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What is Web Design ?

What is Web Design?

Web design is a process in which we plan to make a website after taking into consideration various facts and then according to that plan, give the website shape-type and color form.

While designing the website, not only the color form is taken care of, but the information and contents available in the website, how they will appear to the user and how they will work is also taken care of.

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The structure or structure of the website is called its layout, while designing the layout, the structure was designed by taking into consideration the height-width, position etc. of different sections of the website such as header, sidebar, content, footer etc. It is known that we can present the information of our site to the user correctly.

What Comes in Web Designing..

Website Designing – Web designing basically means the creation of a website. A web designer is very skilled and attentive in creating a fully functional website. Under this, you are told about how to create a fast and responsive website.

Graphic Design – Although graphic design is a separate subject, but it comes under web designing. This is the craft of creating visual content to make messages happy. Implementing the visual hierarchy and page layout technique, web designers use typography and illustrations to meet the specific needs of the user, as well as focusing on the logic of displaying elements in interactive design to optimize the user experience. is.

Creating Page Structure – You can also call the page structure of a website. The important role of a web designer is to improve the site structure. Under web designing, the entire structure of the website is prepared, this work is done using HTML.

Designing Websites – Text, color, font style, column size, sidebar, layout design in a web page are all fixed by the web designer. Cascading style sheet (CSS) is used in this. The entire design of the web-page can be changed by embedding it in an HTML document.

Content Production – The process of writing or producing an article, eBook or Blogspot is called content production. Research, analysis and strategy for writing about content is all a part of web designing.

Site Maintenance – Maintenance of the website is very important for better functioning of the website. That is why under web designing, the mistakes and issues in the site are regularly checked and the mistakes made in it are rectified.

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