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Protable Computer Types

Protable Computer Types of Portables Portable computers are classified according to size and function. Today there are three basic types of portable computers: laptop, notebook, and small optional. The first “portable” computers were often called “luggables.” The size of a portable sewing machine, they tipped the scales at 30 pounds. Equipped with a small CRT […]

What is Monitor ?

  MONITOR What is Monitor ? & How many types of monitors are there.. Monitor shows us the work going on inside the computer. Whenever we do a work, we constantly keep looking at that work whether it is being done correctly or not. Similarly, when we work on computer, all our work is running […]

Free Antivirus

Free Antivirus – For Your Computer If you do not install any antivirus or anti-malware app on smartphones, it will work, but this cannot be said about personal computers. Your computer or laptop is threatened in many ways. Sometimes viruses come from the Internet and sometimes from a pen drive. Some of these can corrupt […]

What is Router ?

What-is-Router What is Router? Technically, a Router is a Networking Device that provides a means for different devices to connect to the same Internet connection, such as multiple Ethernet ports or WiFI. The Router also has a dedicated CPU ie Central Processing Unit and Memory which is quite low as compared to a Personal Computer […]

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