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What is WWW (World Wide Web) ?

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What is WWW ?

What is WWW, The World Wide Web (WWW), How it works..

Hello guys do you know, What is WWW (World Wide Web) ? and how does it work, In today’s time..

Everyone knows about internet from small to big. Uses it. But very few people know how it works. When you open any website on the Internet, you see WWW in the URL of that website. When you open any website to get any information on the Internet, you will still see WWW written. What is WWW appears written in front of all webpages on the Internet. Have you ever tried to know what is WWW it is. And why it is used everywhere.

        Ever since the internet started, the same word WWW is the most used with it till date. All the webpage, web server, website, hyperlink in internet world are all connected with world wide web. Everyone who is connected with a computer uses all of this. But he does not know to whom all these people do their work. So today we will give you information about WWW in this post. Which will also let you know what is WWW. And how it works. So let’s start without delay. What is WWW

The full form of  WWW is the World Wide Web. Also called “Web” or “Web3”. It is an information space present on the Internet. Where web resources and document identities are interlinked by Hypertext link and web resources are identified via Unifrom Resource Locators via the Internet. Where HTML documents are linked together through Hyperlink. Which are accessed through the Internet. WWW is also called a network of online content. It is fully HTML Formatted.

 What is WWW (World Wide Web) is a storage system if we say in simple words. Where all the website stores of the world reside. It is a central hub to store information.

     WWW is a primary tool. Through which we access or communicate the Internet. WWW is a method of exchanging information between computers over the Internet. Which binds them together into a collection of always interactive multimedia resources. In WWW the web document is written via HTML (Hyper Text Markup Language). The image, video, text, audio are kept in formatted inside this HTML document.

   Now you must have understood what is WWW.

History of WWW (World Wide Web)

The WWW (World Wide Web) World Wide Web was invented in 1989 by Sir Tim Berners Lee. He was a British scientist. Who was born in London. Before the World Wide Web, the Internet used to display information. But it only served to display information such as text.
 Scientists had a lot of difficulty in sharing any information. In order to solve this problem, in March 1989, he gave his opinion on how the web will be created through a document called “information managment: A Proposal”. Which his boss Mike Sendall did not accept. But in 1990, Lee was given time to work on the project. And for this, he started using the Next Computer created by Steve Jobs. When Lee started working on the World Wide Web server in 1989, the server was named “httpd”. The World Wide Web first tested in 1990 at CERN’s laboratory in Switzerland. By October 1990, Berners Lee wrote three fundamental technologies (HTML, URL, HTTP) that are the foundation of today’s World Wide Web. Tim Berners Lee is called the inventor of the World Wide Web. Who has also been described as the inventor of the web. Berners Lee was the director of the W3C. The development of the W3 was monitored by Berners Lee. He also developed Hypertext. He developed the technology to communicate through the web. He invented the technique of linking webpage among themselves. With the concept of hypertext, he changed the perspective of the Internet itself. Due to their hard work, the World Wide Web had reached most parts of the world by 1991.

Definition of What is WWW (World Wide Web) –

 (1) The world wide web is a very large network. Where Hypertext, file and webpage are linked together. Here the billions of Hyoertext documents are stored and stored on different computers and servers. Which are accessed through a web browser.

(2) It is a virtual place. Where all webpages, webservee, website of the world are accessed through HTTP protocol.

(3) This is their medium of resources and users connecting to the Internet via HTTP.

(4) All the websites and webpages in the world are on the Internet, their combination is called world-wide-web.

(5) We can also call it a System. Where the Hypertext documents are interlinked. This is done with the help of internet.

(6) We can also say WWW’s collection of webpages, web server, URL, hyper linkes and HTTP.

How WWW (World Wide Web) Works –

You know what WWW is. Now you may be wondering how this works. So let me tell you that it works by taking web server, website, webpages, browser, Hypertext, HTTP, and Hyperlink together. Many people understand that the WWW Internet is the same. But it is different from both. Whenever a user enters a URL in the address bar of his browser software such as WWW. Pcwali.com then sends the browser Domain name (here is the domain address) to the server to find ip adderss of this specific URL. The World Wide Web searches that website address in the server. When the browser finds the ip adderss, the browser sends the request to the webpage via the HTTP protocol near the web server. Specifies how the HTTP browser and web server communicate with each other. The web server then accepts the request via HTTP Protocol. And then searches the requested webpages. Returns a response if that page exists in the web server. And then closes the HTTP Connection. The browser then receives that webpage. And after receiving it, the webpage is displayed by interpreting its code.

    A web document is written in a web programming language. Which is called HTML. Whenever you type the name of a domain in a web browser such as www.pcwali.com it is called a URL.

     Four technologies are commonly used to run the World Wide Web. URL, Web browser, HTTP, and HTML. Without all these, the World Wide Web does not exist.

Featuring WWW –

 The world wide web has many features. But we will learn about some of the salient features here.

 (1) Hypertext Information Syatem – The document of a webpage has different components. Such as – Text, Graphics, Object, Sound etc. All these components are interconnected. Hypertext is the work of connecting all these components.

(2) Distributed – In WWW, websites are linked to each other. All these websites have different information. Which is linked to another website. In this, a user can open a website and connect to it. This entire process is called Distributed System.

(3) Graphical Interface – At present, all websites include text, video, audio etc.

(4) Dynamic – With its help, menus, commands, buttons etc. are used in the website. Which makes it easier to work.

(5) Cross Platfrom – Corss Platfrom A means that a website can function on any computer hardware or operating system.

(6) Hyperlink – With the help of Hyperlink, you can easily view the information or connect it to the web page.

so friends i think now you know what is www (World Wide Web) is something almost complete.

Updated: May 6, 2020 — 5:29 am

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