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Sensational Story of Corona Virus

Sensational Story of Corona Virus
Sensational Story of Corona Virus

The most mysterious and sensational story associated with the corona virus

: As the pandemic of the Covid-19 is growing worldwide, scientists are finding evidence on the evidence of a strange, but very worrying, thing about the new corona virus. , Fever and symptoms of taste and smell are not known. :

However, there are many people infected with it, who do not show any symptoms. And, for this reason, they never know that they are carrying the disease of Kovid-19 with them. This is just as if a person is carrying a bomb in his pocket, and he is not aware of it.

Research on Corona virus says that how many people in the world are infected with the virus in such a way that they do not have symptoms, it is very important to find out. Because from this we will know whether these ‘silent spreaders’ or the secretly spreading virus are increasing the scope of the epidemic.

The ‘Silent Spreader’ of the new Corona virus was first revealed to the doctors in Singapore. When people gathered for service in a Singapore church on January 19, they had no idea that this prayer meeting was going to affect the spread of the corona virus all over the world.

It was Sunday. And like any general prayer meeting of this church, a service was also being held in Mandarin or Chinese language. This prayer meeting of ‘The Life Church and Missions’ was taking place on the ground floor of a building. It also included a couple of husband and wife, who came to Singapore from China the same morning. Both were around 56 years of age.

Mysterious corona virus infection

He looked absolutely healthy when he came to attend the church meeting. In such a situation, there was no reason to doubt that he was roaming around with the Corona virus. By the month of January this year, it was believed that the biggest symptom of Kovid-19 is the frequent arrival of Khansi.

And, it is through this that most infections are also spread. Now if no one has any symptoms of this disease, then how can we assume that this disease is spreading from that person. The couple, who came from China, left immediately after attending the prayer meeting. However, things started to deteriorate after a few days. And that too in a very mysterious way.

First, the wife fell ill on January 22, three days after joining the prayer meeting. Two days later, her husband also became ill. Since both the husband and wife had come from the city of Wuhan in China, which was the epicenter of the epidemic at the time, no one was surprised when they got sick.

But, a week after this, when three other locals also mysteriously became ill with the corona virus infection, the doctors were shocked. This was the first strange case of Corona virus outbreak in Singapore. When it was discovered how the virus reached these people, a very scary picture came out of it.

It was then learned that how easily the new corona virus finds new prey for itself.

Campaign to raise ‘detective of disease’

Vernon Lee, the head of the department of infectious diseases at Singapore’s Ministry of Health, says, “We were very upset with these people getting sick. People who didn’t even know each other had infected each other with the virus . “

The surprising thing was that there were no symptoms of the disease in them. At that time, as much as the world knew about Kovid-19, there was no visible reason for these new patients getting sick.

So, Doctor Vernon Lee and his fellow scientists began to investigate the matter with police officers and other experts who have detected the disease. Together these teams prepared a comprehensive blueprint for how and where people infected with the virus went.

In this, the best technique of contact tracing was used. Today, the same is being taken to detect virus infection in Britain. Contact tracing is considered to be very important during this epidemic to locate every infected person.

Because, with its help, the infected people are separated from the rest, so that they cannot infect others. Singapore is known for doing something efficiently and quickly. And they did this in this case also.

Virus Secrets Revealed

Surprisingly, within the next few days, the people who investigated this case had met at least 191 people, who belonged to that church. During this inquiry, it was revealed that 142 of these 191 people had attended the prayer meeting of the church on that Sunday.

With this, the secret of those two citizens of Singapore getting infected with Corona virus was also revealed. Because both of them also attended Ravira’s prayer meeting of the church, in which that Chinese couple from Wuhan attended.

Doctor Vernon Lee says, “It may be that these two infected people in Singapore have also talked to that Chinese couple. They greeted each other during church service.”

This was a very useful beginning towards exposing the mystery of the corona virus. And now it was known in principle that how the corona virus infection was reaching other people. However, another important question was not yet answered by this investigation by Singaporean doctors.

