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How To Change Your Name In Truecaller

Truecaller is an application that tells about unknown number. Many people complain that their name is not correct on truecaller and they want to know that how to change your name in truecaller.

If you search an unknown number using Truecaller, it gives you information about that mobile number like name, location etc.

Many times the name mentioned in truecaller is not correct, then the owner of that mobile number wants to correct his name or for some other reason change the name appearing on his mobile number in the truecaller app.

Full information about how to change your name in truecaller is given in this post. By reading this, you can easily change the name for your mobile number on truecaller.

There are many ways to change the name in Truecaller, but in this post you will learn about the two easiest ways.   

How to change the name in truecaller – 1 Method

# 1. First of all go to the play store and download and install the truecaller application.

# 2. After this, open the app and enter your mobile number in which number you want to change the name. After entering the mobile number, the truecaller will automatically verify the number.

# 3. After the mobile number is verified, three options will appear in the new page where you have to manually select the enter name.

Now the name and email ID have to be inserted on the next page.

how to change your name in truecaller

Here, instead of First Name and Second Name, you have to write the name that you want to show on the truecaller. Leave the Email ID blank and click continue.

# 4. Now the name has changed in truecaller on your mobile number. Now whoever searches your number in truecaller will show the same name, which you have set here.

How to change the name on truecaller – 2 Method

If you are already using the truecaller application, then follow this method to change the name.

Open the truecaller and press the top three line on the left side. Here you will see the option of Edit Profile at the bottom of the screen, go to it.

After this you will see something like new page… ↓

how to change your name in truecaller

Now go to the arrow option. In the next page, you have to write your new name, that is, type the name you want to show on the truecaller. Now save it. In this way your name on truecaller has changed.

Now if a user comes to call from your number or you call someone from your mobile number, then they will see your same name which you will save according to this process.

We request you not to change your name on truecaller for any wrong doing or harassing anyone, but if you see your name written wrongly, then you can change it to correct it.

If you want to know how the details of your mobile number or name comes to truecaller, then read our article: How Truecaller works

We hope you liked this article in which we learned about how to change your name in truecaller. If you have any question related to this, then ask in the comment box. We will get back to you as soon as possible.

Updated: January 31, 2021 — 4:04 pm

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