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What is MS-Word ?

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What is MS-Word ?

MS-Word is a software available for word processing work in the Window Operating System. It is a very popular application software that not only performs word-processing but also performs DTP work.

When you are working in Word, you have to save your documents from time to time. For this, you have to select the Auto Save option.

Following are the main features of MS-Word?

  • With the help of MS-Word you can create a document, add more text and also make changes in the text.
  • You can change its appearance by changing the margin.
  • You can change the size and type of font.
  • You can add page numbers, headers and footers to a document.
  • Spelling is diagnosed and diagnosed automatically.
  • You can create a table and add it to the text.
  • It also provides you with help options.
  • It also provides you mail merge facility.
The following step way to run MS-Word:
  • Click on the Start button on the taskbar. The start button will appear in front of you.
  • Move the pointer to the program menu.
  • Click the left button on the MS-Word option.
Following are the important parts of MS-Word:

Menu Bar:

It is a group of all the features available in the MS-Word program. The main menu again displays the other sub-menus.
Title Bar:
The title bar is above the document that contains the currently active document as well as Microsoft Word. It is used to change the size and location of Word Windows.
Formattig Tool Bar:
This bar is used to give the form of text order. Here you can do any font, size, bold, italic etc. and set the setting of the paragraph.
Insertion Point:
This document is a glowing vertical line on the screen indicating where the text will appear when you type.
Ruler Bar:
With the help of the ruler bar, you can provide the correct layout to your document.

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