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Why is Good Friday Celebrated?

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Good friday

Why is Good Friday celebrated and its history

Do you know why Good Friday is celebrated? If not then this article of today is going to be very informational for you. Good Friday festival is a festival celebrated by the people of Christianity. People of this religion consider this festival as a hobby. On this day, Lord Jesus (the founder of Christianity) was crucified after doing many physical tortures. According to the Bible, it is considered to be about 2000 years ago.

Lord Jesus is also addressed by the names Jesus, Jesus, Isha and God etc. Lord Jesus himself is considered to be the son of God the Father and he came as a human body to save the fallen people from sin and death. Their purpose was not to eradicate sinful people but to eliminate sins from inside them. That’s why I thought why don’t you celebrate Good Friday and provide all the information related to it in details. Then let’s start.

What is good friday?

Good Friday is a Christian festival celebrated to commemorate the crucifixion of Jesus and his death in Calvary. Good Friday is a festival which is celebrated as a hobby. This festival is celebrated every year by the followers of Christianity. Compared to all religions, followers of Christianity are the highest in the whole world. This festival is celebrated in all the countries where the followers of Christianity reside. This festival is also celebrated in the country of India.

It is believed that on this day, Jesus gave up his life after suffering inhuman torture. Jesus was born to end the growing tyranny and sin on the earth and for this he even gave his sacrifice, hence Good Friday is also known as Holly Day, Black Day and Great Friday.

Importance of Good Friday

The importance of Good Friday is very much for the followers of Christianity. Followers of Christianity express their gratitude for the sacrifice of Lord Jesus on this day. Some people of Christianity pray for Lord Jesus by keeping a vow and some only pray. This day is considered to be a day of remembrance of the teachings, words and teachings of the Lord Jesus and to be inspired to implement them in his life.

The words that Lord Jesus spoke while hanging on the cross are considered to be an example of the forgiveness of the Lord Jesus. Lord Jesus said the words of Jos hanging on the cross. These are – ‘O God, forgive them, because they do not know what they are doing’.

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What are the other names for Good Friday?

If seen, Good Friday has many different names. Good Friday is also called Holy Friday, Black Friday and Great Friday.

This festival is celebrated to commemorate the death caused by the people of Christianity in the Calvary crucifixion. This festival is celebrated during the holy week.

Why celebrate good friday

The originator of Christianity, Jesus Christ (Jesus Christ) was born in the eyes of Galilee province of the Roman Empire. When Jesus came to his youth, he started teaching people peace, humanity, brotherhood, religion, faith and unity etc. The popularity of Lord Jesus gradually increased. He called himself the son of God the Supreme Father and talked about the religious establishment. Jesus Christ called the religious leaders who spread superstition an enemy of man.

When all the religious leaders were upset with the teachings of Jesus Christ, they all complained to Pilate, the ruler of Rome, that it is a sin to call himself the son of God. Pilate accused Lord Jesus of contempt of state and religion and hanged him in the cross and ordered death penalty. Good Friday is celebrated on the same day every year on the day Jesus was crucified.

How can you celebrate Good Friday?

Some people keep fast on this day and some people fast from this day to 40 days. This day and the whole week is considered auspicious but no celebrations are done because it is considered a day of hobbies. On this day, people gather in the church and pray.

In many countries, hot sweet bread is eaten on this day, which is considered to be the bread of the Lord. In the country of Bermuda, a handmade kite is flown and the kite is given a wooden design of a cross in which Lord Jesus was hanged and executed. Kite flying in the sky is considered a symbol of their ascension to heaven.

When is Good Friday celebrated?

Lord Jesus was executed by hanging in a cross, giving inhuman physical torture. Good Friday is celebrated every year on the day they were killed. On the day Lord Jesus was hanged to death on the cross, it was Friday (Friday), so every year on this day, this festival is celebrated and hence the name of this festival is “Good Friday”.

Good Friday is celebrated every year before Easter Sunday. Easter is the full moon that falls on the first Sunday of March 21 or after. It is believed that Lord Jesus Christ became alive on the third day of death i.e. Sunday (Sunday). This Sunday (Sunday) is called Easter Sunday.

What is Good Friday Tsunami?

The Alaskan earthquake that occurred in 1964 is also called the Good Friday Tsunami. At the same time, many people also know it as the Great Alaskan earthquake and the Good Friday earthquake.

This tsunami occurred on March 27 1964, Good Friday, at 5:36 PM AKST. This tsunami caused the largest and greatest damage to south-central Alaska. In which many buildings, houses, schools, colleges were all destroyed. Around 140 people also died there.

The earthquake occurred for about four minutes and thirty-eight seconds, while its magnitude was about 9.2. This megathrust earthquake is the largest earthquake in the entire American history. This is the second most dangerous earthquake in the world.

Last meal of christ

It is believed that when the victory of Jesus Christ entered Jerusalem, that day was Sunday. Whereas this Sunday is celebrated in the name of date palm Sunday.

On the same date, the Friday after date palm is called ‘Holy Friday’ or Good Friday. On this Good Friday, during the last meal, Lord Jesus gave this command to his disciples, ‘You love each other, just as I have loved you.

If you have love among yourselves, then by this you will know that you are my disciples. ‚ÄĚThen ‘Great Friday’ or ‘Good Friday’ is remembered on the great day of the incident of death on the cross of the Lord.

What is done on Good Friday?

On Good Friday, followers of Christianity go to church to remember Lord Jesus. First the Bible and religious texts are recited, followed by the cross worship and finally the Lord’s Supper. On this day many people fast and express their gratitude and passion for the progress of the sacrifice of Lord Jesus.

Most followers of Christianity express hobbies by wearing black clothes on this day and apologize for their sins. On this day Prabhu also eats hot sweet rotis as Bhoj (Prasad). On this day, hours are not played in church. On this day special prayers are done in which the sound is made with a wooden knock. Some people inspire themselves to follow the teachings of the Lord Jesus on this day.

Good friday message

Good Friday gives a message of love and forgiveness. According to the Bible, no one can match the love and forgiveness of the Lord Jesus. Many inhuman acts were done with the Lord Jesus and many physical tortures were done. Lord Jesus was crowned with a thorn on the head and a banana was thrown in the hand. Even after facing all these tortures, Lord Jesus kept praying for forgiveness from God for those persecutors and torturers.

Good Friday is a festival of hobbies, yet the word ‘Good’ has been used in it because on this day the Lord Jesus sacrificed himself while protecting the human species. Good Friday gives the message of love, forgiveness, respect, humanity, prayer and sacrifice etc.

Why celebrate good friday

I hope you must have liked this article why I celebrate Good Friday. It has always been my endeavor to provide the readers with complete information about what is Good Friday, so that they do not have to search in reference to that article in any other sites or internet.

This will also save their time and they will also get all the information in one place. If you have any doubts about this article or you want that there should be some improvement in it, then for this you can write low comments.

Updated: May 23, 2020 — 6:46 am

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