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What is a Server ?

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What is a Server?

In Networking, a server is a type of computer whose job is to store data and provide service to other computers and devices (called clients) connected to the network.

When the client needs some kind of information or data, he contacts the server concerned and sends a request to him to get that information, as soon as the request is received, the server in response to the client after doing some important processing Sends

Server can mean any hardware or software, or it can be both. Talking about hardware, a powerful processor and hard disk are the most important parts for storage, while talking about software, these are some programs that use different types of functions and services by using server hardware properly. provide.

Servers are mostly dedicated, that is, these 24 hours are always connected to the internet and most of them only work as servers, apart from this, no other work is taken from this system.

The main function of the server is to share data or resources between the devices connected to the network, besides it can run a particular program to perform some special task according to the need.

Before using a server, special care is taken of its storage, RAM, processor, operating system. There are many types of servers and all are used for different tasks.

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Following are the main types of servers: –

Web Server: The web server works to show a website on your browser through HTTP protocol. You are currently connected to a web server, due to which you are able to see this page.

Application Server: – It is a computer program that manages the applications running between the user and the database. It is mostly used in complex transaction-based applications when you are doing transactions with the bank. Are using.

Mail Server: – Mail server is used to send and receive mail.

FTP Server: – File transfer between client and server is done through File Transfer Protocol (FTP), during this time privacy and security are taken care of.

Print Server: – By this we can connect one printer of an office to all the computers there so that all can use it.

Online Gaming Server: – Gaming server is becoming very popular nowadays, it provides the facility of gamers from all over the world to join together and play games.

Proxy Server: – It acts as an intermediate between the user’s computer and the Internet. It is used for performance enhancement, privacy and anonymous surfing.

Just as our laptop or computer does not run without any operating system, the OS is also needed to run a server. Servers have to use different operating systems that are designed to work properly on the client-server model.

Updated: May 3, 2020 — 6:00 am

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