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What is Google Classroom?

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Google Classroom

What is Google Classroom Full Information?

As we all know that there is something new developing in the world of technology like the first digital world, virtual world and we are all using these technologies as well, but do you know that teachers and student homes You can also study while sitting, share notes, make assignments. You must have used Youtube a lot to study, but today we are going to tell you something new called Google Classroom.

This is a very good service of Google, Google Classroom, a free web service for schools, colleges and any teacher who has a Google account. Google Classroom makes it easy for learners and instructors to connect in and out of schools. Google Classroom helps teachers to save time, keep the class organized and improve communication with students.

Google Classroom gives you the ability to create and assign work for your students, without having to print anything. Questions, essays, worksheets and readings can all be distributed online and easily made available in your class.

How to Use Google Classroom (How to use Google Classroom)
Google Classroom teachers are a great platform for interacting with their students. The teacher posts questions or assignments in the classroom, which are visible to all students. Then they respond, which only the teacher can see. Based on this, teachers give grades.

First of all, log in to your Gmail account.
After this, in the Gmail account page, you will see 9 dots on the top, click on it, after clicking, you will see the services of Google, out of which you click on Classroom.
 How to Create Class
If you have not already created a class, just click on the plus icon in the top-right corner and choose Create Class.

Fill all the required information, then click Create. Will become your class.

Now you have to invite students for this, click on the People tab. And click on the student icon.
You will see a form of invite student, type the student’s name and Student’s Mail ID and click on the Invite button. Similarly, you can invite all the students you want to invite.
 How to Create Assignment
If you want to create an assignment, question or material, click on the Class Work Tab.

In this tab, you can create assignments and view all current and previous assignments. To create an assignment, click the Create button, then choose Assignment. If you want to do the same question on your students, or material, you can choose the question.

The assignment form will open as soon as you click on the Assignment. Fill the required information in it. And click on Assignment.

When you do this, your students will receive an email notification letting them know about the assignment.


Google Classroom takes all your assignments and automatically adds them to your Google Calendar. From the Classwork tab, you can click and drag the calendar icon and get a better overall view of the timeline for the due dates of your assignment.

How to create question

To create a question, click on the Classwork tab, then click on the Create button and select the question option.
Question form will be opened as soon as you click on the question. Type the question in it. And click on ASK.

Now, after posting your question, you will be able to see which student has answered the questions and who has not. And as soon as the answers to the questions start coming from the students, you will be able to see their answer immediately.

Updated: May 27, 2020 — 3:04 pm

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