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What is ATM?

HOW TO USE ATM? – Information about withdrawing money from ATM to generate PIN

ATM is an automatic teller machine, and is also called Automatic Money Making Machine!

The ATM Card, also called a debit card, allows you to shop with merchants and online retailers. Also you can use ATM to get cash. For some people, using ATMs is the only reason to withdraw money.

In today’s modern era, everyone needs ATM, and all are using ATM. But not everyone knows about How to Use ATM Card. In earlier times there was no ATM, due to which people had to stand in long lines in the bank, but in the present era, ATM facility is available to everyone.

Due to ATM, people have got many benefits, in which now ATM is easily available at any place anywhere, which you can easily use, so let’s start friends and know what is ATM,what is ATM look in details.

What is ATM ?
What is ATM ?

What is ATM?

An ATM is an automatic teller machine, and is also called an automatic money withdrawal machine. Nowadays, all banks have made ATM machine available at different places. Due to ATM machine, today everybody can withdraw money easily anytime and anywhere.

An ATM machine is a computer-like machine, which is connected to the bank’s server. When the customer opens his account in the bank, then the customer is given an ATM card. When a customer goes to the ATM machine for money transactions, then he puts his ATM card in the ATM machine, then he types the PIN number of his ATM card into the ATM machine, after which he can withdraw the money. is.

ATM Full Form:


What is ATM Full Form In Hindi:

Full form of ATM is in Hindi:  स्वचालित गणक मशीन

Who is ATM Developer ?

If you are searching for who invented ATM, then let us tell you that credit for inventing ATM is given to John Shepherd Barron (John Shepherd Baron), who invented ATM in 1960. After this, ATM was first used by Barclay Bank in London on 27 June 1967. John Shepherd Baron was born on 23 June 1925 in Shillong, Meghalaya, he created a 4 Digit ATM Code.

The first ATM in India was introduced in 1987, the first ATM in India was installed by Hong Kong and Shanghai Corporation in Mumbai. In today’s era, ATM has become an important part of people’s lives.

What is ATM Card?

An ATM card is a plastic card, the ATM card has a code which is the Secret Code. This code is not disclosed to anyone, through ATM Card and Pin Number, we can withdraw money from the ATM machine anytime in 24 hours.

We can easily keep the ATM card with you, it is very small in size which you can keep in your purse, bag and can also carry it with you. As soon as the ATM card is inserted in the ATM machine, it gets connected to the Host Processor of the bank, and you can withdraw money from your account with the help of ATM card without going to the bank.

How to Use ATM  (How to run ATM)

Friends, why do you have the ATM of any bank like Punjab National Bank, State Bank, Union Bank, Central Bank etc. All of them have the same method of ATM Se Paise Kaise Nikale, just the process which can be a bit different. So if you also want to know about State Bank ATM Se Paise Kaise Nikale, Central Bank ATM Se Paise Kaise Nikale, Union Bank ATM Se Paise Kaise Nikale, then for this you have been told step by step below about ATM Kaise Use Kare All you have to do is follow them:

Step 1: Insert Your Card

First you have to go to an ATM Machine Room, now insert the ATM card into the machine’s card slot, and take out the ATM card after 2-3 seconds. Let us tell you that in many ATM machines, the ATM card also goes inside, which also comes out automatically after the completion of the transaction.

Step 2: Choose Language

After inserting the ATM card, you will be asked to choose the language like –


To select both these options (option), both options have different buttons, press the button in which language you want to use the ATM card. If the ATM machine is of Touch Screen, then you can also choose your option by touching the screen.


Step 3: Enter Your PIN

After selecting the language, you have to enter the PIN number of your ATM Card, while entering the PIN number, you must make sure that no one is looking at your PIN number from behind.

Step 4: Request a Transaction

Once your identity is confirmed, you will see some options for Transactions such as:

  • Fast cash
  • Cash withdrawal
  • Balance inquiry
  • Mini statement

Whenever you withdraw money (Withdrawal), you have to choose the option of Cash Withdrawal from these options, by the way, you can also choose the option of Fast Cash, but in the Cash Withdrawal option, you can withdraw money by entering Amount as per your choice. Amount you want to remove.

Step 5: Select Account

After selecting the Cash Withdrawal option you will see 2 options:

From Current (Current Account)

From Saving (Savings Account)

In this, you have to choose from Saving option, if you have a Saving Account, even if you choose Current Account, the money will be withdrawn.

Step 6: Enter Amount

Now on the screen, please enter your amount (Please Enter Amount), it will be written, enter the amount of money you want to withdraw. Amount should also be available which is available in ATM machine, such as – 2000 ₹, 500 ₹, 100 ₹ etc. If you enter Amount in such a way as- 350 ₹, 250 ₹ etc. then the money will not come out.

Step 7: Select Yes

After inserting Amount, 2 options will appear in the Right Side on the screen of the ATM machine:

Press If Yes
Press if no

Meaning that the Amount you have entered is correct and if you want to withdraw money then press Yes, if the Amount you have entered is wrong or you do not want to withdraw money then press No.

Step 8: Click For Get Slip

Now you will be asked whether you want a slip after Transaction or not, if you want a slip, click Yes and if you do not want it, click on No.

Step 9: Transaction In Processing

Now your Transaction Being Process Please Wait will appear on the screen in front of you. Now you will get the sound of vibration from ATM machine, which shows that money is being counted in the ATM machine. Now after 5 seconds your cash will come out of the ATM machine.

Step 10: Press Cancel Button

Now after taking the cash from the ATM machine, you stopped till the slip came out and after taking the slip, press the Cancel button and cancel it.

How To Generate ATM Pin

All banks have introduced a new facility to make the ATM PIN generation process hassle free for their account holder in which the account holders can generate their own ATM PIN in no time.

SBI account holders or account holders of other banks can also generate their ATM PIN by following the steps given below:

Step 1: Visit Nearest ATM

To start the process of generating SBI ATM PIN, first of all you have to go to your nearest SBI ATM.

Step 2: Insert ATM Card

Then, you have to insert your ATM card into the ATM machine. Now the option of PIN generation is selected on the screen.

Step 3: Enter Account Number

Enter the 11 digit SBI account number on the account number on which the ATM card is given.

Step 4: Enter Mobile Number

Now enter the registered mobile number and press on the Confirm button.

Step 5: Display Confirmation Message

Now the SBI PIN generation Confirmation message will be displayed successfully on SBI ATM.

Step 6: Generate PIN

After this, an OTP will be received on the registered mobile number of the account holder, after which you can generate your PIN after entering it.


Friends, the usage of ATMs has increased so much that now ATMs are being installed in villages too. If we talk about cities, you will find ATMs in cities. We hope that you will like the information about What is ATM, in which ATM Activate? And got to know about how to use ATM. If you liked the post, then share it as much as possible, so that others get ATM Information, thanks!

Updated: January 31, 2021 — 4:04 pm

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