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What is Monitor ?


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What is Monitor ? & How many types of monitors are there..

Monitor shows us the work going on inside the computer. Whenever we do a work, we constantly keep looking at that work whether it is being done correctly or not. Similarly, when we work on computer, all our work is running in CPU. Now we cannot see inside the CPU, so we use Monitor.

Monitor is a part of computer, which consists of Screen and Electronic Circuits, with the help of which we are able to see what is happening in the computer. So what do you want to know about How does Monitor work..

So let’s go…What is Monitor

What is Monitor ?

A monitor is the output device of a computer that is connected to the CPU through a cable. These days, such monitors have also come, in which the CPU also remains attached.

Now you might be thinking that after all Monitor work is the main work of Friends Monitor, showing the processes running inside the CPU so that you can work on your computer.


If the monitor will not be connected with the CPU then you will not be able to see what work is going on in the CPU. Monitor shows the Softcopy of the work you have done.

In the old time, Computer Monitor used Cathode Ray Tube (CRT). Due to which the monitor was very large and heavy. But today, monitors with very light and thin LCD screens are used. Monitor is also known as Screen or Visual Display Unit (VDU).

What is Monitor use this information

With this we can also see videos and images kept in the memory of computer. The computer has a video card which transmits the computer’s Graphical Information to the Monitor.

If we talk about What is Monitor Definition, then it is a device that is used to continuously check or check the record of something in the computer. If you do not know Monitor which device is, then we tell you that Monitor Electronic Device is.

So you know that What is Monitor  but have you ever thought that Who did the monitor invited ? ..

Who is Make Monitor ?
What is Monitor use this information

In 1929, a person named Zworykin invented the Cathode-ray Tube (CRT) called Kinescope, which is very important for Television.

With the help of CRT, we are able to watch a video on the screen. In 1942, two people formed the first “Automatic Electronic Digital Computer” in America named ‘atanasoff-berry computer‘.

Types Of Monitor

There are also changes in Computer Monitor over time. We have given you some information about Monitor types and Monitor feature below:

crt monitor

What is CRT Monitor ?

CRT here means Cathode Ray Tube. CRT monitors are larger and much heavier in size than LCD monitors. Due to this, they need more space and due to being heavy, they also have much trouble in moving and transporting them from one place to another.

CRT began to be used in Computer Monitor in the late 1970s. Back then, computers were not used in people’s homes. At that time these monitors were only of Black & White Display. Then in 1977 Apple launched its Color Display Monitors Apple-ii. Color Display was the standard feature of Apple-ii.

LCD Monitor

Liquid crystals are used to make LCDs, hence they are called Liquid Crystal Display (LCD). LCD monitors are thinner and much lighter in size than CRT monitors. Due to this, they do not require much space and due to being light in weight, they do not have much trouble in getting and moving them from one place to another.

What is Monitor use this information

A lot of technology has been used to manufacture LCDs. In the 1990s, LCD displays were used as laptop displays, because LCDs were lighter in weight, thinner in size and smaller in size, which used less power, but LCD monitors were more expensive than CRT monitors. , So at that time they were not used as Desktop Monitor.

What is TFT Monitor ?

It is a form of LCD which is the main technology used for Computer Monitors today. It is a Flat Panel Display just like LCD. Which are lighter in weight and thinner in size.

This is a better quality display than LCD Display. Due to TFT Display, Contrast Ratio has improved, due to which we get to see images and videos of good quality. Tft here means ‘thin Film Transistor’.

What is Plasma Monitor ?

Plasma Screen is made of glass. These are called Plasma Display because they use very small cells, which are filled with ‘electrically charged Ionized Gas’. Such cells are called Plasma.

Plasma Display has some advantages compared to LCD Display:

Superior (better) Contrast Ratio
Great Viewing Angle
Fast Response Time
But due to cheap Lcd and Oled (more expensive but high contrast display), Plasma Display was not liked by the people and by the end of 2016 they were stopped making.

What is LED Monitor ?

It is also a Flat Panel Display like LCD. Led Display uses Light Emitting Diodes (LED) as Pixels to display an image or video. LED displays are more bright than other displays, due to which it can be read or seen easily in daylight.

LED Monitor

LED monitors work longer than LCD monitors, so LED display is being used more in today’s time. Also, LEDs take very little power to run, and do not give much effect to our eyes.

What is Monitor use this information

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