And that question was that when this Chinese couple did not have any symptoms of virus infection, then how did they infect other people during this time. And an even bigger puzzle was that, another Singaporean citizen who had gone to church with corona virus infection, did not even attend the prayer meeting in which this sugar was added.

The Singaporean citizen was a 52-year-old woman, who attended another service in the same church several hours after that prayer meeting. In such a situation, the question was how the corona virus reached this woman?

Proof no one expected

Investigators investigating the corona virus in Singapore began looking at CCTV camera recordings to find the answer to this question. It was a recording of prayer meetings held in the church on that Sunday. Investigators looking for a clue found such evidence from this recording, which was not expected.

The Singaporean woman attended a later service in the church after the Chinese couple left. During this time, this woman was sitting on the same seat where the Chinese couple, who had come from Wuhan, were sitting a few hours ago. It is clear that the Chinese couple who came from Wuhan had spread the virus to all the people without any symptoms of Kovid-19.

Perhaps this virus was in his hands and he touched the seat in the church and the virus spread from there. Or it could also be that the virus spread on the ground through their breaths. However, these are speculations. Surely nothing can be said.

However, whatever the case, this Chinese couple did not have symptoms of the virus and inadvertently spread the infection to many people. The same thing was cleared with the layout that Vernon Lee had prepared by adding all the links. And that was that many people were inadvertently spreading this virus to others.

This was such a secret, that the opening would have an impact on the whole world. The reason for this was that there was a lot of emphasis on one thing in all the advisories related to the corona virus. It was that if you see its symptoms in yourself and in the people around you, then keep distance from them.

But, if this virus was being spread by people who did not have symptoms of its infection. And he was unknowingly unknowingly passing the virus on to other people. In such a situation, the question was, how can this disease be prevented again?

When Dr. Vernon Lee came to know about this, at that time he was working in his office. Recalling that moment, Dr. Lee said that, “Whenever you do a scientific discovery, it seems that you have found everything. Especially when you realize that you know what Applied, that is very important. And you have achieved this with great hard work and teamwork of many people. “

Virus infection before symptoms appear

In Singapore, what Dr. Lee and his team discovered related to the new corona virus was called a “pre-synoptic transmission” or spread of the virus before symptoms appeared. In which the virus spreader did not know that he was infected with it.

Because, he was neither having fever, nor cough nor other symptoms of virus infection. Among other things, this research by the doctors of Singapore also revealed that the time between 24 to 48 hours before the symptoms of Kovid-19 disease was seen in a person.

During this time, the risk of infecting other people with the virus was high. Perhaps he was spreading the most infection during this time. Being warned about this can prove to be a very useful thing.

Because, as soon as you realize that you are sick, then all the people you have come in close contact with can be warned to stay home. This would mean that these people would be alone in their homes in the most dangerous phase of spreading infection. Until they start showing signs of virus outbreak.

But, how this virus reaches from person to person without drops of phlegm, the puzzle remains to be solved. One answer to this question can be that the virus can be infected by just breathing or even talking to a person.

If, by that time, the virus is spreading in the upper part of one’s respiratory system, then it is also possible that some viruses get out while exhaling. In such a situation, if another person is close to you, especially in a closed room, then he can easily become a victim of the virus.

Touching can also be another deadly means of new corona virus infection. If the virus is in the hands of a person and touches another person or door handle or church seat, then the virus reaches there. Now whatever is the way of spreading the virus, but one thing is very clear.

If the symptoms of corona virus infection are not clear in a person, then he does not take as much care as he should. And this inadvertent virus is spreading more quickly.

Many people never show symptoms

This thing is even more mysterious. And scientists do not even have a concrete answer to this. There is a point of spreading corona virus infection of a person without symptoms. But, if a person is infected, but still does not show any symptoms, then this thing is even more disturbing.

This is what scientists call asymptomatic or non-symptomatic cases. Because you are the carrier of disease. We are spreading the virus to other people. But, it does not hurt you yourself. The best example of this is given to a woman from Ireland. This case came to light in New York at the beginning of the last century.

