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What is Function Key ?

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What is Function Key ?

The keyboard of a computer is a very important input device, and if we want to type any sentence or sentence, without this we cannot type the computer keyboard. There are a total of 12 function keys ranging from F1 to F12 above.

The use of Function Keys is as follows: –

Use of F1 Function key: – This is the first function keys of a computer. If you press the F1 key in your computer or laptop, then you have to know about a software, then you can press F1 and open its help file. Can do

Use of F2 Function key: – Using this folder, you can change the name of any file or folder. After selecting any file or folder, as soon as you press F2, you can rename the file after that.

Use of F3 Function Keys: – By pressing this function, you can bring up the window search menu, you want to do some search by pressing F3, Specific Word in a webpage or document, then you can search by pressing F3 Function Keys Can.

Use of  F4Function key: – You can use this function keys with alt (alt), if you press alt + F4, then whatever application is open in your computer will be closed. If you go to press alt + F4, then it will show the option of Shut Down. Then you can shutdown or restart your computer system from it.

Use of F5 Function keys: – With the use of this key you can refresh your laptop or computer and if you have open a website and you want to reload the page, then you can press F5 and reload the page. is .

Use of F6 Function keys: – If you press F6 in the laptop, then you can reduce the voice and if you are opening a website on the browser and you want to go directly to the URL then you can press F6 directly. You can go to the address bar.

Use of F7 Function keys: – With the help of this function keys, you can increase the volume if you are using a laptop, then F7 Function keys are mostly used in Ms-Word, if you have to check the spelling in MS Word So you can check by pressing F7.

Use of F8 Function key: – By using this function keys, you can see the safe mode option, if you have to go to safe mode, then you can press F8 while booting the window and select safe mode.

Use of F9 Function keys: – This key has no use in Windows but it is mostly used in ms-word, used with shift and alt key.

Use of F10 Function key: – It also has no use in the computer’s Windows, if you press F10 in the window, then nothing will be done, it is used in MS Word, if you shift + F10 in msword then you will see shortcut in Word. Like copy paste etc.

Use of F11 Function key: – By using the function keys of this function, you can use the browser in full screen mode.

Use of F12 Function key: – F12 use can be used to save a file in MS Word.

Updated: May 3, 2020 — 5:50 am

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