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How To Increase Resistivity

How To Increase Resistivity?

Know 7 important steps to increase resistivity

If your immunity is better, you can avoid health problems, but if your immunity decreases then it directly affects your health and diseases can easily surround you. Know 8 tips, which are helpful in increasing resistance –

1 Antibiotic – Many of us have a habit of excessive consumption of antibiotics. But consuming them on unnecessary samas can reduce your immunity. Take antibiotics at the time of extreme need.

2 Drugs – Whenever you feel viral or physical pain, keep with you Ayurvedic or home medicines which maintain immunity.

3 Sleep – Lack of adequate sleep, unnecessarily exhausts your mind and body and also reduces your resistance. 8 hours of sleep every day is helpful in keeping you healthy and happy.

4 Sugar – Eating sugar is not prohibited, but keep away from extra sugary foods like soda, energy drink, juice and other substances. This will mess up your overall health, and decrease immunity.

5 Sunlight is important – If you protect the skin from sunlight, then Vitamin D deficiency can occur. Rather, sunlight proves beneficial for increasing immunity. So make a rule to get enough sunlight.

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6 Zinc – Consumption of sufficient amount of zinc is also a great option to increase resistance. For this, instead of eating zinc tablets separately, eat such foods from which you get natural zinc.

7 Leafy – Take plenty of leafy vegetables or salad foods. The enzymes derived from these increase your immunity and provide all the nutrition you need.

Updated: January 31, 2021 — 4:04 pm

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