The name of the woman was Mary Mallen. Wherever she worked, people used to get sick from typhoid. Mary worked in several houses one after the other and spread typhoid in each house. Due to this at least three people also died. However, there was no side effect of this disease on Mary herself.

And, when finally this relationship between Mary and the sick people was confirmed, it became clear that Mary was unknowingly making other people a victim of typhoid. Whereas he himself did not mind it. At that time, newspapers named Mary as ‘Typhoid Mary’.

Mary always expressed resentment about this. However, after finding out the relationship between Mary and the disease, the authorities took no further risk. Mary was kept alone until her death in 1938, that is, for about 23 years.

When all the Conjecture Remained

British nurse Emelia Powell was surprised when she came out Corona positive. Whereas Emelia did not have a single symptom of virus infection. Emelia is a nurse at Edenbrook Hospital in Cambridge. In April, a doctor phoned her and told her that she had been found infected with the virus in a corona test.

Emelia was completely normal by that time. And, wearing personal protective equipment (PPE), she felt completely safe. In the hospital, she used to take care of the patients of Kovid-19. But, suddenly all his guesses were dashed. Emelia was very surprised by herself being corona positive.

23-year-old Emelia says, “Hearing this on the phone from the doctor was just like you had heard about someone passing away. It was unthinkable. I thought it couldn’t be right. I am The corona virus cannot infect. I am absolutely fine. “

After getting this information, Emelia had to leave her job and be isolated at home immediately. She says, “I was worried because I had seen the condition of the infected people. The condition of the patients was deteriorating very fast. So I started wondering if the same would happen to me.”

But, Emelia was surprised to learn that she did not feel like getting sick at all. She says that there were no symptoms in me. I was exercising indoors. Was eating food as usual. I was sleeping as much as I slept. “

At this time it is impossible to find out how many people in the world have been infected with this virus. But they do not show its symptoms. Amelia is also a victim of this virus, it was discovered that a study was being done on the hospital staff. The results of this study were startling.

Three percent of the one thousand people involved were infected with the Corona virus. Whereas at that time there was not a single sign of infection.

Earlier this year, more people who were infected with the virus were found on the cruise ship Diamond Princess, which was stopped off the coast of Japan. However, there were no signs of infection in them. Later, this ship was named as ‘transition vessel’. Because 700 people were found to be corona positive in Diamond Princess.

At the same time, more than half of the people in a care home in Washington were found to be victims of the virus. However, none of them showed signs of getting sick.

‘No Study is Reliable’

Different studies suggest that cases with no symptoms can be anywhere from five to eighty percent. This conclusion was made by Professor Karl Heneghan of Oxford University. Who did this by analyzing 21 research.

Professor Heneghan’s team said, “There is not a single study that can be relied upon for virus infection in people without symptoms.”

At the same time, he said that if only the corona test is being done in those people, in which its symptoms are seen, then many cases will remain outside the scope of investigation. And their number will probably be very high.

At present, in many countries of the world including India, not only the UK, the corona virus is being tested only in those people who are showing its symptoms.

What is the Danger with ‘Silent Spreader’

The biggest concern of the British nurse Emelia was that she may have inadvertently spread the virus to so many people. These people can also be those who work with Emelia or they can also be patients who depended on her for care.

However, Emelia says, “I don’t think I spread this virus to other people. Because all my colleagues had turned negative. But, for me it was still very worrying about how long I was infected with corona.” We still do not know whether people who do not have symptoms, do they spread the infection or not. This is very strange. And at this time very little information is available about it. “

In a study in China, it was found that the number of people infected with the corona virus, compared to those infected with its symptoms, was more in which there were no symptoms at all.

Scientists who carried out this study wrote, “As a silent spreader, there is more need to pay attention to the carriers of these unidentified corona viruses. Only then we will be able to prevent this epidemic.”

The team of scientists who had studied the passengers of the Diamond Princess Cruise Ship found in the investigation that people without symptoms are less capable of infecting other people. Especially compared to those in which its symptoms are clearly visible. Yet it seems that people without symptoms played a huge role in spreading the corona virus.

