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What is E-mail ? Basic Information..

Basic information about what is email ?

What is Email ?  use this information,You must have heard a lot about email, obviously many people will know about email but there are many people who do not know anything about email, what is email, what is its use, so let us tell you about email I give basic information.

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what is email

What is Email: –

Email is a means of sending electronic messages, which we also call as electronic mail, it travels in the speed of light in the computer network, it can send electronic messages instantly to anyone sitting thousands of kilometers away. There are many companies that provide the service of email, the main among them is g-mail, which is the most used in the whole world. Apart from G-mail, hot-mail, Rediff mail, yahoo mail also provide email service.

Use of Email Service: –

In today’s digital age, email is used for sending electronic documents in almost all government, private, school, college, bank, hospital, company. You can also use email service to send or organize your electronic documents. This service is very simple and safe.

What is Email ?  use this information

Benefits of Email Service: –

  • The biggest and important thing is that it is absolutely free.
  • Secondly it is very easy and easy to use.
  • And you can better organize your electronic documents such as photos, mark sheets, Aadhar cards, votercards and messages etc.
  • This saves both your time and money and you do not have to worry about waste.

Extreme care has been taken in writing this information, yet the possibility of any kind of error cannot be ruled out, for this your suggestions are cordially invited.

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What is Email ?  use this information

Updated: May 4, 2020 — 5:33 am

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