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What is Data ?

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What is Data & How many types of data information..

Friends, you must have heard the name of the data in computer and mobile. If you are a computer user then you must have heard what your data is. If you do not know much about data then today we will tell you about data in this post. What are its types of data and what are its benefits?

Here we can say that data is an important part of computer. We input and output the data in the computer and then the function of c.p.u is to process that data. If you work in an office, then you will know very well what the data is. By the way, data is not just a term related to computer. Data plain facts are called. The word ‘data’ is plural. Data can be anything. Such as the number of children in a school. Number of booko in a book store. Population of a country. Number of patients in hospitals. The location of a college, home, school, colony etc. can be data. All these are not organized in their natural from. Therefore they are not used much. If the same data is presented on processes organized sturctured, then we can call it information to make them useful in a particular context. The data is managed in the computer, then it is controlled and processed. If we are giving anything with the help of input in the computer, then it will be data for the computer. If we ask a person about data who works on computer day and night in an office or in a company, then he may find this question a bit strange or he will also answer that question a bit. Which will be beyond your comprehension. That is why today we will give you complete information about data and information in this post. But for complete information of data, you have to complete this post of ours. Only then you will understand what data is, what is its type and what is its use. So let’s start without delay What is Data.

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What is Data ?

We can also call data information. Or simply say that information is data. So it will not be wrong. We can represent data with the help of characters. For example, data in alphabets (A-Z, a-z) digit (0-9) can be anything. That is why we can also call data repersentation. Here, character text, sound, video, numbers, image can be anything. Generally, there is a set of data character that is collected for an object. For example, if a school is taking information about teacher student then it will be only one information for us. But that is a data for that teacher. Data is of no use in its raw from. But when we process and interpret the same data, then it gets to know its true meaning. Which is very useful for us. And these processed data are called information. If data is seen as a computer’s storage, then “data is a collection of numbers that are processed by cpu.” Now you must have understood What is Data .

Types of Data

You and all of us know that our computer system works with different types of digital data. In the earlier era of computing, data was primarily only in text and numbers. But now we talk about modern day computing today, there are many multimedia data like graphics, video, image, audio etc. But all these data are stored according to binary digits only. But there are specific techniques to convert all these types of data into binary language in the computer.

What is Data & Types of Data

There are many types of data in a computer. It can be related to anyone. Here we will tell you about the data related to the computer.

(1) Numerical Data  – The data we see in a computer is in numerical form. Such data have decimal numbers from 0 to 9. These numerical data are used in computers. For example, in Excel sheet we use numerical data as data. Numerical data can also be called statistical data. Because it shows statistics.

(2) Alphabetic Data – We usually perform various types of tasks by understanding the disply language in the computer. Therefore alphabete data is used for any language Hindi, English, Urdu. Meaning any type of alphabet whether Hindi, A, B, C or English are A, B, C, D, they all fall under these alphabetic data. So we can say that latters data is very important to use a computer.

(3) Symbolic Data (Alpha numerica data) – This data consists of all three numbers, signs and letters. This data is used to create a strong password. This is exactly what it sounds like in listening to data. This data contains all kinds of symbols such as #,%, $, &, etc.

(4) Audio Data  – These data generate sound through audio. These audiyo are very important for both computer and mobile. All types of songs and recordings etc. are included in this data. Like mp3, wav etc.

(5) Video Data
(video data) – The data which is used to display video is called video data. This type of data contains all types of video. And as soon as these video formats are used in mp4, mkv etc. format then digital video is in an electronic presentation.

(5) Graphical Data – The data which is in the form of a visual image is called graphical data. Graphic data has special importance in computers. With the help of which it helps to present and understand things. Under this type of data, image, graphical, data etc. are used in JPG, PNG format.

What is Data Processing?

If we say in simple words what is data processing, then analysis based on the importance of data brings data processing. Whatever data is in the computer, we cannot direct it. And to make that data understandable by humans, information is extracted from the data. This process itself is called data processing. If we now say in computer language, “data proceasing is a process whose raw data is converted into meaningful information.” Or converting raw data into information by processing it via cpu is called data processing. In this, data is mainpulate through a process. So that the result can be produced and a problem can be resolved. It also follows a cycle like the production process. Where the input is inserted into a process. From which the output can be produced. The input data in a computer is called raw data and the output data is called information. It has three actions (1) input (2) data processing (3) output

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(1) Input – input process is input inside the data output. As you type alphabets from your keyboard and input them. The input data is then prepared in a convenient from. For processing it depends on from processing mashine. The first step to input data in it is “data collection”. In this, data is collected from various sources. In order to input in it, first collect data is verified. In this we find the data to be true or false. In this, the computer gets the data and stores that data in the computer.

(2) Processing – Data Processing This is the most important step. In this step, the input data is converted into produce data. Which is more useful than In this step, data is converted into useful information and in the computer, this work is done by cpu. The first task in this is to classify the data. The data is then divided into groups. Which makes the data easy to understand. Then the data is shortened, after which the work of calculus is done on the data and finally in its last step the data has to be summarized.

(3) Output data – In this process, data is output as information. Meaning the result of the previous processing step is collected. The data received after processing is called information. The output is stored in a harddisk. Any particular from the output data depends on how the data is used. You can also find the information stored in it.

What is Information – 

Information is a type of data that has been fully processed. In such a way that it is meaningful to the person who receives it. Where the facts are called data raw. And the same processed data is called information. For example, subject marks, roll number, age, rank etc. of a college student can be called data. The same if you are asked to bring the marks of science of the best 5 students in those students, then you must first categorize all the data of those students and then you can provide the requested data only by processing it. This is the data you get as a result. This is called information. Information is very organized and classified data. Which has some meaningful values. Information for receiver is a type of process data. On which decisions and actions are based.

What is Database –

Database is an Organized collection of data. In order to organize the data, the data base is provided with the help of a database rather than putting it in a list like randem. Database table is a very common data structures. This table mainly consists of rows and colums. Each row is trpically called a record. The same each colum is typically called a field.

What is Data this knowledge is a very useful for your skills..

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