Non-Symptomatic infection ‘Dark Matter’

Scientists from the city of Norwich are also engaged in solving the puzzle of ‘Asymptomatic Silent Spreader’. They are now insisting on testing the corona of the people of the entire city. Professor Neil Hall, head of a research center called the Earlham Institute, says that ‘cases without symptoms are the dark matter of this epidemic’.

Dark matter is that invisible element, which is believed to be the whole universe. But, he has not been identified yet.

Professor Hall’s concern is that these people without symptoms are playing the biggest role in spreading the epidemic of Kovid-19. Despite all the steps of the government, due to these, the measures to prevent the epidemic are failing.

Professor Hall says, “If there are people around you who don’t think they are sick, then they will use public transport. They will go to hospitals and clinics. And then the infection will only increase.”

He says, “If people come to the doctor only when symptoms of a virus are visible, and the prevention of this epidemic is limited to the treatment of such people, then know for sure that this is a half-incomplete solution to this problem.”

A team of scientists from California, USA, believes, “If it is not known who is without symptoms and is walking around with the corona virus, then it is a big trick. It is also a big challenge to fight the epidemic. is.”

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According to these scientists, there is only one way to stop this epidemic. It should be found out who is infected with this virus. Whether it has symptoms or not. For this, corona virus will have to be tested on a large scale. The Common Science and Technology Committee of UK MPs had also recommended the same to Prime Minister Boris Johnson.

These MPs wrote that, ‘People without symptoms have a very important role in managing this epidemic.’ At the same time, this committee of British MPs had also recommended that people looking after the corona wire infected people should be subjected to regular corona tests.

This recipe is also being tried extensively in Wuhan city of China. This epidemic started from here.

The corona test of 65 lakh people was done in just nine days in Wuhan. So that this epidemic can be detected. Those people were also involved in it, in which there were no signs of it.

Concessions Start in Lockdown

Now as concessions are being given in lockdown in other countries including India, people will start using public transport such as metro, bus and rail services. They will go to market and mall for shopping. In such a situation, it has become more important to hold on to this unseen danger.

At this time there is no way to find out which person is in the crowd who is suffering from Corona virus. It is impossible to find out, especially without a test. Therefore, governments of countries all over the world are saying that they should cooperate fully in detecting people who come in contact with infected people.

And if you have come in contact with that person then go to self isolation. People engaged in epidemic prevention are also giving advice that even today the most powerful weapon against the corona virus is social distancing. Wherever you can keep distance from people, stay away.

But, where it is not possible to follow social distancing, keep your face covered there. Even if you do not use homemade masks only. When the US government announced this policy, it cited only the research conducted in the Church of Singapore in the month of January.

The logic of the American government is that it is not just to protect ourselves. This is to protect other people from yourself. Because, maybe you are infected with virus, but you do not have news about it.

Many health experts believe that people should not be negligent towards cleaning hands or social distancing rather than insisting on wearing masks. If carelessness is done in these works, then there is fear of spreading the infection.

But, now all the governments of the world are confident that wearing a mask can help more in preventing this virus. It is not that the epidemic will stop automatically just by covering the face.

But, since so far we know very little about people without symptoms, there is no harm in trying any of the prescriptions. If it prevents infection, then that’s good.

When you talk to the doctors treating the critically ill patients of the corona virus, the first thing is that these doctors are seen to be completely dull due to continuous work for weeks. The first jumla of most of these doctors is, ‘We have never seen such situations before.’

Doctors knew that an outbreak of a new disease was about to spread. He also had the idea that the influx of patients of this unknown respiratory disease would increase the pressure on the hospital’s resources. This disease first appeared in China late last year.

Says Barbara Miles, clinical director of the Glasgow Royal Infirmary, “It seems that we had been preparing for the D-Day attack for several days. We had three weeks to prepare. And we don’t know much about this. Was what challenge we are going to face. “

D-Day landings were the last major attack on German forces from the Allies during the Second World War. When allied forces landed in France.

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