output device.

4. What is a work station computer?

Ans. Special computers used for scientific research and work are called work station computers. They use multi-user operating systems in which multiple tasks can be done simultaneously.

5. Who is the father of computer?

Ans. In the 19th century, the professor of mathematics, whose name was Charles Babbage, invented the computer, due to which the father of the computer or the father of the computer is called.

6. Who is the father of computer?

Ans. Charles Babbage is the father of computers, who was a mathematician and was also a mechanical engineer and inventor, the modern computer that we and you are using today is the creation of those who built the first computer as a differential engine.

7. What are the types of computers?

Ans. There are four types of computers based on processing speed and size.

Mini computer
Mainframe computer

8. Who discovered the computer and when?

Ans. The person who created the computer is named Charles Babbage and who is also known as the father and father of the computer, or rather he is said to have invented the computer, that the discovery of the computer by Charles Babbage in 1823 AD Has

9. When did computers first arrive in India?

Ans. The computer was first installed in 1952 at the Indian Statistical Institute in Kolkata. Thus started the trend of computers in India.

10. Which is the fastest computer?

Ans. The fastest computer in the world is China’s supercomputer named Sunway TaihuLite.

11. Which is India’s first supercomputer?

Ans. India’s first supercomputer is the ultimate 8000 and it was built in 1991 in India only.

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