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Black Hat SEO

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Black Hat SEO

Black Hat SEO is a wrong way, that helps to boost your site for a while but your website may be blocked forever. Here we will discuss what is Black Hat SEO.

This is a wrong way of Search Engine Optimization which does not follow the search engine rules, because of this your website gets penalized but for a short time your website may perform better. So never do this Black Hat SEO

What is Google SEO Guidelines?

  • Creating only pages or content that have been created with search engines in mind
  • Creating the wrong Landing Page and redirecting to another that is different from the search result
  • There are wrong ways to hide text or change its CSS and display it in wrong way. It can only be read by search engines. Human Visitors look different. This is called Clocking SEO technique. And this is not acceptable
  • Meta tags should always match the content Now search engines create results by matching your meta tags with text
  • Never do Keyword Stuffing This means that you should never type your keywords again and again
  • Copying the content of a web site is also a part of Black Hat SEO So never copy content from any website

Black Hat SEO Techniques

There are a lot of techniques called Black Hat SEO Techniques that are not supported or accepted by trusted SEO professionals. I am giving here a list of some shortcuts or faulty measures which have been considered to apply SEO incorrectly.


Some people create two versions of the same page for search engine and visitors. When a search engine spider or bot crawls through these pages, it is satisfied with the process of creating the page, but the display to visitors is something else. This is called process cloaking.

Meta Tag Stuffing

When writing a meta tag keyword to any SEO process, it should be kept in mind that the content given in the page should represent the same. Excessive use of any one keyword in the meta tag is always considered as meta tag stuffing.

Keyword Stuffing

There is always confusion in the debates on what percentage keyword density will be good for SEO Techniques. There is no fix parameter to confirm this but most SEO professionals prefer 2-3% keyword density. For search engines bots using too much keyword just to create illusion is also wrong technique and is commonly called Keyword Stuffing.

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Doorway or Gateway Pages
These are low quality web pages that do not have enough content, but they are full of keyword stuffing. The process of creating these poor quality pages is called Doorway or Gateway pages.

Mirror Websites

In this process one person creates many websites but all of them have the same kind of content.

Page Hijacking

Page Hijacking is a technique in which one creates a dummy and bogus content which is served to the crawler like the original content. But it sends the user to a nasty or fraud website.

These are some of the less popular techniques that we should avoid from the aspects of SEO on any website.

What is the Basic difference between Black Hat SEO and White Hat SEO?

There is always a good and a bad way to do anything. This is also true of SEO Techniques. Internationally, SEO professionals follow certain criteria, parameters and recommended trends that are adopted by all major search engines. And the techniques given in the guidelines made by these search engines are called White Hat SEO.

But the problem starts when people start using White Hat SEO in such a way that it spreads like spam and after a while it becomes Black Hat SEO or which is not accepted by search engines. An example of the misuse of hat SEO is back link building whereas guest posting and Article Directory submission which used to be a kind of blogging was stopped due to back link building.

In a way, Black Hat SEO is always used by SEO people to rank anyone in a short time and the biggest disadvantage of Black Hat SEO techniques is that they do not work for a long time. Black Hat uses SEO. They are blacklisted by major search engines. Now we know about some of the common Black Hat SEO methods that are used nowadays.


Today’s search engines can easily catch your Bad Practice and once your website comes under penalty it is very difficult to recover it so always do White Hat SEO while doing SEO.

Updated: May 8, 2020 — 6:39 am

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