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Why Buddha Purnima is Celebrated?

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Buddha Purnima

Why Buddha Purnima is celebrated and its importance

Who does not know Lord Buddha, but very few people know why Buddha Purnima is celebrated? May be you know what is Buddha Purnima? What is the significance of this? Why is it important for education? But there are many people who do not know about all these. Today, in this post I will tell you about Buddha Purnima in detail.

Buddha Purnima is the most sacred time in the Buddhist calendar. It is also known as Vesak or Visakha Puja in India. Buddha Purnima is celebrated to commemorate the birth, enlightenment and demise of Gautama Buddha. So let’s know about Buddha Purnima. So without delay, let’s start with why Buddha Purnima is celebrated.

What is Buddha Purnima?

Buddha Purnima is also known as Buddha Jayanti which is the most sacred festival of Buddhists. Buddha Purnima is celebrated in memory of Lord Buddha. It falls on the full moon night (according to the Hindu calendar which usually falls in April or May) in Vaishakh. Lord Buddha was the founder of Buddhism and is called the ninth incarnation of Vishnu.

The three important events of Buddha’s life were his birth, his birth and his death (nirvana). It is believed that Gautama Buddha attained enlightenment and died on the same day. Buddha Purnima is also known as Buddha Jayanti, Vaisak, Vaisakh and Buddha’s birthday.

Who was Gautama Buddha?

Gautama Buddha was born as Siddhartha Gautama in 563 BC. He was a real historical figure, a prince of Shakal, who belonged to a small kingdom bordering modern India and Nepal. He lived in a time of prosperity and social reform. At the age of sixteen, Siddharth married a beautiful woman and had a son.

The turning point in his life came when Siddhartha was twenty-seven years old and ventured outside the palace grounds. He was surrounded by the sufferings of samsara (old age, sickness and death), leaving his wife, son and wealth to become ascetic wandering in search of enlightenment.

He wandered in many places and finally came to Bodh Gaya at the age of thirty five, where he was sitting under a tree. He swore that he would not rise until he had attained enlightenment. After thirty-one days of solitude, he attained the state of nirvana, stability. He thus became Buddha.

Why is Buddha Purnima Celebrated?

On the day of Vaishakh Purnima, Lord Buddha was born in Lumbini, who became famous as Gautama Buddha after attaining enlightenment. This date is also called Buddha Purnima as Gautama Buddha was born on the day of Vaishakh Purnima. Lord Buddha preached to the people after discovering the truth, we should remember those teachings.

Importance of Buddha Purnima

Lord Buddha was born, attained enlightenment and Mahaparinirvana, all three took place on the same day i.e. on the day of Vaishaki Purnima. This has not happened to any other great man till date. Buddhists celebrate this date in the name of Buddha Purnima.

When is Buddha Purnima Celebrated?

If you want to know when Buddha Purnima is celebrated, then for your information, let me tell you that according to the Hindu calendar, the full moon (Vaishakha Purnima) of Vaishakh month is celebrated as Buddha Purnima. According to the Gregorian calendar, Buddha Purnima falls in the month of April or May every year.

How is Buddha Purnima Celebrated?

The main festival of Buddha Jayanti takes place in Bodh Gaya. For Buddhists, Bodhgaya is the most important pilgrimage site related to the life of Gautama Buddha. Bodhgaya, the shrine that marks the place of enlightenment of the Buddha. Bodh Gaya is a small town in the Gaya district of Bihar in India.

A large number of Buddhist devotees from all over the world gather to pay homage to Lord Buddha in his honor. Apart from decorating the temple and the area with colorful Buddhist flags, Buddhists decorate their houses with lights, candles and lamps. After the morning prayers, colorful processions of monks, pujas with large offerings, sweets and snacks are distributed.

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In other places, prayers, sermons and non-prohibition of Buddhism resonate in monasteries, religious halls and homes. On this day, Buddhists bathe and wear only white clothes. People offer incense, flowers, candles and fruits to the statue of Lord Buddha. The Mahabodhi tree, also known as the “Peepal-tree” or the sacred fig tree, is worshiped and offerings are also made.

It is known as the tree under which Buddha attained enlightenment. Traditionally, Buddhists are pure vegetarian. People who are non-vegetarians, do not eat meat on this day. Kheer with sweet dishes is prepared in homes. In many places, freeing birds from cages is also a practice. They spend their entire day listening to discourses on the life and teachings of Buddha.

What not to do on the day of Buddha Purnima?

Let us now know what not to do on the day of Buddha Purnima. Do not forget which things you should forget on Buddha Purnima.

Never eat meat (Non Veg) on ​​Buddha Purnima day.

– Do not make any kind of bickering at home

– Do not call anyone abusive.

– Avoid lying to yourself and others on this day.

What are the important teachings of Lord Buddha?
Lord Buddha was indeed a very great man, but the teachings he spoke are as effective in today’s times as they were before. Let us know about the important teachings of Lord Buddha.

1. Man should not think about the past nor worry about the future. We should focus on our present time. This is the path to happiness.

2. Man has the responsibility of keeping his body healthy. If the body is not healthy then your thinking and mind will also not be healthy and clear.

3. All wrong actions are born in the mind. If your mind changes, then the idea of ​​doing wrong in your mind will not be born.

4. That word is better than thousands of hollow words, which bring peace.

5. Hatred of someone will not end the hatred of your mind, it can be eradicated only by love. In the same way, evil does not end with evil, it ends with love.

6. People who love as many people as they are sad. He who is not in love has no problem.

7. An insidious and evil friend is more dangerous than a wild animal because the animal only causes physical harm to you, while the evil friend hurts your intelligence and conscience. One should be careful with such friends.

8. The habit of message and doubt is intimidating, this brings sourness in relationships. Friendship breaks down.

9. Man should not be angry. You don’t get punished for anger, rather you get punished with anger.

10. It is better to win thousands of battles than to win yourself, then victory will always be yours.

11. These three things can never be hidden in the world: moon, sun and truth.

12. A person walking on the path of truth can make only two mistakes. First – it doesn’t go the whole way, either. Second – or else will not follow that path.

13. It is better for man to achieve his goal than to have a good journey.

Why do Buddha Celebrate Purnima?

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