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Predicted Corona 5 years ago

Predicted Corona Virus
Predicted Corona

This scientist had predicted Corona 5 years ago, now this warning..

Chinese scientist Dr. Xi Zhengli predicted Kovid 19 to spread worldwide several years ago. During a show, he said that a few years later, a virus caused by bats will take the form of a global pandemic.

Chinese scientist Dr. Xi Zhengli, who was the first to discover the gene sequence of the corona virus in the world, predicted Kovid 19 to spread worldwide several years ago. During a show, he said that a few years later, a virus caused by bats will take the form of a global pandemic. However, the world was taken lightly by Wuhan’s warning of this Bat Woman. But the whole world is suffering today.

At a time when Chinese scientist Xi Zhengli was constantly predicting the business of bats, otter tomatoes and other wild animals, and the imminent danger. If the world had understood his warning and taken necessary steps, then this day would not have been seen. In fact, it was only during the investigation of the SARS virus that Dr. Xi Zhengli had come to know that this virus, which enters from humans to animals, can be mutated and come back with a new face in the future. He feared that this would be the cause of a terrible tragedy. He also expressed his fear and fear 5 years ago.

According to Chinese scientist Dr. Xi Zhengli, the outbreak of SARS virus has started the era of severe respiratory diseases from one species to another. Which will spread rapidly throughout the world in the coming times and will have a bad impact on the global economy on a very large scale. Public health measures were adequate and efficient to prevent SARS-CoV. But studies done on this have shown that another virus, like SARS, is spreading rapidly in large populations of Chinese bats. Which can pose terrible danger in future.

During this time, Dr. Xi Zhengli also participated in a TED talk on the history of viruses spread by bats. Whose video you can watch. During this, he also told about Hendra spread in Australia. During the Hendra outbreak, she used to work for the Australian government agency Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organization. During the presentation in this show, he also warned that many viruses like SARS have been found in the caves of bats. It was also said that people will have to pay a heavy price to build a pig farm near bats populated areas.

Dr. Xi Zhengli then said that SARS will not return now. But there are still many more viruses in our ecosystem. It is possible that some new virus has emerged in the form of SARS. If we are not aware of it. So either directly or through animals we can become victims of these viruses.

Now see that Dr. Xi Zhengli’s prediction made 5 years ago came true. Now almost like SARS-like virus has come before us in the shape of Corona. According to different theory, it is possible that this virus has come in Chinese people due to the habit of eating wild animals. Apart from Dr. Xi Zhengli, many other scientists from all over the world have been warning about the practice of eating these wild animals. But neither the Chinese government nor the Chinese people listened to it nor took any caution. Apparently, the epidemic was predicted by the wild animals. It is now exposed as a scary reality. However, it is yet to be proved whether the virus spread from humans to animals or from leaking in Wuhan’s lab.

Dr. Xi Zhengli has been doing research on such viruses for the past several years and he is considered an expert on the infection caused by bats. Professor Xi and his team together prepared a bio-structure of hundreds of viruses. Which have also been published. Due to which later, on the basis of this research by Dr. Xi Zhengli, the process of corona virus could also start in Wuhan lab of China.

Let us tell you that this lab of Wuhan Institute of Virology is P4 Lab. Where research is done on those deadly viruses and their vaccines are made, which are at highest risk of spreading the infection from human to human. For this, many countries of the world like America, France also fund this lab for research. The P4 Lab of the Wuhan Institute of Virology is jointly created by the French bio-industrial firm Institute Mérieux and the Chinese Academy of Science. It is among the few labs in the world that are allowed to test for class 4 pathogens, ie, P4 level virus.

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Spread over an area of ​​3,000 square meters, the lab was completed in 2015 at a cost of $ 4.2 million. However, work was officially started in 2018. P3 lab is also present in this institute which has been running since 2012. It is the largest virus bank in Asia. China Institute for Virus Culture Collection is present in this institute. There are more than 1500 virus strains here. And Dr. Xi Zhengli not only has a big role in collecting them. Rather she is also the deputy director of this lab. It is about these virus strains that the virologist Dr. Xi has samples of the virus. One of them is a virus sample. Whose genetic match with Kovid-19 is more than 96 percent. It is possible that it is a sample of corona virus. Although Dr. Xi denies all these allegations.

Dr. Xi Zhengli himself warned in March 2019 that if a virus like SARS or Mars spreads from bats in the future. Then it will not be stopped. Despite this, the virus in Wuhan’s lab was tampered with .. And now the result is in front of you .. And now many such reports are coming out. In which it is said that the process of making many corona viruses like SARS is still going on in Wuhan lab .. Not only that, after making these viruses, the process of making it even more dangerous through different testing is also going on here. ..

Updated: May 30, 2020 — 1:06 pm

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