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Giloy juice gives relief from many diseases know the amazing benefits of giloy


The cheapest and natural way to increase immunity in the time of corona virus is to use Giloy..



New Delhi: When it comes to things that increase immunity, the name of giloy is taken first. Most people have turned to Ayurveda to protect themselves from corona virus infection. To increase immunity, intake of Giloy has also been considered important. Giloy is an Ayurvedic vine, which is beneficial in many ways along with increasing immunity. Know its benefits …..

Giloy’s juice
If you have got a stem of Giloy, then cut small pieces of it. Wash them well and boil them in two glasses of water. Boil the water in half. Then cool it and drink it. You can drink a glass of Giloy juice daily.

Beneficial in diabetes

Giloy acts as a hypoglycaemic agent and helps in the treatment of diabetes. Giloy juice does a better job of reducing high levels of blood sugar. Drinking a decoction of Giloy made from cloves, ginger, basil is very beneficial.

Help with stress and anxiety
Giloy helps reduce mental stress and anxiety. It helps in removing bad things from the body. It can also work to increase memory.

Overcome digestive problems
Digestive problems with its regular intake helps the digestion to run smoothly. In the stomach disease like constipation, the intake of Giloy provides relief. After constipation, drink jaggery in one-fourth cup of Giloy juice.

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Beneficial in fever
Many times people get fever. Which breaks the body. In this case, you must consume Giloy. It is also effective in fighting fevers like dengue, flu, and malaria.

Reduce obesity
If you are worried about increasing weight, then definitely take Giloy. Mix one spoon of honey in one teaspoon of juice and drink it morning and evening. By doing this you will lose weight.

Extremely beneficial for the alliance
Giloy helps treat arthritis. If you are suffering from arthritis, you can get rid of this disease by taking Giloy daily. There are many properties of reducing swelling and reducing joint pain. Giloy could prove to be a panacea in a coalition.

Beneficial for the eyes
People whose eyes are constantly getting weaker. They should be drunk by mixing amla juice in Giloy juice. This will make your eyes light weak.

When and what time to take Giloy
The right time to take Giloy is empty stomach in the morning. If we drink Giloy’s decoction or tea, we can also take it on empty stomach in the morning. By taking it daily, the problem of irritation is removed, as well as the count of platelets increases, which protects us from all kinds of viruses.

Updated: February 5, 2021 — 5:58 pm

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