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Benefits & Disadvantages of Tomatoes

Red tomatoes are so beneficial, you will be surprised to know these 5 benefits

tomato benefit and disadvantages

Red tomato is as attractive to look at, it is equally effective at enhancing the taste of food. But its benefits are not limited here, this red tomato is also precious for health and beauty. Know its 5 precious benefits…

1. Nutrition: Tomatoes are very special in nutritional value. Vitamin A and C are found in large amounts in them. Apart from this, alpha-lipoic acid is also found in plenty in tomatoes, which helps in controlling blood sugar or blood sugar in our body and due to its properties it protects us from the symptoms of diabetes.
Tip: You get more fiber by eating lettuce or soup tomatoes. They are helpful in digestion, so you can serve tomato dishes for starter before meals.

2. Cancer Prevention: Nutrient elements found in tomatoes like alpha-lipoic acid, lycopene, choline, folic acid, beta-carotene and lutein, protect you from prostate cancer.

A recent research has found that people who consume 10 or more tomatoes a week have an 18 percent lower risk of prostate cancer than others. Not only this, beta-carotene found in tomatoes protects us from colorectal cancer. Excess intake of tomatoes prevents lung and stomach cancer.

Tip: Try to make tomato salsa dip at home, it is healthier than the market.

3. Heart Protection: Since tomato is rich in fiber, potassium, vitamin C and choline, it takes special care of your heart. For high potassium, we should consume it in the form of salad and pasta.

A recent research has found that consumption of about 4039 mg of potassium daily reduces the risk of heart diseases by about 49 percent.
Leucopene is also found in plenty in tomatoes, which is very beneficial for the heart. Apart from this, the potassium found in tomatoes also prevents kidney stones.

4. Beneficial in Pregnancy: Tomatoes rich in nutrients are very beneficial for pregnant women. Pregnant women need abundant nutrients and vitamins for a healthy baby, for which tomatoes are a better option. Vitamin C works to keep both mother and child healthy, which is found in abundance in tomatoes.

5. Magic Effect on the Skin: You must have heard about beauty products prevalent in the market that they contain tomato lecopene. This quality of tomatoes protects you from the effects of the sun’s harmful UV rays, so that your skin does not burn easily. Apart from this, anti-oxidants are also found in tomatoes, which do not make you look premature.

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If you know the 5 disadvantages of tomato, you will not eat expensive tomatoes:

If you are sad about tomato being expensive, then definitely know its disadvantages… After knowing these, you will not have the slightest pain of tomato being expensive and you will lose out on these expensive tomatoes. Learn 5 Disadvantages –

1 Consuming tomato can give you acidity. Actually, it contains a lot of acid, due to which it increases the acidity in your stomach and causes acidity.

2 Along with tomatoes, you cannot prevent its seeds from entering the body, but by passing these seeds in your body, you can become a patient of stones, because they easily reach the kidney and form stones.

3 The element called turpins present in tomatoes can cause your physical odor. Its disintegration during digestion produces deodorant of the body.

4 If you often have stomach gas problems, then reducing tomato intake will be beneficial for you, because it can produce gas in the stomach.

5. Nowadays, tomatoes cooked using injection or chemical instead of organic tomatoes are available in the market, which can cause discomfort, blood pressure and other health problems for you.

Updated: January 31, 2021 — 4:04 pm

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