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How can a person earn money by creating his apps


Creating an app on their personal may sound challenging to some people. It may even sound it’s not possible for those who don’t know how to code. But, to be honest, nothing is impossible in the current world because impossible create i am possible.

This article will exhibit to you How to create an app for free and make money, step-by-step.


Come up with an idea 

Ideas can born out of curiosity. Keep wondering about how you can fulfill the wants of people. This will generate higher app ideas. However, maintain in the idea that it’s no longer constantly the thinking that will help you make a kickass app.

If you desire unique data, you can create a survey and locate out the actual desires of human beings and what they choose in a new app.

Research the aggressive market

Once you have chosen the area of interest of your app, You will be geared up to take a stroll and have a genuine seem to be at the aggressive market.

For example, If you are fascinated with making a new social media platform, you want to look up your rivals and their audience. In this case, You will learn about diffrent social media structures like Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat etc.

Create and define the app’s features 

After finishing the market research, You will be geared up to create your app’s basic look. Even earlier than you begin making the app, your idea creates a photograph of it. You understand how you favor it to be. In this step, you will create a tough define of your app’s features, USP, normal look, personal experience, etc.

Focus on how you can enhance the consumer experience, fulfill their needs, and make an app that is effortless to recognize and use.

Make your app’s layout- use app designing equipment like Canva, sketch

Most humans are no longer ‘perfect’ designers. So if you prefer to keep your time, rent anyone else to do this task.

Otherwise, you are to strive your fingers at it. There are quite a few systems place you can start the app designing process.

Polish and center of attention on the app’s graphics

Another essential issue is to format simple, user-friendly, and innovative photographs for the app. It would possibly sound overwhelming. For some people, it isn’t a massive deal. If you discover it hard, you can appoint a photo fashion designer or UI/UX fashion designer who can do this work for you.

Develop an advertising format for your App

Here comes the actual thing. It is now not time to devise a strong advertising and marketing sketch for your app. Almost all apps require an identical quantity of difficult work, it is the advertising method that makes the actual difference. The higher the advertising and marketing strategy, the

Build the app- with or besides code

This is the important part. Here, you carry your ideas into lifestyles in the structure of an application. You can do it in two ways. Either study how to code or attempt to make an app barring coding.

Submit the app to the App Store or Play Store

Play Store or App Store is for importing all types of Android apps.

Popularize your app/ App Promotion

App advertising is every other imperative step after you add your app to famous structures like Play Store, App Store, etc. The motive is simple, you desire most humans to download your app, and that’s how you make money. There is actually a listing of methods you can use to popularize your app.


You can run commercials on social media, newspapers, magazines, websites, or different apps. Advertising can be free or paid. It relies upon on you how a whole lot of publicity you prefer for your app. It additionally relies upon your budget.

Focus on the App ratings

App scores are a game-changer. They exhibit to different human beings how precise your app is. In the beginning, you want to focal point on this phase more. Try to get as many nice rankings as you can due to the fact greater rankings are like the ‘Blue Tick’ profiles on Instagram, everybody loves them.


If you have come this far, you have acquired a good sized understanding of ‘How to create an app for free and make money’. Now it’s time to use this expertise and get nearer to your dream of making an app that everybody can use and gain from.

It doesn’t be counted if you understand how to code or not, thanks to the web sites noted above, you can now create an app. All you want is a strong idea, desirable execution, and want fulfillment. If you have all these matters in your app, you can popularize them and human beings will love it.


Updated: February 5, 2021 — 5:58 pm

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