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What is Stock Android?

What is Stock Android ? Stock android is the version of the android operating system in which no modification is done. Stock android is also called Pure Android. Earlier this stock android was used in nexus phones. But now in addition to Google Nexus, many companies are using this stock android. stock android Stock android […]

What is Android?

What is Android? Android is an operating system just like your computer or laptop has Windows or Linux. Android is just a version of the Linux operating system that was designed in such a way that keeping the mobile in view so that the functions and applications of mobile can be easily run. Android Linux […]

Airplane Mode

What is Airplane Mode? What is Airplane Mode, How to use…There are many such options in mobile, about which people do not have any idea, one of them is Airplane mode, which is known by very few people and only a select number of people use this option. So now the question arises, what is […]

How to protect android mobile from viruses

how to protect Android mobile from viruses                                              Ways To Protect Android Mobile From Viruses Nowadays everyone has android mobile all mobile. We are using Smartphone and we enjoy all our mobiles whether it is watching movies, listening to songs or talking to our friends with relatives, […]

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